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Children And Substitutes For Fighting
In the matter of fighting, it is particularly difficult to form balanced judgments and to develop sane plans.
Children And The Craving For Adventure
The monotony of a well-regulated life is obnoxious not only to the spirited boy or girl; it is equally obnoxious to more settled adults.
The Child's Chance For Spontaneity
Sometimes one person will affect a child so that he is not like his usual self. He becomes frightened, or he is antagonized. And some people make a child self-conscious.
Children - Mice At Play
The difference between these two types of homes does not show so much a difference between children, as one between the viewpoints or habits of parents.
Children And Control Of Habit Formation
EVERY person who has had even a slight opportunity to observe children and adults, will have noticed the one great fact about the economy of habit.
Children - Rules And Exceptions
WITH very young children it is essential to have a fixed regularity in the daily routine, if it can possibly be carried out.
The Mind And Character Of The Child
MANY a bright child absorbs the teachings offered him and develops a character that is very far from satisfactory.
Children And Toys For Activity
IN one of the largest toy shops in one of our largest cities, a group of children, different enough in ages to be brothers and sisters, are inspecting the attractive display.
Books And The Child
With this thought in mind, the selection of books for children's reading becomes as serious a task as the selection of his other teachers.
The Arts In The Life Of The Child
We are thus in a position to look upon the arts in the life of the child in terms of enlarging the child's life, and not in terms of performing for the approval or admiration of others.
Children And Keeping Pets
Most important of all, our modern home has had taken from it that intimacy with lower animals which formerly contributed so much to the informal education of children.
Children And Appreciation Of Effort
THE child works in the spirit of the artist. He is not seeking material rewards ; he wants the satisfaction of doing something that has meaning, and he wants appreciation.
Children's Parties
THE parties that a child attends do not come with such frequency that they are likely to be serious factors in the molding of his life habits.
Children - Work And Play As The Measure Of Time
To enjoy the games and the reading and the dreaming of dreams is to live. To be able to measure the duration of these things, by noting from time to time the passing of an hour or two.
Children And Cultivating Hobbies
In practice we shall frequently be annoyed by the intensity with which the girl or boy will pursue a hobby. We realize only too well the folly of setting the heart too firmly upon this or that.
Children Being Good And Being Bad
IT is still quite common for people to look upon children as embodiments of one or the other of the two conflicting spirits of right and wrong.
Children - Encouragement And Neglect
If the youngest child in the family is spoiled more frequently than any of the others, it is probably because of the over-stimulation of his self-regard no less than because of the various indulgences showered upon him by the other members of the household.
Equity Among Brothers And Sisters
IT is bad enough to be the youngest; and it is bad enough to be the only boy—or the only girl. But the combination of the two handicaps is in many house-holds quite insurmountable.
The Parent As Arbiter
WHENEVER anything goes wrong with the children, the parent is usually tempted to apply some punishment in proportion to the damage done to the feelings.
The Child And Delegated Authority
IF we are to deal effectively with children, whether at home or in school, whether at work or at play, we ought to understand their attitude toward authority.
Children And Punishment
The expert replies by laying down a principle: The right way to correct a child is by the automatic, reflex method of nature. Every violation of natural law carries with it a natural penalty.
Children And Principles Of Punishment
THE subject of punishment is of perennial interest, since all of us seem to have the instinct to punish, and surely no one lacks the temptation to do so.
Children - Bargain Counter Goodness
The first objection that occurs to the mother's plan of buying the child's attention to his required work, is that of motive.
Children - The Time And Place
A class of children at school, in passing from the assembly to the recitation room, had to go through the gymnasium. One of the boys started to climb up a pole, and soon the whole flock of sheep followed suit.
What The Child Thinks He Wants
WHEN the baby cries for the moon, you do not give him what he wants. You silence his demand by offering him a napkin ring or a jack-in-the-box.
Childrens Interest And Discipline
We all realize the value of concentration and application on the part of the child. The real issue seems to be this: Should application and effort be obtained through fear, or compulsion?
Children - The Everlasting Nay
YOUNG children can easily be bulldozed into accepting the denial of their wishes, unless they are unusually strong-minded or stubborn.
The Child's Manners
IN general girls are likely to accept the fashions in manners that they observe about them, just as they accept fashions in clothes.
Impudence True And False
ONE does not need to be very old to recall the days when all children were well behaved and respectful to their elders.
The Boy's Taste For Society
THERE'S no accounting for taste, as everyone knows, so that it is very seldom indeed that. the friends of the bride can tell what she ever saw in that fellow.
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