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The Day Of The Child
This has been called the day of the child. Within two decades various reform movements have forced the attention of the public upon the child.
Mother As Teacher
As our conception of the dignity and responsibility of motherhood rises, we come to expect of women a larger and larger share in the education of their children.
The Pretense Of Parental Perfection
To err is human, as any healthy child can find out for himself rather early in life. But most parents seem to be involved in a conspiracy to maintain the doctrine that to err is childish.
Children - Selfishness And Sacrifice
We are apt to think that these neglected children needed but a little more sacrifice on the part of their parents.
Parents And The Danger Of Too Little Knowledge
Young Blank, whose children had not yet reached the age of truancy, was interested but bewildered. He had expected to lay up a supply of practical wisdom to use in possible emergencies in the future.
Childrens Health And Disposition
WHEN grown-ups are unusually irritable, or when they have the blues, sympathetic friends think of nervousness or overwork, or they suggest indigestion or lack of sleep as sufficient explanation.
Children And Nervous Days
Is it not most exasperating that the children are so naughty and irritating just the day you expect company? Of course no one expects the children to be perfect all the time...
Children - Restless For Need Of Rest
To say that a child is fatigued but does not feel tired may seem like splitting hairs, or refining the use of the scientist's new-fangled words.
Children And Force Feeding
Now the results of many investigations and experiments made by scientists would lead us to conclude that a meal eaten as was this one, represents a quantity of good food gone for waste.
Children - No Two Alike
IF we were only consistent in our theory as to what we may expect of children, perhaps parents would more quickly come to understand the little animals for whose up-bringing they are responsible.
Your Child And The Average
It is the failure to recognize the meaning of average that leads to much of the failure in the training of children, whether in school or at home, as well as to many injustices.
Girls And Boys
If you watch the girls and boys at home, you will probably find that girls think in terms of persons more than boys do.
The Girl's Outlook
It is taken for granted that the girl will become a wife and mother; or it is taken for granted that the girl will earn her living.
The Unfinished Child
The importance of these early years in the making of character is shown by the fact that teachers of primary grades and of kindergartens often complain of children being spoiled before they come to school age.
Children And The Passing Ideals
EVERY normal child is bound to shock his elders by giving voice to ideals that those elders have already outgrown. The latter are shocked only because they have forgotten.
Teh Dabbling Adolescent
AFTER dinner the grown-ups sat about on rockers down on the lawn, while the younger people danced on the wide veranda, to the music of a phonograph.
Children And Watchful Waiting
PARENTS naturally harbor secret ambitions as to the future of the children; we know that, because they sometimes let the secret out.
Grading The Child's Temptations
Just what is it that parents have in mind when they lay down their orders, in direct and obvious opposition to the wishes of the children?
The Wondering Child
CURIOSITY has been called the mother of all knowledge and the nuisance of all mothers. No doubt there is some truth in both characterizations.
Children - Exampel And Precept
THE separation of precept from the actual practices of the people who surround the child is seen in many ways.
The Lazy Child
We have used the word lazy to cover up a heap of ignorance about human nature, and it is the easiest thing in the world to resort to this adjective—certainly much easier than trying to understand people, and especially children.
The Young Miser
WHENEVER, we are especially apprehensive lest a child develop a certain unlovely trait, we are told to stop it in infancy. Bute sometimes it seems necessary to develop the trait in infancy.
The Sensibility Of The Child
But the troubles of a child are just as serious—to the child—as the worries of a statesman are—to the statesman.
Children And Combating Cruelty
Whenever a child proceeds to dismember an insect or to throw a stone at a bird, he should be stopped. No child should be allowed to acquire the habit of inflicting pain on lower animals.
Children Being Obstinate
The mother insisted, but Tommy persisted in his obstinate refusal to acknowledge his gratitude to the young woman who had brought him the water.
The Stubborn Scatterbrain
The mother of a little scatterbrain listened with resignation to the complaints of the child's teacher that she could not make him concentrate.
Children - To Fight Or Not To Fight
THE principal of a large city school tells me that he finds among the parents of his pupils just two attitudes towards children's fighting.
Children - Cultivating Indirection
When boys have a difference they seem to be unhappy until the matter is settled definitely one way or the other. In their youth they will take to fists, as the simplest and most direct method for settling differences.
Children Playing Soldier
Confident of our patriotism we turn our attention to a crusade against military toys and the playing of soldiers by the children.
Children And The War
IT is curious that so many people who take it as a matter of course that children's questions about nature and machines should be fully answered, nevertheless hesitate when it comes to children's questions about war.
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