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The Home And Its Care
The Home Maker. To be the guiding spirit of an ideal home a woman needs not only the highest qualities of mind and heart, but also a strong body and steady nerves.
Furnishing Your Home
After the walls, floors, and woodwork, come the furnishings. Here we must choose according to our needs and our pocket-books, never, however, forgetting that beauty is essential.
The Rooms Of The House
The living room is the center of the home, for here the members of the family meet in their moments of leisure and here their friends are received.
Household Sanitation
Mold is another plant of this class. Mildew on clothes and mold on bread or jelly are simply large groups of these plants growing together.
Food And Digestion
In answering the question why we need food, we may compare the body with a stove. During life the body is warm—it is filled with the fire of life. Like a stove, the body consumes fuel.
The Fuel Value Of Food
How Fuel Value is Determined. By fuel value of food is meant the amount of energy (heat and work) which a given quantity of food will produce.
Digestion Defined
Why Food Must Be Digested. To prepare the food for absorption into the blood is the object of digestion.
General Rules For The Kitchen
Soak dishes that are sugary or that have had gummy substances such as gelatin on them, in hot water; dishes that have been used for milk, eggs, or starch in cold water.
Cooking With Fire
Cooking is the application of heat to food. Food is cooked by exposure to heat by placing it directly over the fire, in the oven, or in a pan over the flame.
Water And Prepared Beverages
Pure water is the most important of our foods. We could live without bread and meat for weeks, but we would die of thirst in a few days.
Fruit Composition Of Fruits
Pure water is the most important of our foods. We could live without bread and meat for weeks, but we would die of thirst in a few days.
The name vegetable means anything that grows in the earth, but is now commonly applied to those plants which are used for food.
Canning And Preserving Fruits And Vegetables
Two Methods of Canning. There are two ways of canning-one in which the fruit or vegetable is heated only once, the other where it is heated on three successive days.
The group of carbohydrates is divided into starches and sugars. The starches are found in fruits and vegetables, while an animal starch known as glycogen is found in liver.
Eggs have a very high food value. When served raw or properly cooked, they are especially good for the delicate and for children.
Milk is one of the most important protein foods. It should be very clean as it is used by many people with poor digestion and if it is not pure it may do great harm.
Milk Products - Cream, Butter, Cheese
Gravity Cream. Cream obtained by letting the milk stand until the cream rises is known as gravity cream.
Our principal meat supply comes from the West and South-west, and from Mexico and South America. As the country becomes more thickly settled the large cattle ranches are being turned into farms.
The housekeeper who understands the raising and use of poultry can do much to lessen the cost of the important protein foods.
Fish is perhaps a little more difficult to digest than tender cuts of beef or tender chicken. The varieties that contain much fat are more difficult to digest than the leaner kinds.
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