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Parenthood And Child Nurture
Often there has been no intelligent child study either preceding or accompanying the child's advent in the home. Consequently the parent does not know what to look for or when to look for it.
Education In Infancy
The first three years of a little child's life witness a development so rapid and wonderful that the observer is filled with the marvel of it.
Instinctive Equipment In Infancy
Two factors working with a third commonly termed self-activity determine what the child shall become. These two factors are heredity and environment.
Mental Development In Infancy
The child at birth has no conscious intelligence. He does have, as has been shown, well-marked reflex and instinctive tendencies which supply a mechanical intelligence that enables him to live.
Early Childhood Life From Four To Six
There are no abrupt transitions from infancy to early childhood but so gradual a change that only a watchful eye detects the physical development from the plumpness of baby days.
Child Care - Needs Of Life From Four To Six
When we understand the physical basis of life from four to six the physical needs are very evident.
Middle Childhood - Life From Six To Eight
The transition from early childhood to middle child-hood is again a gradual change. At no one moment can we say that it is accomplished.
Principle Of Education In Middle Childhood
Because of the physical susceptibility at this age the parents should carefully consider the environment in which the child is placed for instruction.
Education In Later Childhood
LATER childhood (ages eight to eleven), or the big Injun age as Lee calls it, emerges gradually from the period of middle childhood.
Activities Of Children In The Home
To make things with the hands, to sing, to tell stories, and to dramatize are four activities of the child which possess impelling interest.
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