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Maintaining The Ideal Weight
Each woman has her Ideal Weight, her Ideal Figure, and her Ideal Diet, closely interrelated. It seems very strange that so little attention has been given to this combination.
Maintenance Of Weight Menus
These Menus are written, therefore, calculating food requirements as lower than they are given by most books. Experience has shown them to be correct.
The Average Weight And The Death Rate
Life Insurance Companies also do a great service to humanity by discovering facts which show the dangers resulting from certain habits, and thereby point the way toward increased health and longevity.
Losing The Superfluous Weight
It is probable that our insurance companies have been more thorough in their efforts to ascertain the evil effects of superfluous weight than any other organization from which one can seek information on this important subject.
Weight Reduction Menus
If you want to reduce, and you do if you are much overweight, Stick to the Diet. No Breaking Over Once Or Twice A Week Can Be Permitted. The only difference between the one who succeeds and the one who does not, lies just here.
Gaining Weight
Though much attention is given to Weight Reduction, the important subject of Weight Increase is sadly neglected.
Weight Increase Menus
It may seem strange that, in writing menus for Weight Increase, so much more food should be recommended than for the Maintenance Diet.
Make Your Own Menus
You can follow the menus given whether you wish to gain, lose, or maintain an even weight or to reduce high blood pressure. On the other hand you can make your own menus by selecting from the list given here.
The Truth As To Water Drinking With Meals
To the average person a stomach is just a stomach. He does not realize there is great variation as to size, shape, position, muscular, and secretory powers. No two leaves are alike. It is not strange that stomachs also vary.
Vitamins And Deficiency Diseases
Though we know many things about Vitamins we do not know exactly what they are. We know much about what happens when they are absent from the diet. We know much about their occurrence in various foods.
Correct Diet And Good Teeth
Diogenes had no greater difficulty in his search for an honest man than the dentist would have in searching for a perfect set of teeth in the United States of America today.
A Weight Prophecy
The human figure was intended to possess beauty of outline and to be endowed with grace of motion. Each individual undoubtedly has a weight which is for him most becoming.
The American Business Man
The business man is the national hero of America, as native to the soil and as typical of the country as baseball or Broadway or big advertising.
The Value Of Courtesy
Every progressive business man will agree with the successful Western manufacturer who says that courtesy can pay larger dividends in proportion to the effort expended than any other of the many human characteristics.
Of late days there has been a great deal of attention paid to making gentlemen of business men and putting courtesy into all the ramifications of business.
Business Etiquette - Personality
All that makes a man who he is and not someone else is called personality. It is the sum total of his qualities, a thing inborn, but including besides such externals as dress, manner, and appearance.
Business Etiquette - Table Manners
An astonishing number of successful business men had no training in how to handle a knife and fork and they probably never read a book of etiquette, but they had one faculty, and that is observation.
Business Etiquette - Telephones And Front Doors
It has been estimated that in New York City, alone, more than a full business year is lost over the telephone every day between sunrise and sunset.
Business Etiquette - Traveling And Selling
The etiquette of traveling includes keeping ones place in line before the ticket window, having money ready and moving aside as quickly as possible are primary rules.
The Business Of Writing
Half the business letters which are written should never be written at all, and of the other half so many are incomplete or incoherent. A good letter is the result of clear thinking and careful planning.
Business Etiquette - Morals And Manners
In the ancient world there were four cardinal virtues: justice, prudence, temperance, and discretion. In the modern world of business there are only two. Justice, we mean, and kindness.
Big Business
In the preceding pages we have looked over the field of etiquette in business in a general way, and have come to the only conclusion possible, namely, that the basis of courtesy in business is common sense.
Business Etiquette - In A Department Store
It rarely happens that a business man or woman can shop in a leisurely. Most of their shopping has to be done during the half hour after lunch or during a frantic few minutes snatched at the beginning or the end of the days work.
The Traveling Businessman
We will suppose that our traveling man has his headquarters in some big city, New York, Chicago, or San Francisco, and that he has several calls to make before he goes out on the road.
Business Etiquette - Tables For Two Or More
The dinners that business men choose for themselves are rarely divided into numerous courses. Often they have only two, meat and vegetables, and desert.
Business Etiquette - Ladies First
The majority of business girls come from the homes of parents in moderate circumstances. They have had advantages such as a high-school or a college diploma, and all these they have added to their business capital.
Approach To Lyons - Lyons-Mosaic Pavement
We began our journey into Italy in the beginning of June 1817, and left Paris on our way to Fontainebleau. It was a beautiful morning.
Pass Of The Echelles
We began our journey into Italy in the beginning of June 1817, and left Paris on our way to Fontainebleau. It was a beautiful morning.
Vale Of The Arco
Leaving St Jean, and proceeding on our journey, we perceived the plain gradually narrowing as we approached the vale of the rapid and gloomy Arco, or Arche.
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