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Choosing A Career Or Vocation
The choice of a vocation is undoubtedly one of the most important questions you will ever be called upon to consider.
Means That Have Been Employed
Man has always unconsciously realized the need of vocational guidance and has employed many means to help him determine what his proper vocation should be.
How To Choose Your Career Or Vocation
You have briefly studied the principles of phrenology, physiognomy and vocational psychology and have found them of little or no value as guides to help you find your way into the right vocation.
Study Of Vocations
There are other things for which you must make a study of vocations; for instance, the amount of training they require.
Planning Your Career
Planning a career has often been compared with the mapping out of a long journey. You are more likely to reach your destination if you determine in advance in what general direction you intend to go.
Analyses Of Occupations
The United States census lists thousands of gainful occupations. The majority of these are of no interest to the average individual, as they are chiefly minor subdivisions of main occupations.
Accounting And Business Career
The field of business is a tremendously large one; thousands of people find employment in it, and there is room for thousands more.
Advertising Career
Advertising has, in one sense, always existed; it is as old as mankind, for, broadly speaking, it is merely some sort of announcement.
Career In Agriculture
The importance of the state of a country's agriculture can hardly be overestimated. Agriculture is perhaps the most essential of all industries.
Career In Architecture
The architect of today is recognized as a man of the greatest importance in the community, which at the same time is being served and beautified by him.
Career In Art
The artist, like the poet, is the interpreter of his people's ideals of beauty. The way in which he expresses beauty through painting or sculpture is determined as much by the place and age in which he lives as by his own nature.
Automotive Career
Twenty years ago the automobile was considered a fad; today it is the basis of a great industry, which furnishes employment for thousands of men.
Aviation Career
Less than twenty years ago no practical flying craft had yet been invented. Even after the Wright brothers had succeeded in constructing a machine which made aviation a reality for man.
Banking Career
Banks not only furnish individuals and corporations with credit, by buying their notes, bonds or stocks, but they perform also the function of taking care of the money of depositors.
Bookbinding Career
In the days when books were produced by the slow, laborious hand processes which preceded the invention of typesetting machines and large-scale printing presses, bookbinding was an important craft.
Business Career
The work of distributing the products and manufactures of a country is undertaken by its business men, who buy these products from their producers and sell them to the consumers.
Career In Chemistry
The great value of the work of the chemist is just beginning to be properly appreciated in this country.
Civil Service Career
Civil service includes all government service to which candidates are not elected, except service in the army, navy or marines.
Dentistry Career
Not so many years ago the dentist was considered of rather minor importance as compared with the medical man. People did not go to him unless it was necessary to have a tooth extracted.
Drafting Career
The architect who designs a building and the engineer who plans a difficult structure or devises a new machine do not them-selves carry out the designs.
A Career As An Electrician
This has often been called the age of electricity, and the many wonderful developments along the lines of electrical invention fully justify the name.
Employment Management
The ultimate success of any business is to a great extent de-pendent upon its employees. Upon their proper selection and consequent performance and satisfaction is based the producing power of that business.
Engineering Career
Engineering is concerned with a very broad and varied field of activity. Engineers may be classified under numerous types.
A Career In Forestry
Three hundred years ago the vast extent of the United States was covered, in most regions, with a dense forest growth.
A Career In Insurance
Insurance is simply the indemnifying of an individual for loss suffered, through the contributions he and his fellows have made towards a common fund established for this purpose.
A Career In Interior Decoration
The profession of interior decorating is a very new one, for the whole idea of the importance of the effects of household environment upon the individuals within it has arisen only within the last few years.
A Career In Law
Civilization and law go hand in hand. Law guarantees the safety of the life and property of the individual, and the integrity of society as a whole.
A Literary Career
Literary work is a term broad enough to cover the great variety of writing which is daily done to amuse, instruct or inform the public, or simply as a means of self-expression for the writer.
The Medical Profession
Nowadays the physician is looked upon principally as a man of science, trained in the prevention and cure of disease; but the old idea of the doctor as something more than a healer of physical ills alone still persists.
The Metal Trades
From the mines of our country come the metals which are the foundation of so much of our trade and industry, and upon which our daily comfort depends to such a large extent.
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