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Little is actually known of the life of Phidias, but Alma Tadema's picture easily convinces us that thus the great sculptor displayed to his friends and patrons his completed handiwork.
Pausias, an eminent painter who flourished nearly coeval with Polygnotus, lived and worked in Sicyon, the capital of the most ancient kingdom of Greece, several hundred years before our era.
WHEN the late Lord Leighton was about eighteen years old, he painted a picture of Cimabue finding Giotto at the moment when the young shepherd was busy drawing one of his flock with a sharp stone on a smooth slab of rock.
Fra Angelico
Fra Giovanni Angelico da Fiesole . . . was no less preeminent as a painter and miniaturist than as a religious. . . .
Hugo Van Der Goes
IN the Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova at Florence, founded by Folco Portinari, the father of Dante's Beatrice, is preserved a large altar-piece by Hugo Van der Goes.
Leonardo Da Vinci
The residence assigned to Leonardo was in the town of Amboise, the cradle of the first colony of artists summoned to France by Charles VIII., and the favorite dwelling-place of Francis I.
THE date of Raphael's arrival in Rome, and who it was that summoned him thither, are alike unknown. It was probably early in 1509 when he began his work in the Eternal City.
Bellini, while paying a visit to Durer, asked, as a special mark of affection, for one of the brushes used by the latter in painting hair.
THE meagre records of Correggio's life do not tell us much of the man who spent his years peacefully at work at Parma, far from the great centres of Italian art.
Michael Angelo
IT is said that, being asked by a priest why he had never married, Michael Angelo replied: I have only too much of a wife in this art of mine. She has always kept me struggling on.
ONE of the most remarkable autobiographies ever given to the .world is that written by Benvenuto Cellini.
Few artists have reached the age allotted to Titian, whom Death passed by until he lacked but about a year of being a century old.
IF the Bastile still existed, no spot within its massive walls would be more worthy of note than the cell wherein Bernard Palissy breathed his last, a victim of religious intolerance.
Cogniet's striking picture of Tintoretto painting a portrait of his daughter, as she lies dead before him, hangs in the Museum of Bordeaux.
Of course, as Callot grew up, he began to manifest his love for art in the usual orthodox manner. Giotto neglected his sheep for his drawing, and Gainsborough put landscape sketches into his copy-book .
Two happy marriages fell to the lot of Rubens. His first union was with Isabella Brant, and took place in 1609, when the painter was thirty-two and his bride eighteen years old.
THE face of the artist in Papperitz's picture of Brauwer is so kindly and pleasant that one is glad to believe the latest accounts of him.
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