Value Of Magazine Page Advertising
There is wide diversity of opinion regarding the relative value to advertisers of magazine advertising page.
The Story Of Leather
The leather used in the wardrobes of men, women, and children are numerous and varied and are supplied by almost all the countries of the world.
The Story Of Furs
Fur bearing animals of many varieties, both domesticated and wild, and from many countries, supply the fur so largely used today for trimming and garments.
Formerly velvets were woven over fine wires which raised the extra pile warp slightly above the ground warp, as is still done in the making of Brussels and Wilton carpet.
Made in imitation of the costlier silk velvet, velveteen is woven entirely of cotton yarns.
Many varieties of fabrics are used for spreads, the purchaser making her choice on the basis of color, texture, and pattern suited to the type of decoration of the bedroom where the spread is to be used.
All About Linen
Linen is used chiefly for table linens, towelings, handkerchiefs, dresses and suitings, sheetings, draperies, and slip covers.
The Tobacco Plant
The English gentlemen-adventurers who colonized America in 1607 came in search of gold. They found tobacco. The tender leaf which the world now smokes became the basis for the imperiled settlements' prosperity.
"Making" Tobacco
In the size and shape of the seed can be seen in a glance tobacco's kinship to a number of well-known flowers and vegetables with entirely different properties and uses.
"Curing" Tobacco
To cure tobacco means to dry it for the market. Throughout the years this process, always performed near the fields where the leaf is grown, has developed along with methods of cultivation.
The Tobacco Auction
The auctioneer has taken his station. The buyers struggle into place beside the first basketful of tobacco.
Processing Tobacco
Trailing the hogsheads of freshly cured, recently sold tobacco out of the prizeries—the packing houses where it is prepared for shipment—we find it a few hours later in the plant of The American Tobacco Company.
"It's Toasted" - The Story Of Luck Strike
Hundreds of years of smoking, however, have shown that no matter how carefully tobacco is grown and cured, all of it has irritant properties.
The Tobacco Laboratory
As we turned to move on to the cigarette machines, I again became conscious of those omnipresent research men. One of them was standing by the conveyor filling a little jar with tobacco.
The Cigarette Machines
Tobacco is converted into cigarettes in four rooms of the Richmond factory at the incredible rate of 10,000,000 cigarettes per hour.
Au Temp Jadis - Part 1
Spring has come graciously early to France this year, and the countryside from Havre to Paris was all gentle green.
Au Temp Jadis - Part 2
Three whole days have gone by without my taking my typewriter in hand to wish you well — days so swiftly filled that I know your collecting heart will comprehend and forgive.
Parisian Fairs - Part 1
DON'T buy any more candlesticks, and don't spend any more money! Unaccustomed advice from me, I know — but my dear, I have been to the Marché aux Puces, and I have come back laden with treasures.
Parisian Fairs - Part 2
If anything, it is more fascinating than the Marché aux Puces, at least there is greater variety, though that has the advantage of being a permanent institution, while the Ham Fair, like Christmas, comes but once a year.
The Pleasant Land Of France
WE are here in Touraine. In Touraine, where Saint Martin divided his cloak, and Charles Martel defeated the Moors! In Touraine, where the Middle Ages, deep-hued as their gold-and-blue evangiles, lie open before us.
Loitering In Paris - Part 1
I BELIEVE, honestly, that we are the most immovable family in the world! We are still in Paris weeks after we should have started for the coast; from day to day we plan to go on.
Loitering In Paris - Part 2
It 's still hot and hot! The June heat-wave which engulfed you in America has swept across the ocean to France, and for a week we have been simmering.
The Road Back To Rouen
Well, here I am writing from Normandy; destiny was greater than my determination, and for me the road lay back to Rouen.
And The Moral
YES, as I wrote Louise, I have always maintained that collecting is the one respectable form of gambling. I do not know a more pleasurable diversion, nor one more innocent honest praise, that assuredly you cannot give to roulette or chemin-de-fer.
Practical Hints On Dressing For The Stage
IN the everyday business of dressing most of us give some thought to the suitability of color and form while selecting clothes for the especial hour and its engagements.
Silhouettes And High Spots
This constant change of fashion has created a procession of silhouettes, a glimpse at any one of which should indicate some particular period.
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