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Cathedral Bologna
I shall now proceed to take a slight view of the paintings of some of the churches of Bologna, beginning with the Cathedral.
Church Of St. Dominic - Bologna
The dome of the sixth chapel of this church, executed in fresco by Guido, is esteemed one of the finest works of this celebrated master.
Madonna Of St. Luke Church - Bologna
The Church of the Madonna of St Luke; so named, as being the repository of the painting representing the Virgin and Child, said to be executed by that Apostle.
Approach To Florence - Italy
The road from this city to Florence is through valleys and over mountains. Passing by the Porta Fiorentina, we first coursed a Highland valley by the side of a beautiful stream.
An Italian Dream
At one moment I was standing again before the brown old rugged churches of Modena. As I recognised the curious pillars with grim monsters for their bases.
Origin Of Venice
THE very name of Venezia, or Venice, by which we now know the city of the lagoons, is in its origin the name, not of a town, but of a country.
Venice And Rome
IT is the strangeness and completeness of the contrast which makes one's first row from Venice to Torcello so hard to forget.
Venice - The City Of The Lagoons
And although the last few eventful years, fraught with change to the face of the whole earth, have been more fatal in their influence on Venice than the five hundred that preceded them.
The Lagoons Of Venice
The lagoons of Venice are a large basin, covering an area of one hundred and eighty-four square miles, and composed of shoal banks, intersected in all directions by deep channels.
Venice And The Gondola
THE gondola has suffered much abuse in comic opera, novels and romances. That is no reason why it should not be better known.
The Outer Rim Of Venice
NO one to whom Venice means something more than a merely unique city because of its water-ways, a place of resort because to go there is one of the things to do.
The Traghetti - Venice
THE traghetti of Venice, the ferries that cross the Grand Canal, or ply from point to point on the Giudecca, are a feature no less peculiar to the city than are the gondolas themselves, and they are quite as ancient.
The Grand Canal Of Venice
THE Grand Canal is in Venice what the Strand is in London, the Rue Saint Honore in Paris, and the Calle d'Alcala in Madrid, the principal artery of the city's circulation.
The Patricians Palaces Of Venice
The Venetian palaces had several doors that did not all lead into the vestibule (entrada), but sometimes into vast courtyards surrounded with walls battlemented in the Arab fashion.
Santa Maria Della Salute - Venice
SANTA MARIA DELLA SALUTE, Our Lady of Health, or of Safety, would be a more literal translation, yet not perhaps fully expressing the force of the Italian word in this case.
The Rialto - Venice
THE Rialto is one of the most popular names of Venice, and the one that, with the Lido, recurs most frequently in her history and popular songs.
The Ca' D'Oro - Venice
THIS little palace on the Grand Canal known as the Ca' d'Oro is one of the most charming buildings in Venice.
Fonda Co Dei Turchi - Venice
The Senate anxious to develop everything that might contribute to the glory or wealth of Venice wished to facilitate the sojourn of all these strangers by establishing fondachi, or caravanserais.
View From The Campanile - Venice
LET us ascend the Campanile. This has its one entrance on the Piazza opposite the Procuratie.
St. Mark's - Venice
the St. Mark's porches are full of doves, that nestle among the marble foliage, and mingle the soft iridescence of their living plumes, changing at every motion with the tints.
The Sculptures On The Facades - Venice
IN the following attempt to investigate the principal or west facade, as well as the north and south lateral facades of St. Mark's.
The Mosaics Of Venice
PIETY and ecclesiastical observances were very favourite amusements with the Venetians, so much so, that some native historians have assigned that as the final cause of the long prosperity of the city.
The Piazza - Venice
WE find ourselves on the Piazza itself, which we are to study under the different aspects of different hours of the day on the Piazza, with the encircling arcades.
The Doves Of St. Marks - Venice
IN Venice the pigeons do not allow you to forget them, even if one desired to forget a bird that is so intimately connected with the city and with a great ceremony of that ancient Republic.
The Columns Of The Piazzetta - Venice
Go first into the Piazzetta, and stand anywhere in the shade, where you can well see its granite pillars.
The Ducal Palace - Venice
The best proof of this is in the perpetual attractiveness of all pictures, however poor in skill, which have taken for their subject the principal of these Gothic buildings, the Ducal Palace.
Interior Of The Ducal Palace - Venice
INTO this strange edifice, at once a palace, senate, tribunal and prison under the government of the Republic, we enter by a charming door in St. Mark's corner.
Venice Carnival
AT the Carnival it is from the Piazza and the Piazzetta that the processions start and all the exhibitions and performances of this mad season.
Riva Degli Schiavoni - Venice
NEXT to the Piazza the Riva dei Schiavoni is, perhaps, the most attractive place in Venice. It is not only for the sake of the view, although that is magnificent.
The Side Canals Of Venice
IN a forlorn corner of Venice, not far from the Madonna dell' Orto, where Cima da Conegliano's great picture is enshrined, we come to the grass-grown Campo St. Avis.
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