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Breads And Leavening Agents
Bread has been called the staff of life because it is eaten at almost every meal. Good bread is a very valuable part of the diet.
Yeast Bread
Wheat is the most important of our bread stuffs. See geography for location of wheat fields and milling centers. Bring specimens of wheat, flour, bran, and rye flour.
Fats And Oils
Fats and oils form one of the most important food groups. Oils are fats that are liquid at ordinary temperatures; olive and other salad oils are examples.
Sugar is made from the juice of the sugar cane and the sugar beet. A little is manufactured from the sap of the maple tree.
Cakes And Cake Making
A good cake must be tender and melting. Cakes contain eggs, and if the egg is overheated the cake is tough and dry.
Rules Of Etiquette And Serving
Never speak of unpleasant subjects at table, such as death, disease, and great disasters. Cultivate the art of conversation at table; save amusing stories for the occasion.
Making Menus
In planning meals for children see that they get enough protein and fat, and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and be sure that they do not eat too much sugar or sweets.
Menus For Special Occasions
For special occasions one need not be so particular about the proper proportion of each food, although it is always well to consider health.
Household Management - The Part Of The Housekeeper
The woman who is a capable household manager is a great factor in the economics of the nation, because the prosperity and happiness of our country depend on each home.
Care And Feding Of Children
Many girls who read this book help their mothers in the care of baby brothers and sisters and will be interested in studying the needs of babies.
Outline For Bathing And Dressing A Baby
Before the bath the clothes are put in a warm place. The band comes first for the young baby.
Diet Of The Child
The results of bad feeding in early childhood show themselves in bow legs, bent spines, and teeth slow to appear or decaying early.
Toronto, Canada
Long before the coming of the white man, Indian tribes met here each spring, calling their rendezvous, Toronto, an Indian word meaning a place of meeting.
A Glimpse Of Naples
High on the top of a hill that towers above Naples stands the old suppressed monastery of San Martino, a wonderfully interesting relic of the past, with its old laboratory, cloisters, etc.
A Glimpse Of Budapest
BUDA is on one side of the Danube, Pest on the other, and the bridges made the hyphen between, but recently the two became so welded together they rank as one city and the words are now written as one.
A Glimpse Of Munich
I WILL make Munich such a city that no one can say he has seen Germany if he has not seen Munich.
Art In Munich
ALL roads in Munich lead to a gallery, and art reigns supreme. Indeed it is one of the great art centers of Europe, and there are pictures to the right of one and pictures to the left of one.
The Castles Of Bavaria
The Castle rooms are small and one notices in all of Ludwig's palaces there are almost no accommodations made for guests.
Babelsburg in its undisturbed retirement nestles down among its great trees with an unpretentious charm that no other royal abode in Germany can equal.
Some Attractions Of Paris
Pictures of Paris' fine buildings, as familiar to the stay-at-homes as to the travelers, recall the story told of a man who praised some views of Constantinople.
More Attractions Of Paris
PARIS never sleeps. The crowd on the boulevards during the day is only equaled later by that great mass of people who, like somnambulists, walk in the night.
The Elysee Palace
THE official residence—one could scarcely call it home—of the Presidents of France is not shown to the public.
The Castles Of Francois
Francois' court was noted for its splendor, for he attracted the most beautiful women and most gallant men of the day.
A Glimpse Of Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle, one of the largest and most magnificent royal residences in the world, has been, during the seven hundred years of its existence, prison, fortress and palace.
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