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Florence By Moonlight
In Florence, the Arno, with its numerous bridges, offers all that is most gay and attractive in the city.
Brethren Of The Misericordia
In this procession I recognized the sacred office of the Brothers of Misericordia, one of the earliest institutions of priestly charity.
The Casino - Florence
IN all foreign cities, from the most insignificant village to the greatest metropolis, we find the public walk considered as an object of primary importance; therefore, in describing points of beauty in Florence.
Fiesole - Florence
In the fresh evening hour, seated on the mouldering walls of Fiesole, I have, amidst these splendid scenes of Italian landscape.
ROME, with its sweeping Tyber, vast Campagna, and ancient monuments, where noble names lie sleeping, even in adversity is grand and imposing.
Via Appia Rome
Nothing can more impress the mind with the grandeur of ancient, and the solitude of modern Rome, than the view of the Via Appia.
Tomb Of Cecilia Metella - Rome
From this sacred monument, occupying a beautiful and elevated site, the eye wanders abroad over the distant prospect.
Circus Of Carcalla - Rome
Turning from this sacred monument, you enter the Circus of Caracalla, the remains of which are still in some measure entire, presenting the whole scene to the mind's eye.
Vatican - Rome
Perhaps nothing can exceed the noble grandeur of the galleries and courts of the Vatican.
Statues Of Rome
Nothing can exceed the beauty and just proportions of this statue. The balance and living posture of the figure, the expression of repose and elegance diffused over the whole.
The Holy Week - Rome
THE ceremonies of the Holy Week, giving at this season character to Rome, are very splendid. Yet, while contemplating the magnificence displayed in their churches.
Easter Sunday - Rome
The service on Easter Sunday is grand and most imposing, insensibly raising the feelings to a true accord with the scene.
Church Of The Aracali - The Preacher
Among many churches which I visited on Christmas eve, I chanced, at a late hour in the night, to enter the grand and ancient edifice of the Aracali.
Some Churches Of Venice
One of the most remarkable of these is the Church of the Madonna dei Miracoli, to which we may now direct our steps.
All Souls Day - Venice
The 2nd of November, All Souls Day, and its octave are more generally observed than any other of the minor holy days in the Roman calendar.
Venice Canals, Wells And Squares
IT would be impossible to conceive any street in the world more stately or more full of exquisite and varied loveliness than this of the Grand Canal as it was in the days of Venetian greatness.
Summer In Venice
Venice is the one city of Italy where summer days need not be spent in darkened rooms, where heat may be defied, and evening glories and the cool salt breath of the lagoon bring delights far outweighing the chance discomfort.
Night In Venice
NIGHT in Venice! Night is nowhere else so wonderful, unless it be in winter among the high Alps. But the nights of Venice and the nights of the mountains are too different in kind to be compared.
The Arsenal Of Venice
THE Arsenal of Venice, so strong and formidable considering the date of its construction, was the natural outgrowth to that spirit of commerce and genius for barter.
The Doge - Venice
THE first duty of the Doge on rising was attendance at the service of Mass, which was performed every morning in his own private chapel.
Tombs Of The Doges - Venice
In the monument of Doge Morosini, who died in 1382, the pure Gothic style flowers in all its elegance. A flowered arcade festoons its lacework above the dead.
Wealth And Industries Of Old Venice
For three centuries before this, war as well as trade had gradually made Venice the richest city in the world.
The Brides Of Venice
THE place where we may best commence our inquiry is one renowned in the history of Venice, the space of ground before the Church of Santa Maria Formosa.
Seasons Of Venice
Each season has its special charm in Venice. Even the winter, which is decidedly the least preferable, is not without its advantages.
Venetian Painting
It is evident that, while following a path of its own, Venetian painting developed as in the rest of Italy.
Venice And Tintoretto
Painting reached its loftiest height in Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto and Paul Veronese.
Venetian Melancholy
We go out in the gondola, Angelo, Vittorio and I, every afternoon, and moor ourselves to a palo beyond the Porto del Lido, there where the new breakwater is being made, and one looks toward the open sea.
Venice Excursions - San Lazzaro, Malamocco, Fussina The Lido
Yonder lies San Lazzaro, with the neat red buildings of the Armenian convent. The last oleander blossoms shine rosy pink above its walls against the pure blue sky as we glide into the little harbour.
Chioggia - Venice
FROM Chioggia southward, runs the stupendous sea-wall, built by order of the Venetian Republic, to prevent the encroachments of the sea.
Murano - Venice
BUT it is morning now: we have a hard day's work to do at Murano, and our boat shoots swiftly from beneath the last bridge of Venice, and brings us out into the open sea and sky.
St. Francis In The Desert - Venice
FAR away in the north-eastern lagoon lies the unfrequented islet of San Francisco nel Deserto, with its lonely monastery belted with cypresses to shield it from winter blasts.
Torcello - Venice
Mother and daughter, you behold them both in their widowhood, Torcello, and Venice. Thirteen hundred years ago, the grey moorland looked as it does this day.
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