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The Prehistoric Age
The first appearance of metallic arts in Europe and of decorated pottery, appears to be due to the influence of a foreign and Oriental civilization.
Roman History And Roman Art
It is clear that a history of Roman art is not merely a description of the ruins and relics which have come down to our day.
The Early Roman Art
We begin to form somewhat more definite ideas of what Roman art now was by remembering what Roman art became.
The Development Of The Roman Empire
The most marvelous witnesses to the character of Roman civilization are the Roman ruins east of the Jordan in Syria.
General Review Of The Roman Art
It must be said in general that the Roman imperial art was most successful in the purest sense when it was least pretentious and least ostentatious.
Roman Architecture And Painting
We have seen that the Etruscan and early Roman temples were copies of the Greek, and this naturally holds of the temples of the empire.
Roman Decorative Art And Sculpture
We have seen that the Etruscan and early Roman temples were copies of the Greek, and this naturally holds of the temples of the empire.
The Roman Decadence
Aside from Roman portraits almost the entire ancient art was ostensibly mythical in subject. The cessation of patronage involved the downfall of the art.
Summary Of Roman And Medieval Art
Roman art or civilization was that of the Italians at large who adopted the Latin language and became Romans.
The Period Of The German Invasions
The history of the art of the Middle Ages is the history of civilization in the Germanic or Germanized countries of Europe.
The Byzantine Art
Aside from architecture itself, the best efforts of Byzantine art were devoted to church decoration and especially to decoration in glass mosaics.
Early Christian Architecture
The most interesting and the most important department of the art history of the early Middle Ages is its architecture.
The Dome Churches
The important early surviving illustrations of the dome churches are the chapel built by Charlemagne, the church of St. Mark at Venice, the church of San Vitale at Ravenna...
Byzantine Details And Ornamental System
Aside from decorative sculptured, or stuccoed, details the Byzantine churches employed a system of marble paneling.
Mohammedan Art
The Crusaders were brought in contact with the art of Syria and Egypt when the Arabs and Turks were masters of these countries.
The Romanesque Period
In Romanesque sculpture Germany generally offers the most important monuments.
Romanesque Architecture
The ornamental carvings and the capitals of Romanesque art are developments from the Byzantine.
The Gothic Period
The first Gothic cathedrals were built in France and within the individual domain of their kings.
Gothic Architecture
The pointed arch is not known in existing remains of architecture before the time of the Arab buildings.
Northern Gothic Sculpture And Painting
It is from an architectural standpoint that the northern Gothic sculpture and painting are best approached.
The Secular And Italian Gothic Architecture
The great comparative perfection of Gothic painting in the southern Netherlands leads naturally to the mention of the magnificent guild halls and town halls of the same country.
Italian Gothic Painting
The history of Italian painting, which between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries produced all the greatest works of modern art in this department, is essentially a history of wall painting.
Italian Gothic Sculpture
The first development of Italian sculpture preceded by nearly fifty years the art of Giotto.
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