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Nutrition - Food Acids And Body Acidity
There are some other acids in plant foods which play a major or minor role in bodily health. One is called phytic acid. This is found in the bran of grain foods. It contributes a laxative quality to these foods.
Nutrition - Raw Food Versus Cooked Food
Raw food is wonderful because it is rich in the vitamins and minerals which the healthy or sick body always needs for its immediate well-being and for bodily storage.
Organic Gardening And Food Values
Food products were cultivated for a long time before scientific knowledge in the field of agriculture was developed.
Nutrition - Health Beverages
A certain amount of water or watery fluids is required by the body both in health and disease. In high fever, the body requires more water than in mild forms of disease.
Nutrition - Beverages To Avoid
Tea, coffee, cocoa and all alcoholic beverages are best left alone. People use one or another of these drinks largely because physicians do not sufficiently stress their ill-effects.
Nutrition - Tobacco And Food
Since tobacco has many ill effects on health and yet its use is becoming almost universal among growing youths and adults of both sexes, its poisonous properties must be better understood.
Nutrition - Condiments
In order to prevent disease, healthy people should not use any spices and sharp seasonings on food. One can hardly pick up any diet feature and find a recipe without pepper, vinegar, mustard or salt.
Nutrition - Tables Of Food Analysis
The nutritive value of fruits and vegetables depends largely on the chemical composition of the soil and the kind of fertilizers that have been applied.
Diets And Ill Health
During sickness of any kind it is safe to rest the stomach as well as the body as a whole. A simple cold will pass without complications when food intake is restricted to freshly made fruit juices diluted with hot or cold water.
Nutrition - Health Menus
The preparation of a meal, when based upon scientific principles, should be a delightful product of art and science. Whether one prepares a simple breakfast or lunch or an elaborate dinner, the meals should be unspoiled by overprocessing.
Nutrition - Healthy Luncheon Menus
Americans have a typical luncheon habit. The busy homemaker grabs a sandwich, or some leftovers from the meal of the night before, and a cup of coffee.
Health Dinner Menus
This meal of the day should be a feast. All that is required is the necessary knowledge about foods and their place in the nutrition of the body.
Decoration In Egypt And Greece
The early history of art in all countries is naturally connected more closely with architecture than with decoration, for architecture had to be developed before the demand for decoration could come.
Decoration And Design - The Renaissance In Italy
The inspiration of the Renaissance came largely from the later Greek schools of art and literature, Alexandria and Rhodes and the colonies in Sicily and Italy, rather than ancient Greece.
The Development Of Decoration In France
The character which descended from this Gallo-Roman race to the later French nation was optimistic and beauty-loving. It might be said to be responsible for the French sense of proportion which has enabled them to hold their important place in the history of art and decoration.
Decoration And Design Under Louis XIV
The world has changed so much since the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries that it seems almost impossible that we should ever again have great periods of decoration like those of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI.
The Regency And Louis XV
The magnificent and stately extravagance of Louis XIV turned into the daintier but no less extravagant and rich decoration of the Regency and Louis XV.
Decoration And Design Under Louis XVI
During the period of Louis XVI the rooms had rectangular panels formed by simpler moldings than in the previous reign, with pilasters of delicate design between the panels.
Decorative Style - The Empire
The French Revolution made a tremendous change in the production of beautiful furniture, as royalty and the nobility could no longer encourage it. Many of the great artists died in poverty and many of them went to other countries where life was more secure.
English Furniture From Gothic Days To The Period Of Queen Anne
Nearly all the existing specimens of Gothic furniture are ecclesiastical, but there are a few that were evidently for household use. These show distinctly the architectural treatment of design in the furniture.
Decorative Style - Queen Anne
It was in the reign of Queen Anne that the sun began to rise on English cabinet work; it shone gloriously through the eighteenth century, and sank in early Victorian clouds.
Chippendale And The Eighteenth Century England
It was not until the early years of the reign of George II that the Georgian period came into its own with Chippendale at its head. The period of Chippendale was contemporaneous with that of Louis XV.
Decorative Style - Robert Adam
Robert Adam was the second of the four sons of William Adam, and was born in 1728. The Adam family was Scotch of good social position. His classical taste was to be one of the important influences of the eighteenth century.
Decorative Style - Hepplewhite
The work of Hepplewhite and his school lasted from about 1760 to 1795. The last nine years of the time the business was carried on by his widow, Alice, under the name of A. Hepplewhite & Co.
Decorative Style - Sheraton
Thomas Sheraton was born in 1750, and was a journeyman cabinet-maker when he went to London. His great genius for furniture design was combined with a love of writing tracts and sermons.
Decoration And Design - A General Talk
When one faces the momentous question of furnishing a house, there are numerous things which must be looked into and thoroughly understood if success is to be assured.
Georgian Furniture
A delightful renaissance of the Georgian period in decoration is being felt more and more, and every day we see new evidence that people are turning to the light and graceful designs of the eighteenth century English cabinet-makers.
Furnishing With French Furniture
French furniture is not appropriate to all kinds of houses, and it is often difficult to adapt it to circumstances over which one has no control.
Country Houses
The Country House is a comparatively modern idea, and one which has added much to the joy of life. There are all kinds and conditions of them, great and small, grand and simple, and each is a joy to the proud possessor.
Decorating The Nursery And Play Room
We should be thankful that the old idea of a nursery has passed away and instead of the dreary and rather shabby room has come the charming modern nursery with its special furniture and papers, and its regard for the childish point of view.
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