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Riboflavin (B2-G) And Niacin (Nicotinic Acid)
The Damon and Pythias of the vitamin family are B2 and Niacin. In nearly all the deficiency diseases of the animal world, these two work hand in hand for restoration to normal conditions.
Vitamin D
The accepted vitamin D benefit accruing to the animal body is one of bone formation, growth, and repair.
Vitamin A
Vitamin A is one which we store. But, some people have an aversion for the foods which carry this vitamin.
Vitamin E
Because Vitamin E has not had the thorough clinical testing accorded other vitamins, it has not, here-to-fore received much attention.
Pyrodoxine (B6)
There is another B factor which is usually a part of any B complex preparation, and which is found naturally in yeast, cereals, molasses, fish, milk, and eggs. This B factor is called Pyrodoxine Hydrochloride, or B6.
Calcium Pantothenate
Why biochemists did not designate the B factor, calcium pantothenate, by number instead of its name, no one knows.
Vitamin Factors
We have carried you through the more commonly known vitamins and hope the knowledge has been presented in a manner not confusing to you.
Food Faddists
It is hard for the ordinary man, or woman, to distinguish between dieticians, food faddists, and scientific food experimenters.
Food And That Hundred Years
Scientific men read reports of aged people with as much wonder and admiration as the most unlearned layman. It is beyond their ken. Heredity does it, they surmise.
Food Education In The Schools
Good health campaigns have developed here and there for many decades. A great part of all these campaigns have been considered educational.
Food Cost To You
No one realizes more than the writer what the cost of food means to some families. It is a daily struggle to furnish a table with the necessities of life.
Why Are You A Bellyacher?
The bellyachers are a too great percentage of our population. You are one of those people who make every fifth purchase in every drug store in the United States.
Weight Reduction Or Gain
Fully one-half the women and one-fourth the men of adult age wish to change their weight, either up or down. Women, particularly, go to great lengths in order to lose weight.
Mineral Content In Food
Since most types of food contain a variety of minerals, there is no reason to set a standard for the actual amount in daily food portions, especially the so-called trace minerals.
What About Children's Food?
Every mother in America has an opportunity to give her child a priceless heritage; abundant health and a long life. All that any mother need do is to teach her child to like every kind of food that the good earth produces.
Food - So, You Don't Like It?
Food is a popular subject; nearly as much so as the weather. That is quite natural, when each of us must think and act in the food realm three, or more, times a day.
Food Facts In Paragraph
Science, in every branch, has accepted the fact that proper food is the great preventative of disease.
Egyptian Painting
There were two leading motives for Egyptian painting. History, monarchical, religious, or domestic and Decoration.
Chaldaeo-Assyrian Painting
The most valuable collections of Chaldaeo-Assyria art are to be found in the Louvre and the British Museum.
Persian Painting
Persian painting is something about which little is known because little remains. The Louvre contains some reconstructed friezes made in mosaics of stamped brick and square tile, showing figures of lions and a number of archers.
Phoenician, Cypriote, And Asia Minor Painting
As for painting, there was undoubtedly figured decoration upon walls of stone and plaster, but there is not enough left to us from all the small nations like Phoenicia, Judea, Cyprus, and the kingdoms of Asia Minor, put together, to patch up a disjointed history.
Greek Painting
A second and ever-present motive in Greek painting was decoration. This appears in the tomb pottery of the earliest ages, and was carried on down to the latest times.
Etruscan Painting
Painting in Etruria has not a great deal of interest for us here. It was largely decorative and sepulchral in motive, and was employed in the painting of tombs, and upon vases and other objects placed in the tombs.
Italian Painting Early Christian And Medieval Period, 200-1250
The earliest Christian painting appeared on the walls of the Catacombs in Rome. These were decorated with panels and within the panels were representations of trailing vines, leaves, fruits, flowers, with birds and little genii or cupids.
Byzantine Painting
Both in Italy and in Byzantium the creative artist had passed away in favor of the skilled artisan the repeater of time-honored forms or colors.
Italian Painting Gothic Period, 1250-1400
In painting, though there were some portraits and allegorical scenes produced during the Gothic period, the chief theme was Bible story.
Italian Painting Early Renaissance, 1400-1500
There is no way of explaining the Italian fondness for form and color other than by considering the necessities of the people and the artistic character of the Italian mind.
Italian Painting Early Renaissance, 1400-1500 (Continued)
The worldly spirit of the Venetian people brought about a worldly and luxurious art. Nothing in the disposition or education of the Venetians called for the severe or the intellectual.
Italian Painting The High Renaissance, 1500-1600
The general motive of painting during the High Renaissance was largely to show the beauty of form or color, in which religion, the antique, and the natural came in as modifying elements.
Italian Painting The High Renaissance, 1500-1600 (Continued)
The general motive of painting during the High Renaissance was largely to show the beauty of form or color, in which religion, the antique, and the natural came in as modifying elements.
Italian Painting The High Renaissance, 1500-1600 (Continued)
Titian (14771576) was the painter easily first in the whole range of Italian art. He was the first man in the history of painting to handle a brush with freedom, vigor, and gusto.
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