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Short Talks on Advertising
There is probably no merchant in the United States who is not called upon from time to time to put an advertisement into a programme of a church fair or of some entertainment given by a secret society or a labor organization.
Short Talks on Advertising
A business man represents his goods in his advertisement in the paper. Thousands of readers pass the ad, but those who want his goods just at that time will stop and they will buy.
Short Talks on Advertising
Newspaper advertising is the best kind of advertising, because it will carry the information to more people for less cost than any other kind.
Short Talks on Advertising
The man who starts out to advertise with a set of cast iron rules has not much chance for success.
Short Talks on Advertising
Pick out the largest users of newspaper space, and you will find that they are the smallest users of space in extraneous media.
Short Talks on Advertising
A little advertising may be unprofitable when a great deal would pay handsomely. Short-time advertising seldom pays.
Short Talks on Advertising
A little advertising like a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. A man who advertises a little bit and quits is sure to lose his money, and is sure to get erroneous ideas into his head.
Short Talks on Advertising
Advertising will not make a fortune for you in a day, but if done judiciously, it will pay handsomely in the long run.
Short Talks on Advertising
Usually the things that cost the least are the most expensive. Advertising that costs very little usually amounts to very little.
Short Talks on Advertising
The man who reaches out with his advertisements and pulls them into his store is the one who is going to get the money.
Short Talks on Advertising
If the farmer and the advertiser will both select good soil, put good seed into it, and take care of the sprouts, the harvest is sure to be satisfactory in both cases.
Short Talks on Advertising
Some advertisers fail because they do not use enough space. They use barely enough, or sometimes not quite enough, to make the advertising self-sustaining.
Short Talks on Advertising
Advertising should be done during the dull time for the purpose of stirring up trade at that time, and also for the sake of the benefit which will come from being continually before the public's eye.
Short Talks on Advertising
The reliability of an advertisement should be measured by the reputation of the advertiser. If he does not lie in his ordinary business and social relations it is fair to suppose that he does not lie in his advertising.
Short Talks on Advertising
A small advertisement is better than none, but it isn't so likely to bring profitable returns as a big one.
Short Talks on Advertising
There is nothing magical about advertising. It is one of the tools of trade, just as a chisel is a tool of carpentry.
Short Talks on Advertising
Any one who looks through the advertising columns of the average newspaper cannot help seeing that much of the money that is paid for advertising in them is wasted.
Short Talks on Advertising
Advertising, like charity, begins at home. In other words, to advertise a store, first get your store.
Short Talks on Advertising
Every advertiser should keep close watch of his daily and weekly sales.
The Shadow Of The Knickerbockers
Through the centre of the map there is a line indicating Fifth Avenue north to Thirteenth Street. Here and there is a spot apparently intended to represent a farmhouse, but that is all.
A Stretch Of Tradition
PASSING under the Washington Arch, the march up the Avenue properly begins. To commemorate the centenary of the inauguration of the nation's first President a temporary arch was erected in the spring of 1889.
A Knickerbocker Pepys
THERE is one kind of immortality that is not so much a matter of amount and quality of achievement as of the particular period of achievement. That, for example, of Samuel Pepys.
Glimpse Of The Sixties
IT seems but yesterday that the old Fifth Avenue Hotel passed to the limbo of bygone things.
Fourteenth To Madison Square
On the choicest site of the purchase, now the centre of Fourteenth Street just west of Fifth Avenue, Smith built his country residence.
Some Great Days On The Avenue
IN the stirring times in which we are living, it seems as if every day is a great day on the Avenue. Take a single example: The morning broke dark and threatening.
Some Avenue Clubs In The Early Days
PRESUMING that my dear Bobby would scarcely consider himself to be an accomplished man about town until he had obtained an entrance into a respectable club.
Literary Landmarks And Figures
In the days when Fifth Avenue was young Poe must have found his way there, accompanied, perhaps, by the pale, invalided Virginia, to gaze at the fine new houses.
But in the bustling New York of fifty or one hundred years hence the dreamer or the student wishing to feel how the inhabitants of Manhattan lived three or four score years ago.
Trails Of Bohemia
There was to his mind at least an unfortunate suggestion in calling a book The Coast of Bohemia, even though Bohemia was used in its figurative sense.
The Slope Of Murray Hill
AFTER its half-mile journey between the great, square sordid mountains of stone and steel that lie to the north of Fourteenth Street, Fifth Avenue emerges into the sunshine of Madison Square.
Confessions Of An Exiled Bus
There was a consciousness of being jolted about abominably in a ramshackle vehicle. The surroundings were vague, as they always are in dreams.
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