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Nutrition - Arthritis
According to a national survey 8,000,000 Americans suffer from some form of arthritis. The same survey also revealed that rheumatic sufferers are the largest number of cases among the chronic diseases.
Nutrition - Colitis
Mrs. D. B. of upstate New York came to my Health Rest for treatment because she could no longer stand on her feet.
Nutrition - Inflamed Tonsils & Related Diseases
Late spring and early summer seem to be the seasons when many young children have their tonsils and adenoids cut out.
Nutrition - Tumors Of The Pelvic Organs
It has been found that, around middle age, women as well as men are subject to tumors of the organs of the lower abdomen or pelvis.
Nutrition - Hemorrhage Of The Stomach
Circumstances make heroes. This wise statement sometimes applies to practitioners of the healing arts and sciences.
Nutrition - Cellulitis
Cellulitis is an inflammation of the connective tissues between the skin and the mucous membranes. In connection with diseases of the tonsils, any part or parts of the face and neck may be involved.
Nutrition - Ovarian Cyst
Several months ago I received a communication from a young woman in Wisconsin, inquiring about non-surgical treatment for a growth of the womb.
Alcoholism And Its Nutritional Treatment
During the course of my practice in treating the various chronic diseases, now and then an alcoholic would come in or be brought in for treatment.
Nutrition - Overweight
The most serious devitalization caused by obesity is of the body itself. Sooner or later, in the health history of the obese person, the vital organs become handicapped by fatty infiltration or degeneration, or both.
Nutrition - Obesity, A Case History
All cases of obesity are the same in this respect - excess weight accumulates about the abdomen and back. Some patients may have very thin legs even though the rest of the body suffers from excess fatty wastes.
Nutrition - Subnormal Weight
Subnormal weight, or an extreme underweight condition is, as a rule, associated with impaired health. Extreme thinness is caused by the inability of the body tissues to assimilate food materials into their own substances.
Nutrition - Teeth And Diet
Tooth decay is a serious problem in both young and old. Prevention of this dental malady is a problem that has baffled scientists for the last century or longer.
Nutrition - Home Nursing
Part of good home nursing is to keep visitors out. Sometimes it is a strain on the speech mechanism of an indisposed person to entertain healthy guests.
Nutrition - A Guide To Eating
When one is in good health, no coffee, tea or other drug stimulant is necessary to exhilarate the body. A wholesome meal will do it. Yet comparatively few people feel normally vitalized after a meal.
Nutrition - Germs And Food
Bacteriology is one of the basic sciences which is covered thoroughly in a medical course of study. It is a very practical science; the science of bacteriology is important in everyday eating and living.
The Seven Basic Classes Of Foods
Modern nutrition and dietetics are two very practical sciences. Food products are today classified into seven large basic groups. Up to 20 or 30 years ago, foods were classified into three basic classes.
Nutrition - Carbohydrates, Sugars And Starches
All natural foods consist of a certain proportion of sugars and starches. Almost every fruit contains sugar. Every vegetable contains starch or sugar.
Nutrition - Sugar
Sugar as a food is used to excess. In the United States particularly, desserts made with sugar are eaten at almost every meal of the day. In some poor countries of the world sugar is considered a luxury.
Nutrition - Fats
Everybody is familiar with fats that are used as foods. Butter, oil and other fat products can be assimilated by the human body, with good or bad effects. One of the good effects of fat is to give energy to the body in the form of heat.
Nutrition - Protein
Nearly every food used by man or animal contains some amount of protein. The percentage of protein is relatively high in those that are classed as proteid foods.
Nutrition - The Case Against Animal Meats
The animal, when it is killed, is charged with urinary, lung, and skin excretions. These retained animal wastes are poisonous to the human living body. Meat as a food is therefore objectionable.
Nutrition - Vegetables
All of the vegetables are rich in carbohydrates (sugar and starch), minerals and vitamins. Some of them contain a considerable amount of protein, some only a small percentage of protein.
Nutrition - Legumes
The legumes include all varieties of peas, beans and lentils. All of the legumes are rich in iron, vitamins, lime, protein and starch.
Nutrition - Grain Foods
Every country has one particular grain product as its own main staff of life. Wheat plays this role to a predominating degree in the United States; rye in some of the Northern European countries; rice is used by Oriental races as their main source of sustenance.
Nutrition - Dry Cereals
Dry cereals as breakfast foods are excellent for those who are very hungry in the morning. They are unnecessary, and even undesirable, for those who have no appetite for any hearty food for breakfast.
Nutrition - Fresh Raw Fruits
Fruits should also be used fresh and raw rather than cooked, canned or frozen. Most of the fresh raw fruits consist of 90 per cent or more of water.
Nutrition - Nuts, Composition And Food Value
Nuts are of extraordinary food value, as may be seen by studying their composition and nutritive values as compared with other foods of protein nature.
Nutrition - Milk And Milk Food Products
Milk is a wholesome food when it is used as the main course of one or two meals of the day. It may seem to produce unwholesome results when it is used as a beverage on top of full meals.
Vitamins And Our Daily Food
Vitamins have a long history and a very interesting one. In the medieval days, even before chemistry as a science was born, thinkers surmised that there must be something potent in food that affects health.
Nutrition - Food Minerals
Foods grown in properly prepared soils are better products than those that are not so grown. Plant foods are synthesized from the minerals in the earth, and they are resynthesized in the bodies of animals and humans.
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