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Direct Advertising - Broadsides And Folders
Broadsides and smaller folders may be sent out in envelopes, but usually they are self-contained. This suggests the first essential in the selection of the paper.
Direct Advertising - Envelope Enclosures And Package Inserts
Of all forms of direct advertising the envelope enclosure is the least expensive. Its distribution cost is nothing, and its manufacture is not very costly.
Direct Advertising - House Organs
Of all forms of direct advertising the house organ is in many respects the most interesting and adventurous.
Minor Forms Of Direct Advertising
Of the comparatively minor forms of direct advertising the more standardized types will be postcards, mailing cards, return cards, blotters, illustrated letters, portfolios and sales manuals.
Direct Advertising - Commercial Engravings
The character of the engravings to be used in any form of direct advertising is determined by their suitability for the special purpose in mind.
Direct Advertising - The Line Etching
As the line etching is the most adaptable and widely used form of advertising illustration, it is worth while for anyone who is charged with the duty of preparing or supervising advertising to know something in detail of this process.
Direct Advertising - The Halftone
The halftone is a form of engraving in very wide use, though the most recent of all the great forms of pictorial reproduction. Its general commercial use may be said to have begun about the year 1890.
Color And Color Printing
There is no element of advertising values harder to reckon with any accuracy than the increase in selling power obtained by color in advertising.
Printing Processes
Printing is the art of transferring letters, characters or designs to paper or other suitable surfaces through the medium of ink or greasy pigments.
Typography And Layout
Sound typography and effective arrangement are the basis of the art or mechanics of advertising.
Paper For The Advertiser
Paper is now divided into various broad classifications by the customs of the trade. Of these the widest is the division between fine and coarse papers.
On Writing Letters
The letter is the primary form of direct advertising. It is the oldest, the most personal and the most individual of all forms of communication, save only oral speech.
New York Wanders Uptown
On March 13 the new Waldorf Hotel—the last word in grandeur and elegance—opened for business. And on the following night, while rain fell incessantly, dismally, upon the city, it had its first social debut, a formal concert.
Up Goes The Waldorf Astoria Hotel
New York was a little amazed and greatly excited by the decision of the adventurous Astors to make their homes up in the Thirty-third and Thirty-fourth Streets block.
Progress Comes To Fifth Avenue
When William Waldorf Astor decided to leave New York and make his home permanently in England, the newspapers were filled with more than a discussion of the future expatriate.
Waldorf Astoria - The Man From Rugen
Seemingly alone and obscure in the Baltic Sea there is a tiny island seldom, if ever, to be found on old maps, and on modern ones only because it has become a popular German summer resort.
Waldorf Astoria - Oscar The Epicure
The kind-faced, solemn, quiet fellow now known as Oscar of the Waldorf-Astoria, achieved world-wide affection and esteem.
Waldorf Astoria - Peacock Alley
Those early beginnings of the Waldorf marked the ending of what Mrs. Wharton has aptly labeled the "Age of Innocence."
Along Came The Astoria
Within a couple of years the Waldorf saw progress shifting up Fifth Avenue almost by its very doors.
Waldorf Astoria - At Home To Society
The Waldorf Astoria, with its thousand rooms and seventeen floors, was the Ultima Thule in luxurious living.
The Waldorf And The Lost Art Of Dining
The old Waldorf and, later, the Waldorf Astoria, inspired the age of public dining. Public and private dining in the United States has gone through a curious metamorphosis.
Famous Dinners, Balls, And Guests
In the place of the opera, elaborate dinners were given at the Waldorf and in private homes, and among the prominent hostesses were Mrs. John Jacob Astor.
Bet-You-A-Million Gates
They called the Waldorf, in the old days, Uptown Wall Street. In many respects it was equally as important, in the world of finance, as the Street.
Baron Komura Fights For Peace
It was in the early summer of 1905 that Baron Jutaro Komura arrived at the Waldorf-Astoria.
A Man, A Hotel, And A Canal
On an entire floor in the Waldorf-Astoria the plans for a canal, to run through the Isthmus of Panama and to connect the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean, were prepared.
Princes, Presidents, And Others
When distinguished foreigners stayed at the Waldorf Astoria hotel, the officials made a special point of providing the dishes they were accustomed to.
Boomer Takes Command
When the Waldorf Astoria hotel was first erected people said it was too far uptown. Eventually it became the hub of the city's social life.
The Passing Of The Old Hotel
Fortunately for the Waldorf-Astoria, Mr. Boomer already had learned how to keep track of hotel waste and to eliminate it as far as possible.
A New Waldorf Against The Sky
To build a new Waldorf-Astoria, he says, did not seem to mean to add another large hotel to New York's many, but rather to give the Waldorf a new housing and convenience of location.
Color And Harmony
The two leading features of painting are form and color, and, as distinguished from the other fine arts, principally color.
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