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On Such A Night As This
Old Mere Therese pushed half a dozen willow twigs through the lower door of her tiny stove and moved the pot-au-feu to a warmer place on the nearly gelid surface.
Auxerre was the capital of the Capetian dukes of Burgundy and remains an impressive monument to their memory, the only town distinctly theirs, perhaps, in all the central region of France.
Across the ridge eastward from Auxerre one finds the district which produces the best of the Burgundian white wines.
Away to the south and west rise the peaks of the Morvan, mounting higher and ever higher as the train at length steps off the plateau and descends in a crack-the-whip fashion toward Autun.
Mont Beuvray
From the point of view of an antiquarian, Mont Beuvray, about ten miles to the southwest of Autun, is the most interesting spot in the region.
Dijon Of The Dukes
Dijon is a memory of golden vesper bells that sounded from a distance, dimly audible above the pattering of the rain.
Beaune And Its Beaune Mots
Beaune, a pleasant town of Roman origin sheltered in the Cote d'Or, preserving a medieval character in the midst of its anomalous present, dreaming its dreams, tending its vines.
Philippe Pot
One who has the patience to wander afoot across the Golden Ridge from Beaune toward Autun finds it a district of ever increasing surprises.
Chalon Sur Saone
CHALON-SUR-SAONE, observes the naive guide-book, is a dull old town of Roman origin. There follow some notes on the architecture of the Church of St. Marcel.
It was Cluny, quiet abbey of the southern hills, where a group of austere monks chanted the praises of God and guarded the civilization that the wars of the knights had imperiled.
In marked contrast to the sterner profiles of the Clunisian churches in and near the old abbey town is the Chapel of Brou at Bourg, about four hours ride to the southeast.
Lyon - The Silken City
Ghosts of half a dozen civilizations keep tryst upon the hill of the Fourvieres with ancient Lyon. Here is a city with the constantly changing perspectives of a Grand Canon.
Valence, new, trim, and fairly prosperous, welcomes the visitor with the set smile of an aging actress who would hide her identity.
It is a rocky path that takes one to Crussol, a winding course about dark igneous masses that peep through screens of foliage.
Guillaume D' Orange
The dazzling streets show no trace of the regime of Guillaume d'Orange—William of the Short Nose—principal figure in a whole library of legend, nor of his wife Guiborg the Saracen.
Avignon - The Singing Isle
AVIGNON, the singing isle of romance, is not particularly a part of the storied Burgundy that has survived the kings.
Rene Of Provence
OF all the collection of empty crowns that made Provence remarkable even in an age when every hilltop was the capital of a kingdom and every cross-roads boasted of at least one petty monarch.
Tarascon - Sundry Monsters
TARASCON takes its name from the Tarasque, the monster that was slain by St. Martha after it had defied the best dragon-killers of antiquity.
Tarascon is known principally for two highly imaginative products: the Tarasque, fabulous dragon, chief figure in an annual fete, and Tartarin, the mighty hunter, a logical creature whom it brands as a myth.
A story of love undying echoes through the empty vaults of old Beaucaire. Once this chateau on the heights above the Rhone opposite Tarascon was among the strongest of the valley.
Les Baux
There is a legend in Provence that Dante was inspired to write his Inferno by a sight of Les Baux. To one who has seen this heaped-up desolation, the suggestion no longer seems fantastic.
It is remarkable that Arles, a city of France celebrated principally for its Roman ruins, should be also the world's outstanding survival of classic Greece.
Nimes was the Nemausus of Rome, a name probably formed by some Phenician adaptation of the Gallic word Naimh. According to legend the city was founded by one of the lieutenants of Hercules...
Besancon, east of Dijon and on the frontier of old Burgundy, shares the mystery of the other cities of the kingdom, and much of their strength.
Jura Mountains
It is to be expected that the Jura Mountains should be inhabited by fairies. There must be pure spirits where the mountains touch the sky.
It was near Nancy that the story of Burgundy began; with Nancy properly it should finish. Nancy has fulfilled its destiny.
Ornans - Sketches In Tint
Ornans — a cobbled straggling street, following the vagaries of a laughing river; houses, cornice to cornice, whispering vieillards; gray shadows under the damp, moldy portico of the seventeenth-century Hotel de Ville.
A Marriage Of The Midi
Exprgated scandals of the Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles have a way of bobbing up unexpectedly in modern Burgundy.
Wraiths In The Moonlight
It is natural to wonder what might have been the fate of Europe had this Burgundy lived, vigorous as the racial entity which it was for many a generation after the Merovingian domination.
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