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The modern window, with its huge panes of glass and simple framework, makes an insistent demand for curtains. Without curtains windows of this kind give a blank, staring appearance to the room.
Floors And Floor Coverings
In planning a room the color values should be divided into the natural divisions of the heaviest, or darkest, part at the bottom, which is the floor; the medium color tone in the middle, which is the wall; and the lightest at the top, which is the ceiling.
The Treatment Of Walls
Plain walls, whether painted, tinted, or papered, are more restful in effect and form better backgrounds than figured walls, simply for the fact that a plain surface is quiet, while a figured wall will be less of a background.
Artificial Lighting
To light a room successfully appropriate lights must be placed where they are needed to keep the feeling of balance and proportion and bring out the charm of the room by their relation to its furnishing.
Painted Furniture
The love of color which is strong in human nature is shown in the welcome which has been given to painted furniture. If we turn back to review the past we find this same feeling cropping out in the different periods and in the different grades of furniture.
Synopsis Of Period Styles
When trying to select furniture for the home, people often become bewildered by the amount and variety to be found, and, not knowing exactly what to look for in the different styles, make an inappropriate or bad selection.
The City Of George Washington
Both Peter the Great and George Washington founded a city, a capital city, and in each case the city was named after its founder—the City of Washington and the City of St. Petersburg.
The White House
In front of the north face of the White House, is an equestrian statue of General Jackson: a short distance beyond the south front is one of General Sherman.
A Curious Visit
Not only was an Irishman, Hoban, the architect of the White House, but it is generally said to have been made from the inspiration of an Irish model.
Pennsylvania Avenue
Pennsylvania Avenue in both directions extends beyond the mile and a half of the so called Appian Way. On the far side of the Capitol it goes as far as the Anacostia.
The Capitol
LIKE the ancient Romans we modern Americans have our Capitol as well as our Appian way.
The Supreme Court
The room, the special triumph of Latrobe, which used to be occupied by the Senate is now the court room of the Supreme Court.
House Of Representatives
The meeting room of the House of Representatives, and the various other rooms given over to the use of that body, are in the opposite end of the Capitol from the rooms of the Senate.
Some Characteristics
Washington is a wonderfully be-statued city; it has more statues in its streets in proportion to its size, than has any other city, and the statues are almost all equestrian.
Around Lafayette Square
Lafayette Square, once an apple orchard given by the stubborn old David Burns who loved to oppose even Washington, is now a charming parklike space of old trees.
Houses And Memories
The Scott Monument is at Massachusetts Avenue and Sixteenth Street, and one of Sheridan has since been placed a little farther out on Massachusetts Avenue.
The Gathering Of Art
An association which stands with growing effectiveness for the gathering of art in Washington is the Arts Club.
The Mall
The Mall is being actively developed into the place of beauty of which its planners dreamed a century and a quarter ago.
Memorials That Do Adorn
It is a Saint Gaudens masterpiece, this monument, in absolute seclusion. The brooding bronze figure guards the tomb of the wife of Henry Adams, great-grandson of the second President, John Adams.
A City Of Titles
Washington, now pre-eminently the American city of titles, was almost from the beginning a city of American titles—a very different thing.
Monuments And Triumphal Arches
Washington is a capital city; and classic arches express the pride of national capitals. This is a classic city; in every direction one sees the gleam of white marble colonnades.
Books And Libraries
It is one of the busiest of libraries and its average of books is highly chosen; it is a library of dignified, well-managed usefulness.
The Charm Of The City
A CITY of livable loveliness, Washington is more and more becoming. It is a matter of wealth and taste showing itself in houses, in streets, in parks, in trees and shrubs and setting.
Streets And Ways
Sidewalks enlivened with officers walking home for exercise on Connecticut Avenue in the latter part of any pleasant afternoon are always a reminder that this has become a military city.
The Potomac
WILD mass of rushing water, tumbling, pouring in huge quantity, tearing between and over mighty granite rocks, worn round by ages of falling stream—and you are at the Great Falls of the Potomac.
Georgetwon And The Suburbs
The name of Georgetown arouses pleasurably vague impressions. The place, a well established little town with an extremely good opinion of itself, was taken in as part of the District of Columbia.
From Alexandria To Fredericksburg
He bought for them in Philadelphia an up-to-date hand engine and had it drawn by oxen to Alexandria; that being an old town even then.
Mount Vernon
MOUNT VERNON gave remarkable opportunity to George Washington to show his superman qualities. As a general he was a genius.
Approaching Annapolis the road runs through estuary country and over the long South River bridge, a region of enchanting views; there are sail-boats with patched sails swelling in the breeze.
The Goal Of Hostile Armies
The English really thought much of the battle at Bladensburg because it meant the capture of America's capital.
An Inauguration
The inauguration address was not expected before half past one, but when I got there, at ten o'clock, thousands were already in place.
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