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A Career In The Military
Though the World War is over, the military service of our country is still prominent, and suggests itself to many young men as a possible career.
Career In The Ministry
The church is a well recognized factor in the development of civilization, and its task is not only to spread the gospel to all the world, but to lay a firm foundation of faith.
Music Career
Music is the international language which, irrespective of race differences, unites all nations. It appeals alike to the educated and uneducated.
Optometry Career
No longer do people enter a shop and themselves select a pair of eyeglasses which seem to improve their vision. Most people go first to an oculist, who is a regular physician specializing in the treatment of the eyes.
Pharmacy Career
Upon receiving the physician's prescription, the pharmacist scrupulously follows it, producing the required preparation.
A Career In Plumbing
The advances in the study of sanitation have brought the work of the plumber into prominence. The plumber of today must be more than a mere mechanic.
A Career In Printing
Printing is an activity of an advanced state of civilization. The beginning of modem history is dated from the century of the discovery of printing, in 1440.
A Career In Publishing
It is not often that we realize our indebtedness to the publisher for all the reading matter, light and heavy, which amuses or instructs us.
A Career In Publishing
It is not often that we realize our indebtedness to the publisher for all the reading matter, light and heavy, which amuses or instructs us.
A Career In Sales
The importance of the salesman in the economic life of today can hardly be overestimated.
A Career In Secretarial Work
The vocation of secretary offers unlimited possibilities to the ambitious man who is alive to his opportunities.
A Career On The Stage
The stage, which has become such an essential part of our present-day life, exerts an influence that is as beneficial as it is far reaching.
A Career In Teaching And Education
The influence of the teacher supplements that of the parents, and his function is not only that of instructing the pupil in the various school subjects, but also that of teaching the pupil to know and use his own powers.
Manual Training And Industrial Subjects
All teaching, all educational work, has for its aim the making of more useful boys and girls, and consequently men and women.
Telegraphy Career
Since the invention of the telegraph, the world has come to be a smaller place. People separated by thousands of miles have been enabled to communicate with each other in a marvelously short time.
A Career In Traffic Management
One of the newest professions, and one which is essentially characteristic of the present day, is that of traffic management.
A Career In Transportation
The transportation of so many people, and of such great amounts and variety of freight, calls for a system which is thoroughly worked out to the least detail.
A Career In Veterinary
The work of the veterinary, or animal doctor, may be regarded from two principal viewpointsóits humane and its economic significance.
A Career In Woodworking
The carpenter supplies one of the primal necessities of manóshelterówhether that shelter be for home or business.
The Pleasures Of Simple Fare
When a physician says - You must diet - there is no telling how his patient will interpret the command. To a great many, it would mean only a decrease in food.
Why And What We Eat
To the person enjoying good health, the importance of the above question may never occur. Having grown quite accustomed to the daily habit of eating, we simply take it as a matter of course.
The Stuff We're Made Of
Fats, which are principally body reserve, vary considerably in amount. In the individual of ideal weight, they are less than the proteins; in the corpulent, they comprise the greater part of the excess.
The Human Machine
The human body is in many respects like an automobile. Each has its framework. The organs of the body correspond to the machinery of the automobile. Food furnishes the body with material for repairs and fuel for heat and energy.
How To Estimate Food Values
The palate values food according to its taste. I will explain how food is valued scientifically. Since food is to the body as fuel to the engine, it may be measured in corresponding units.
The Vital Importance Of Proteins
It is clear that our protein foods should be of sufficient variety to insure the presence of an abundance of all the amino-acids essential to life. This is an argument in favor of whole-wheat bread and cereal foods which contain the entire grain.
What Is Blood Pressure
Though the apparatus for measuring blood pressure was invented only a few years ago, most persons know in a more or less indefinite way that high blood pressure is a serious thing.
Reduction Of High Blood Pressure
A great many contributors to medical literature have agreed that overeating is a frequent cause of high blood pressure.
Science Versus Appetite
Environment often so influences the choice of food that individuals, and sometimes whole nations, go astray and fail to follow a diet sufficiently well-balanced to give health or efficiency.
Obesity Criminal Negligence
It is a matter of quite general knowledge among physicians that the Diabetic and the Eskimo live on a diet in which proteins are supplied in sufficient amounts, fats in abundance, and carbohydrates are reduced to a minimum.
The Form Beautiful
Each person has an Ideal Weight. It is perfectly easy to attain, and still easier to prevent any addition thereto.
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