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Washington DC - The Bureau Of Education
THE BUREAU OF EDUCATION has offices in a large brick building on G Street, opposite the Patent Office.
Washington DC - The Geological Survery
THE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY is a part of the Department of the Interior, and has offices in the National Museum. It has a director, a chief clerk, an executive officer, surveyors, and other employees.
Washington DC - The Department Of Justice
THE Department of Justice, under the direction of the Attorney-General, has charge of all prosecutions by the government, and supervises the United States courts in the judicial districts of the country.
Washington DC - Department Of Agriculture
One of these beneficial, and it may be called stimulating, departments is the Department of Agriculture, which is charged with collecting and diffusing the most reliable information upon agriculture.
Washington DC - The Smithsonian
IN 1828 an English gentleman named James Smithson died at Genoa, leaving an estate valued at half a million dollars.
Washington DC - The Printing Office
THE GOVERNMENT PRINTING-OFFICE occupies a four-story brick building, covering the square at the corner of North Capitol and H streets.
Washington DC - Sketches Of City Life
Connecticut Avenue, with a roadway one hundred and thirty feet in width, extending from Lafayette Square to the northern boundary line of the city, is the principal thoroughfare of this district.
Washington DC - The Government Clerks
The department clerks in reality form a solid, intelligent, important part of the population of Washington, and their influence is generally for good.
Washington DC - Corcoran Gallery of Art
ONE of the institutions of Washington which attracts a great deal of attention is the Corcoran Gallery of Art, presented to the people of the United States by Mr. William W. Corcoran.
Washington DC - Public Schools
CONGRESS annually appropriates about $500,000 for the support of the public schools of the District of Columbia.
Washington DC - The Public Markets
THE public markets of Washington are among the finest in the United States, and are objects of considerable interest to strangers.
Washington DC - Theatres
THERE are three regular theatres in Washington—Albaugh's Grand Opera House, the New National Theatre, and Harris' Bijou Opera House.
Washington DC - Masons And Masonic Temple
IN the District of Columbia there are twenty lodges of Masons, with a membership of nearly three thousand, and the order is in a very prosperous condition.
Washington DC - Congressional Cemetery
AT the foot of E Street southeast, is the Congressional Cemetery, originally called Washington Parish Burial Ground. It was laid out in 1807 by residents of the eastern quarter of the city.
Washington DC Metropolitan Police
ABOUT $340,000 is annually appropriated for the police force of Washington. The force is known as the Metropolitan Police, and consists of a superintendent with the title of major, who receives a salary of $2,600.
Washington DC Environs
THE environs of Washington have many charming scenes and interesting objects. From the hills encircling the city one can obtain extended views of the District and the two neighboring states, spreading out in luxuriant fields and woods of the Potomac.
Washington DC - Georgetown
GEORGETOWN, or West Washington, as it is now called, was incorporated as a town in 1789. It is situated on the western border of Washington, and is separated from it by Rock Creek.
Washington DC - The Potomac
THE Great Falls of the Potomac, some fourteen miles above Washington, possess an indescribable grandeur. The Potomac rises in a spur of the Alleghany Mountains, and several streams are combined with it in its downward course.
Washington DC - Arlington National Military Cemetery
CROSSING the aqueduct bridge on to the soil of Virginia, a drive of a mile southerly will bring one to the National Military Cemetery at Arlington - a vast field of the Nation's dead.
Alexandria, Virginia
ABOUT seven miles from Washington, down the Potomac, is the ancient city of Alexandria, which was founded in 1748, and for some years was called Bellhaven.
Mount Vernon
WHILE the homes of most of the illustrious men who founded the American Republic have been suffered to decay, and finally to disappear from the earth, the home of George Washington has been fortunately preserved.
Visiting Washington DC
TO become well acquainted with the National Capital, and to thoroughly enjoy its many distinctive features, an extended visit is necessary.
Washington DC - A Beautiful City
STANDING upon the lofty, green-clad hills of Virginia which constitute the historic Arlington estate, a magnificent panorama is unfolded as the eye sweeps northward and eastward over the picturesque region of the District of Columbia.
Washington DC - Founding Of The Nations Capital
Washington desired that the Capitol should occupy the centre of the city, and it was accordingly located on the broad plateau in the eastern section.
What Is Advertising?
ADVERTISING is an art older than history, though in its present forms it is quite recent. The newest of all its developments is that phase in which we are most interested—Direct Advertising.
Advantages Of Direct Advertising?
THAT there are great advantages in the use of direct advertising is best indicated by the fact that within a few years the business has grown from practically nothing.
Forms Of Direct Advertising
Advertising, as a matter of fact, is a very simple art and the same principles that exist in any form of selling underlie its application.
Uses And Results Of Direct Mail Advertising
The first step in a new business calls for the use of direct advertising.
Direct Advertising - The Mailing List
The mailing list is the foundation of all successful direct advertising, and the advertiser is blind to his own interest who fails to give all needed attention to building it up intelligently.
Direct Advertising - The Catalogue
The catalogue is ordinarily the most pretentious and important piece of direct mail issued and used by a manufacturer or large mercantile establishment.
Direct Advertising - The Booklet
Booklet is the rather weak term now applied to a great mass of the most useful kind of direct advertising.
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