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Van Dyck
IN the month of April Van Dyck was in London 'for good.' He found a temporary home with his friend Geldorp in Blackfriars.
IT may safely be asserted that the best known picture by Guido is the head of Beatrice Cenci, in the Barberini Palace, at Rome.
Paul Potter
ONE of the most famous pictures in the world is Paul Potter's Young Bull, in the Museum at The Hague.
This pleasing tradition is not altogether overthrown by the fact that Velazquez was not invested with the order till three years afterward.
THE sentiment of Byron's striking line reechoes the master passion of Poussin, to whom Rome became as his life.
THE life of the Michael Angelo of Spain, as Cano has been called because of his ability to practise the sister arts of painting, sculpture, and architecture, presents many points of interest.
Every art has its great representative master, and the representative etcher is Rembrandt.
The would-be seller of the picture is the elder Teniers the sketcher is his abler and more famous son, David Teniers, the second of the four painters who bore that name.
At length Wren grew weary of criticism and showed his designs no more to the public.
Nichols says that Hogarth was arrested at Calais, while sketching the gate of the town, and taken before the governor.
AFTER Reynolds, then a young man of twenty-nine, returned from his long tour on the Continent, he opened his first London studio, with his younger sister, Frances, as housekeeper.
The sculptor, more fortunate than his lovely sitter, escaped any danger which may have menaced him during the Terror because of royal patronage, and lived until 1809.
SELDOM does the art of a nation suffer such loss within the space of a year as befell France in 1875, when she was deprived of Millet, of Corot, of Barye, and of Carpeaux.
Puvis De Chavannes
It is scarcely an error to assign the highest rank among the artists in this notable group to Puvis de Chavannes.
Feminine Underwear - A Little Background
To give feminine underwear its rightful place in the history of the manners and customs of humankind. That is the high ambition of these pages.
King Minos Charmed By The Embryonic Corset
The history of costume shows that only when a race had evolved a smooth and regulated pattern of living did it give any attention to garments worn under outer clothing.
Damsels In Leaves, Furs, Or Feathers
Leaves, furs and feathers. These were the first clothes. They did not, however, come into fashion for some considerable time.
The Dawn Of The Voluptuous Orient
Late Egyptian art indicates that both sexes wore an undergarment that came in during the Twentieth Dynasty.
The Undies Homer Knew
In ancient Greece, next-to-the-skin garments were considered as underwear, whether or not they were under anything.
Undies Enter Politics
Society has ever been the great patron of feminine underwear. This is a point to stress. Wherever Society falls into decay, so does ladies' underwear.
Ups And Downs Of Underwear In The Middle Ages
Underwear in the Middle Ages was not possessed in quantities. In the tenth century Charles the Simple, though a king, had but three shirts to his illustrious name.
Corsetry - The Lady And The Blacksmith
Corsetry here has recently taken a very firm step forward. The blacksmith, an artist in shaping metal, not long ago became the corsetier, and the corset assumed again the distinction of a prime fashion item.
Garters And Stockings - The Elaboration Of Feminine Mystery
Feminine dress is coquettish and, generally speaking, very graceful in form. Exaggerated conceits dictate the form of its rich embroidery.
Undergarments - From Poultry-Baskets To Tights
It became an amusement in society to weigh all the garments of a lady's costume, including shoes, stockings, and ornaments.
Under The Crinoline
Following upon the slim and slinky Empire styles, which just skirted the edge of nudity, Marjorie's skirts again begin to widen.
The Empress Eugenie, Her Immoral Drawers
Glamorous feminine undergarments have right along been a feature of the seductive East.
Front View, Back View - Underwear In America
The first we hear of underwear in relation to America, says the Professor, is in connection with the wife of the second President of the United States.
Short Talks on Advertising
More things enter into advertising than are generally supposed. In fact, everything that connects a name and a business in people's minds is advertising.
Short Talks on Advertising
It has been truly said that the time to advertise is all the time. In business there is no such thing as standing still.
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