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Children's Friendships
JOHNNY and his friend were chums for many years because they had the same birthday ; and Grace and Gertrude found each other through writing the initial G in the same way.
Parents Versus Teachers
EVERY thinking person takes it for granted that parents and teachers are both necessary for the proper bringing up of children.
Bugaboos And Friends
THE obstreperous child will often give you that feeling of helplessness, and you will be tempted to call in the assistance of a stronger power.
Children And Money
Among the children of the poor there usually develops rather early in life a keen appreciation of the value of money. Whatever money there is is quickly spent.
Uncontrolled Child Influences
The children were soon disentangled, and duly admonished not to play such dangerous games again. Howard was penitent and downcast; and Louise cast about for sympathy.
Egyptian And Asiatic Costumes And Dress
Occasionally a group of ladies are seen; their dress is similar to that of the men, except their single garment reaches to the ankle and is gay in color.
Greeks Costumes And Dress
It is difficult to realize when looking at the dress pictured in this illustration that it is not a modern doll, but a statuette which was excavated at Knossus, on the Island of Crete.
Roman Costumes And Dress
The early Romans probably wore few garments, due to the warm climate of Italy and the hardening effect of their physical exercise. They were a nation of lawmakers and agriculturists rather than a nation of inventors.
Dress Of The Gallo-Romans And Anglo-Saxons
A period of ten centuries of costume to be covered in one chapter seems an almost incredible task, but styles changed very slowly in the early days, due, perhaps, to the difficulty of supplying hand-woven materials.
Costumes Of The Midle Ages - 10th-14th Centuries
A complete change in thought, action, and even costume was brought about in the early period of the Middle Ages.
Costumes Of The Midle Ages - 14th-15th Centuries
How is a fashion born? Who mothers it? Who nurses it to fame, and in whose arms does it die? High collar, low collar, short hair, long hair, boot, buskin, shoe who wore you first?
Renaissance Costume And Dress - 1483-1558
The women of Italy were wearing their hair parted and covered with a jewelled net or caul, and this fashion was almost immediately adopted by the Frenchwomen.
Renaissance Costume And Dress - 1558-1614
We now have a new means of information in regard to costume; the excellent portraits of the day that have been preserved in private and public collections give a correct idea.
Early 17th Century Costume And Dress - 1589-1643
From the extravagant, elaborate, and uncomfortable dress of the reign of Queen Elizabeth to the plain dress of the Puritans seems a far cry, but in point of fact this transition took place in a little less than fifty years.
Dress During Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI 1643-1789
The reign of Louis XIV is a synonym for everything which is gorgeous and elaborate in architecture, furniture, and costume.
Dress And Costume During The French Revolution
With the rise of the people against the house of Bourbon, we find many changes in France, and their influence was felt through many countries. Extravagance in architecture, furniture, costume and mode of living at its height, all this was to be done away with.
Fashion And Dress From 1815-1830
Fashion again became an affair of state. Napoleon having been banished, the house of Bourbon returned to the throne of France. White, the Bourbon color, predominated in dress.
Fashion During The Industrial Revolution
Since the industrial revolution in England in the eighteenth century, machinery was fast taking the place of the old forms of hand-work.
Fashion During The Late 19th Century
A new element was entering into the fashionable world, that of the spa, or watering-place. With the improved methods of travel, society became more restless, more desirous of seeing the world, and sojourns at spas.
General Structure Of The United States Treasury
The original structure of the Treasury Department, as it was planned by the first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, still stands.
Receipts, Disbursements, And Proof Of Accuracy
Upon delivery of the warrant to the Treasurer of the United States, the latter draws the payment check and transmits it to the payee.
The Money In Circulation - Paper Currency
KEEPING the country supplied with paper currency is a large task for the Government. There is, of course, a sizable amount of it in circulation—on June 1, 1931, there were just about 884,000,000 pieces with an aggregate face value of $5,275,000,000.
Precious Metal And Coinage
Practically all the gold received there contains a mixture of some of the other precious metals. The melting and assaying process determines the amount and the value of each class of metal found present.
The Gold And Silver Behind Paper Currency
Experience has taught that the United States Government keeps its promises. So far is that an accepted fact that the average citizen does no more than observe, when paper currency is tendered, that it is an obligation of the United States.
United States Notes Or "Greenbacks"
THE United States notes, known as greenbacks, are paper currency of a character quite different from the gold and silver certificates previously described.
National Bank Notes
In this chapter an explanation of the national-bank note will be presented and, in general terms, its origin and its basis will be described.
Federal Reserve Notes
The fifth class, which is the Federal reserve note, likewise differs from the other four. This note is similar in some particulars to the national-bank note in character and in the procedure for issuing and redeeming it.
Obsolete And Emergency Currencies
THE paper currency that was issued by the Colonies became so depreciated in value during the Revolutionary War, as a result of the inability to honor it by payment in specie, that at the close of the war its value was a matter of much doubt.
How The Federal Reserve Banks Assist The Treasury
THE establishment of the Federal reserve banks made the subtreasuries no longer necessary. They were therefore abolished, and much of the Government business that they had been performing was taken over by the twelve Federal reserve banks.
Bond Redemption
A DESCRIPTION of the means of protection and the pathway of a particular bond will substantiate the assertion that if a spurious bond were presented for redemption the fact that it was not a valid instrument could not escape detection.
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