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Ascent Of Mont Cenis
At a very early hour the next morning, we resumed our journey, though still uncertain of getting on. Leaving Lans-le-Bourg, we crossed the Soliglia on a low bridge.
Mont Cenis
Within a mile or more of the highest summit of the mountain, a space, covered by a dull, sickly green, expands into a plain, styled St Nicholas, where the lake of Mont Cenis lies, deep and dark.
On the approach to Suza, and the ascent of the hill, the road is lined with fine aged trees; while at every turn, this little city, with its surrounding rocks, and romantic castle.
The magnificence of the castle of Rivoli, arises rather from the grandeur of its situation than from its intrinsic beauty.
Approach To Turin
Turin is situated at the distance of nine miles from Rivoli; the road, which is broad and fine, is lined on either side with a double row of magnificent trees.
Turin - Italy
There was here none of the composed, conscious, awful penitence of a Christian; and it was evident, that the priest was anxious only to produce a being in the near prospect of death.
Turin Palace
Turin, though a very small city, considered as a capital, is yet a most princely place. It is much more regular than the Italian cities are in general.
Churches Of Turin - Italy
The number of Churches in Turin is remarkable, amounting, it is said, to at least a hundred and twenty, including chapels and convents.
Approach To Milan - Italy
AFTER three days spent at Turin, we proceeded towards Milan, travelling along a fine road, and through a beautiful country, rich in the vine and olive.
Milan - Italy
Milan is finely situated, in the centre of Lombardy, between the Ticino and the Adda, on the same plains with Pavia, Placentia, Parma, and Bologna.
Milan Cathedral - Italy
This Cathedral, admired through long ages, termed in its own city, whose artists bear no mean name, the eighth wonder of the world.
Leondardo Da Vinci's Last Supper
The precise period when Leonardo commenced this great work is not correctly as certained; but it is supposed to have been towards the beginning of the year 1495.
Ambrosian Library - Milan
One of my first objects, on the morning after my arrival at Milan, was to visit the Ambrosian Library, which is esteemed one of the most valuable and extensive in Italy.
Certosa - Italy
The park which surrounded the Certosa, divided from it by a court, was, at that period, of vast extent, reaching nearly to the walls of Pavia, and devoted by the Visconti to the hunting of the wild boar.
Pavia - Italy
Pavia, which we did not reach till towards the close of evening, is pleasantly situated on the banks of the Ticino, and in the centre of all that is most rich and luxuriant in nature.
Placentia - Italy
Placentia has nothing of the grandeur of an ancient city; neither does it offer any of the finer features of modern structures.
Cathedral Of Placentia - Italy
The cathedral of Placentia, after being destroyed by fire, was rebuilt in the twelfth century, and is in an antique style.
Parma - Italy
After passing one whole day at Placentia, we proceeded on our journey. and travelling through the same luxuriant and lovely country, reached Parma at an early hour.
Parma Paintings - Italy
Leaving this, I proceeded to the Academy of Arts and Sciences; and now propose merely to point out a few of the most striking or interesting pictures it contains.
Route To Bologna - Italy
We left this pretty little city of Parma, with considerable regret, as there were many objects of interest, especially many fine paintings, which we had not visited.
Modena - Italy
My short stay in this little city, which is interesting on so many accounts, afforded an opportunity for little more than a mere local survey of the surrounding objects.
Bologna - Italy
The approach to Bologna, which is peculiarly picturesque, differs in one respect from the more usual character of foreign cities.
Academy Of Painting And Sculpture Bologna
The Madonna del Rosario, by Dominichino. A very superb picture. The subject represented is that of St Gregory, the Pope, praying to the Virgin Mary in the Heavens to liberate the faithful from trouble and persecution on earth.
Palazzo Sampiere
The ceiling of the first hall of this palace is by Ludovico Caracci, in which Jupiter with the Eagle, and Hercules, are represented.
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