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A Post Knickerbocker Petronius
All over the land there were yokels and the spouses of yokels and even the children of yokels, moved by a like interest and curiosity; while rural visitors to New York, and also New Yorkers born for that matter—if such a person as a born New Yorker actually existed.
The Crest Of Murray Hill
The building at the northwest corner of Fifth Avenue and Thirty-fourth Street is likely to be known and referred to as the Knickerbocker Trust for a long time to come.
Giant Strides Of Commerce
ONCE upon a time, so the story goes, a French publisher, planning an elaborate volume on the streets of Paris, went to Honore de Balzac, then at the height of his fame, to ask him to contribute the chapter on a particular thoroughfare.
Beyond Murray Hill
ON the site of the old Croton Reservoir the cornerstone of the Public Library was laid November 10,1902, and the building opened to the public May 23, 1911.
Approaching The Plaza
APPROACHING the Plaza, besides the churches, clubs, and the various houses associated with the name of Vanderbilt, there is conspicuous the cluster of great hotels.
Stretches Of The Avenue
A quarter of a century ago there were thousands of such shanties along the upper West Side.
Why It Is Bellyache
Fifty million Frenchmen can't be wrong, but fifty million bellyaches not only can be; they are wrong!
The Plain Bellyacher
There are two general types of people with so-called stomach trouble (really bellyache.) The two types are those who are constipated and those who are not constipated.
The Constipated Bellyacher
You constipated bellyachers do not like, or do not eat enough fats; particularly, pork fat and other oily greases. Some people, usually women, do not eat fats for fear of adding weight.
The Mechanics Of Constipation
You now see why the writer is so sure that you constipated bellyachers do not like fat. If you had always eaten a moderate quantity with enough sour foods to alkalize the fat, you would not have gall bladder trouble.
The Chemical Eating Chart
The bellyacher never did like the word diet, and certainly the healthy individual never feels the necessity of its use.
Starches - Your Trouble And Why
It has been said that life begins at forty, but that sentence is not complete as far as the heavy starch food eater is concerned: Life begins at forty to be one bellyache after the other.
Dietetic Diseases
It is said that repetition drives home a fact to be remembered. Here it is: all disease, not contageous, or inherited, is caused by not eating the right foods for repair to the body structure.
Pimples - Eating Wrong
Let's start off easy with the bad effects of wrong eating. Did you know that pimples belong to the dietetic disease class?
Eczema - Eating Wrong
Pimples, eczema, and loathesome skin diseases are definite aggravations which hang on for long periods of time, and return at the invitation of the individual.
Diabetes - Eating Wrong
Diabetes is caused by the already digested foods which the body can not burn up because its media of flame has been destroyed, or the digested food acts like a green log in a flame.
Liver And Gall Bladder Trouble - Eating Wrong
Liver and gall bladder trouble is the most common disease and the one that is the greatest factor in causing other diseases.
Stomach Ulcer - Eating Wrong
The cardinal fact concerning stomach ulcer is that the greater percentage of all ulcerations do not occur in the stomach, but in the duodenum, which is that part of the intestine just outside the valve of the stomach.
Blood Vessel Diseases - Eating Wrong
Practically all blood vessel disease is caused by wrong eating, except the ones induced by drink or contracted germ.
Kidney Disease - Eating Wrong
Bright's disease is the term used to describe various diseases which attack a system through the kidneys.
Heart Disease - Eating Wrong
An even greater factor in the cause of heart trouble is one of an insidious nature which has no apparent relationship to a heart condition.
Food Taboos Real and Imaginary - Eating Wrong
Nearly every person troubled with indigestion, sooner than later, picks one or more food items which he, or she, will not eat because it is believed the cause of the pain of so-called stomach trouble.
Who Are You Bellyachers, Anyway? - Eating Wrong
The two types of bellyachers are, of course, those who do not like sour foods, and those who do not like fats.
When Do We Eat? - Eating Wrong
The question of when to eat has never been a controversial one. It seems as though some fellow, way back when, became hungry about every six hours, and, being an early riser, he decided that six, twelve, and six just about fitted his needs.
Food and Longevity - Eating Wrong
The actual formula for longevity is correct eating. The tragedy of the situation is that all cases are accidental.
Minerals Mean Life - Eating Wrong
Minerals are not only a part of the body's bony structure, but they enter into all other cellular tissue in every part of the body.
Nervousness - Eating Wrong
Tension of muscles through stress, fear, worry, and hustle, actually do wear out the cells of nerve force faster than hard work can destroy the tissue of the muscle.
The Aminos - Eating Wrong
Aminos are basic materials from which your muscle cells, organic cells, and blood cells are made. Amino proteins must be a constant part of your food in order to renew the destroyed cells of your body.
The Vitamins - Eating Wrong
The least essential of the three vital food values, which we have named, are the vitamins.
Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid
Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is the foremost of all vitamins in the maintenance of a healthy body, and particularly in human longevity.
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