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The Importance Of Virility
No one can estimate the value of strong manhood. It is a physical asset that is beyond valuation, and beyond price. Vigorous manhood may come to one naturally through inheritance.
Am I A Complete Man?
AM I a man? When this query cannot be answered satisfactorily, when you feel that there is a doubt as to the possession of the qualities essential to true manhood.
Is Marriage A Necessity?
THE marriage problem assumes importance very early in the life of every man. Many contend that men can live a continent life indefinitely, without being harmed thereby.
The Age To Marry
I BELIEVE definitely and emphatically in early marriages. As soon as a youth has attained man's estate, it is time for him to marry.
Selecting A Wife
MANY men select their wives by accident. Would it not usually be more appropriate to say that their wives select them?
Love Making And Its Dangers
THE inclination to make love is one of the inborn characteristics of humankind. You see this phase of human nature in all its various forms.
Establishing The Intimate Relations Of Marriage
MARRIAGE is one of the most important steps a man can take. It may make or mar one's entire life. It can build you up or tear you down.
Marital Mistakes And Excesses
MARRIAGE can bring happiness comparable to a heaven on earth, or it can bring misery which might be compared to infernal tortures.
Regulating Marital Intimacies
THIS is no doubt one of the most serious problems associated with marriage. It is true that when a man and woman are in possession of unusually good health, it does not, in many cases, assume the character of a problem.
Should Husband And Wife Occupy Separate Beds?
IS it desirable for husband and wife to sleep together according to the old-fashioned custom, or should they occupy separate beds?
Conserving Love - The Basis Of Marital Happiness
LOVE is absolutely essential to the maintenance of marital happiness. There can be no real marriage without a strong, deep affection, and the intimate relations involved.
A Man's Duty Toward A Pregnant Wife
PREGNANCY is a phase of marital life that is much discussed by those who have studied sexual laws, and there are many diverging views as to the duties of a man toward his wife at this time.
Should Husbands Be Present At Childbirth?
WHEN a wife is struggling in the throes of childbirth, when the excruciating pangs of the crisis of motherhood are scourging her very soul, it seems to me that she would be strengthened.
Are Children Always Desirable?
THE love of children is innate in every human heart. The yearning for the prattling voice of a child pulls at the heart-strings of the possible mother in a manner that is insistently dominating.
The Crime Of Abortion
THERE may be some excuse at times for abortion. But in nine cases out of ten such excuses are imaginary, and the destructive influence of such interference with the plan of the Almighty is often terrible in character.
Divorce Physiologically Considered
DIVORCE is a much discussed subject. Laws have been enacted to control divorce. The men who have placed these restrictions upon the statute books know little or nothing of the physiological laws involved in marriage.
Can A Wrecked Marriage Be Reclaimed?
THE idea prevails that a love once lost cannot not be recalled, that within the ashes of a dead love no vital spark remains.
The Erring Wife
A MAN faces a serious problem indeed when he finds that his wife has been unfaithful. Happiness in the home is utterly impossible where conditions of this sort exist.
Jealousy - The Green Eyed Monster
THOUGH jealousy is commonly looked upon as a manifestation of the evil side of one's character, it is in reality the expression of an instinct that performs a definite and important service.
Fighting And Making Up
FEW marriages are free from occasional misunderstandings. In fact, life at its best is rarely serene and calm day after day.
Sowing Wild Oats
Sowing wild oats is in itself a pleasing phrase. It is a nice way of referring to immoralities of the vilest sort.
How Virility Is Destroyed
THERE are two classes of sexual disorders in men, the venereal diseases or infections on the one hand, and the various sexual weaknesses and disturbances of function on the other.
The Truth About Masturbation
MASTURBATION, also commonly known as self-abuse, is the greatest of all sexual evils, not only because of its widespread practice, and the opportunity for excesses.
Seminal Losses
SEMINAL losses are so common among young men as to be almost universal, and even when not definitely weakening often cause much mental distress and worry.
The Plain Facts About Varicocele
VARICOCELE means, simply speaking, varicose veins in the scrotum. In mild cases there is no special inconvenience, nor are any of the results likely to be of much consequence.
The Troublesome Prostate Gland
THE prostate gland is a small organ that is ordinarily very well behaved if one lives a normal life, but which is capable of giving you a lot of trouble if you make trouble for it.
Impotence And Allied Sexual Weakness
FOR practical purposes there may be said to be various degrees of sexual weakness, but complete impotence implies a total lack of the power of erection.
STERILITY is the inability to procreate, for whatever reason. The condition may be either temporary or permanent, depending upon the cause.
How To Build Virility
FOR one who has suffered any loss of virility, from whatever cause, and whose constitution is accordingly weakened to a greater or less degree, there is only one logical course to pursue.
Exercises For Building Virility
I HAVE in the past devoted a great deal of attention to what I consider the great importance of exercise in the building of virility.
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