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Foods That Help Build Virility
A WHOLESOME, strengthening diet is one of the first requirements of virility building. You cannot build without satisfactory building material.
Diseases Of Men - Their Home Treatment
PLEASE note that we do not maintain that these instructions will take the place of a competent doctor. They can be used when one is not able to secure expert advice.
Prevention Of Venereal Diseases
MORE important than the cure of disease is its prevention. This applies with special force to venereal diseases.
Problems Of Young Men
This operation was originally a religious rite among the Jews and Mohammedans, and is still practiced as such among them.
The Tuscan Temperament
And in no part of Italy are the Italians at once so simple and so complex as in Tuscany. The Tuscan is so easily taken in and so difficult to get round.
Fra Pacifico - Tuscany
Pacifico was this friar's name, and Fra his designation. He was no priest or father, but a simple lay-brother of the Franciscan Riformati.
My Unpaid Factotum - Tuscany
HE was the first acquaintance I made in Tuscany. I was leaning over the steamer's side looking down at the swarm of boats that surrounded her. I knew no word of the Tuscan tongue.
My Cook In Tuscany
AFTER a year's residence in Tuscany, with growing love of the place and people, and a modest acquisition of the Tuscan tongue, I decided upon a bold step.
My Serving Man In Tuscany
I WOULD to Heaven that I had never set eyes upon my serving-man, Benedetto, and yet I would not for all the world throw away a pearl of so great price.
My Gardener In Tuscany
MY gardener is no real gardener, for my garden is scarcely a garden. At the back of my little house, which because it is a separate house and not a flat is dignified with the name of palazzetta at the back.
My Vetturino In Tuscany
CABMEN play a very important part in Tuscan life, and they are perhaps the most genial class of this genial clime.
The Poor Idiot In Tuscany
BEGGARS are one of the great charms of existence in Tuscany. They are picturesque, cheery, well-mannered; superlative actors.
The Very Rev. Canon Domenico Pucci, D.D. In Tuscany
I got in and sat down opposite to him. He was deep in the Florence Ultramontane paper, the Unita Cattolica, but raised his eyes as I seated myself, and acknowledged my presence.
The Tuscan Tongue
THE Tuscan tongue is not easy of acquirement: rather is it very difficult. Only the man who does not know Italian, said the late Cardinal Manning, will call it an easy language.
Leghorn - A Tuscan Town
PEOPLE do not come to Leghorn. Why should they? They go to Italy as travellers and sight-seers; and Baedeker has told them that Leghorn contains little to detain the traveller.
Lucca - A Tuscan Town
A CITY in Italy is a very different thing from a city in England. The history of England is great and glorious, but scarce one of her cities has any story that could properly be called history.
Pisa, Italy
Pisa to the general imagination is nothing more than a city of a few superb sights. Men drive from the station with closed eyes to that remote corner of the town where stands one of the seven wonders of the world.
Volterra - A Tuscan Town
VOLTERRA is far from the beaten track and difficult of access. Starting from Leghorn, the traveller has to traverse two branch lines and to change at two country junctions.
Protoferraio And The Island Of Elba
ELBA, though easy of access as compared with some of the interesting inland towns of Tuscany, seems to be little known, as it certainly is little frequented by English travellers.
A Tuscan Sanctuary - Mount La Verna
For the way to Mount La Verna, like the narrow way, is beset with difficulties. To get there you must make as if you were going to Carnaldoll, the home of St. Romuald's children.
A Tuscan Summer Resort - Camaldoli
CAMALDOLI, most charming of summer resorts, is situated in that part of Tuscany known as the Casentino. It is actually within the modern province.
The Tuscan Tunbridge Montecatini
TUSCANY is commonly called the Garden of Italy, and the Valley of the Nievole the Garden of Tuscany. Montecatini is situated in one of the loveliest corners of this valley.
Tuscan Strongholds - The Spanish Praesidia, Orbetello
Orbetello, the capital of this singular State, was very well known to the hungry traveller on the road to Rome. At Orbetello Station, the Rome express would wait twenty minutes.
A Tuscan Game - Pallone
WHAT Englishman, what sport-loving foreigner, is there who, after a brief residence in Italy, does not lose his head over the Italian national game of Pallone?
Tuscan Gambling - The State Lottery
AT four o'clock of every Saturday afternoon a sight may be seen in eight important Italian cities, which has no counterpart in any of the cities of England.
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