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The Growth Of Chiropractic
Over the decades since D. D. Palmer gave Harvey Lillard the series of adjustments which cured Lillard's deafness, chiropractic has flourished like the green bay tree.
X-ray and Chiropractic
As has been pointed out, chiropractic was discovered in 1895, the same year that Prof. Wilhelm Roentgen of Wurzburg, Germany, discovered the X-ray.
Seeking the Source of Good Health
The doctor of chiropractic must have an efficient working knowledge of the distribution of the nerve fibres for both diagnostic and treatment purposes.
Chiropractic in Head and Upper-Body Ills
The information in this and the next four chapters comes from case records of chiropractic patients and statistical surveys.
Chiropractic in Visceral and Lower-Body Ills
In the latter part of 1947, the Research Council of the New York State Chiropractic Society undertook a survey of the problem of low-back pain.
Chiropractic in General Ills
Following are a few of the many documented cases and research studies of chiropractic results in dealing with general ills of the body.
Chiropractic in Children's Ailments
Mrs. Curran confirmed that a chiropractor, and not a masseur, had been working with Jimmy. She added that on September 18, 1937, the baby was taken ill with chills and fever.
Chiropractic in Mental Ailments
There is a considerable accumulation of evidence that chiropractic is effective in the handling of various mental ills, perhaps even more effective in certain instances than the medical battery of treatment.
Organized Medicine's Private War Against Chiropractic
Since its founding in 1895, chiropractic has been noteworthy for the steady improvement in its educational standards, in the skills of its practitioners, and in the rapidly increasing millions of satisfied chiropractic patients.
Medicine's Glass House
For well over half a century, organized medicine has waged an unceasing campaign to put across the idea that the medical doctor is infallible.
Medical and Lay Opinions in Favor of Chiropractic
Millions of persons feel the same way about chiropractic and are equally enthusiastic in its praise. They come from all walks of life and all stations in life.
Medicine's About-Face
At the time D. D. Palmer began adjusting the spines of the first chiropractic patients, organized medicine was quick to denounce spinal adjustment as unscientific and worthless, as well as dangerous.
Today's Chiropractor
One of the country's leading independent research organizations, the non-profit Public Affairs Institute, has published a study on the modern chiropractor which terms his role in healing the sick.
Can chiropractic help you?
Chiropractors do not profess to be miracle workers, able to cure anything under the sun.
Will You Live To Enjoy Your Success?
Too many men neglect to have physical checkups, neglect proper nutrition, until it's too late. Diseases that might have been prevented take their toll, and lives that could have been saved by early diagnosis and treatment are lost.
Why Rush Your Own Funeral
Bob was one of the lucky ones: he recovered. His heart attack was a warning which he was wise enough to heed. He put himself on a five-day-week schedule.
Stop Clogging Up Your Arteries
A heart attack, as it is ordinarily considered by the public, is basically arteriosclerosis of the coronary vessels." In other words, hardening of the arteries.
You're as Young as Your Arteries
There are two divisions of one of the theories advanced by scientists to explain why human beings develop atherosclerosis.
Tensions and Hypertensions
Americans have the ugliest faces in the world. They show the marks of strain, tension and inner conflict that you don't find elsewhere. And these form marks of ugliness.
Don't Let Tension Defeat You
No doubt you do. But you don't eat enough of the right food. Malnutrition is a major disease. You can literally starve your body while eating plenty—of the wrong food.
Your Heart is for Living, Not Dying
A heart attack? Up till then Tom would have laughed at the idea. Of course, he hadn't seen his doctor for some time. How could Tom have known just how likely a candidate he was for an attack of coronary thrombosis?
Help Yourself to a Healthy Heart
WHAT is the best way to take care of your heart? Take care of your general health!
Lecithin: A Must for Every Man
It's been found to be an essential constituent of the human brain and nervous system and also of the endocrine glands and the muscles of the heart and kidneys. Nervous, mental, or glandular overactivity can use up lecithin faster than it is replaced.
Lucrezia Borgias of the Skillet
Any judge would have told this modern Lucrezia Borgia that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Yet what excuse can be given by the woman who kills off her husband by over-stuffing him with good cooking.
Don't Let a Potbelly Weigh You Down
Sam decided that steam baths were the thing. For weeks he was steamed, roasted, parboiled, and massaged. His appetite increased, he ate more than ever—and gained seven pounds.
Danger! Curves Ahead
But I wasn't exactly skinny when I started going with her. One night we were sitting in the porch swing, and when I leaned over to kiss her, I broke the swing down!
Relax Those Tensions
Bruce's hands were so tightly clenched that the knuckles showed white, and a muscle in his jaw was twitching. Here was a man perpetually tense, his muscles tied up in knots, his mind in a turmoil.
Ulcers Are Made, Not Born
Too OFTEN the man in the gray flannel suit acquires another badge of his high-tension, deadline-happy profession of advertising—the peptic ulcer.
That Tired Feeling May Be a Warning
Of course you feel defeated —trying to live a twenty-four-hour day in your sixteen waking hours. No man can do the impossible, Larry. He shouldn't expect it of himself.
Sleep Is Your Rejuvenator
I can't remember when I've been able to get a night's sleep without them. I depended on them to keep me from collapsing from sheer exhaustion. Tell me, why is sleep that important?
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