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Parenthood And Child Nurture
Often there has been no intelligent child study either preceding or accompanying the child's advent in the home. Consequently the parent does not know what to look for or when to look for it.
Education In Infancy
The first three years of a little child's life witness a development so rapid and wonderful that the observer is filled with the marvel of it.
Instinctive Equipment In Infancy
Two factors working with a third commonly termed self-activity determine what the child shall become. These two factors are heredity and environment.
Mental Development In Infancy
The child at birth has no conscious intelligence. He does have, as has been shown, well-marked reflex and instinctive tendencies which supply a mechanical intelligence that enables him to live.
Early Childhood Life From Four To Six
There are no abrupt transitions from infancy to early childhood but so gradual a change that only a watchful eye detects the physical development from the plumpness of baby days.
Child Care - Needs Of Life From Four To Six
When we understand the physical basis of life from four to six the physical needs are very evident.
Middle Childhood - Life From Six To Eight
The transition from early childhood to middle child-hood is again a gradual change. At no one moment can we say that it is accomplished.
Principle Of Education In Middle Childhood
Because of the physical susceptibility at this age the parents should carefully consider the environment in which the child is placed for instruction.
Education In Later Childhood
LATER childhood (ages eight to eleven), or the big Injun age as Lee calls it, emerges gradually from the period of middle childhood.
Activities Of Children In The Home
To make things with the hands, to sing, to tell stories, and to dramatize are four activities of the child which possess impelling interest.
What Proper Nutrition Can Do For You
It is a sad truth that the general public today is not so well informed on personal health and hygiene as it should be.
Nutrition Past And Present
Nutrition has been an art throughout the ages. The procurement of food has always been the crux of struggles for survival. Before modern science was developed, food preparation was an art and a craft that was developed by trial and error.
Health In Our Modern Age
The times that we are living in are trying and strenuous. Especially after maturity, the strain of modern living shows itself in wear and tear on the individual organism, bringing about disability for many, catastrophe for some.
Nutrition And Climate
A severely cold climate requires a different kind of food from that needed in an extremely hot climate or in hot weather.
Dietetics As An Applied Science
The modern physician or surgeon has much knowledge at his fingertips. The uses of drugs, surgery and other modern medical adjuncts are all familiar to the up-to-date physician or surgeon.
Fasting For Health
Fasting, or the withholding of food from the body, is a method of treating acute and chronic ill health. This procedure is not as well known in the world of the healing arts and sciences as it should be.
New Health For Women
A brief survey of health conditions among women will show that few enjoy good health. The reasons are easily understood by those who think seriously concerning the question of women's health.
Nutrition - The Chemical Constituents Of The Body
On chemical analysis, the human body is found to be composed of the identical elements of which plants are composed.
Digestion, Absorption, Metabolism, Nutrition
Digestion is the process whereby food is changed in the alimentary tract into such simple states that it can be absorbed into the blood.
Nutrition - Enzymes
The various biochemical, biophysiological and biopathological actions and reactions take place because of the various enzymes which regulate the processes of the living organism, both in health and in sickness.
Nutrition - The Liver A Biochemical Laboratory
The liver is the most important organ in relation to metabolism and nutrition. Its functions are vital to health and life. It is an efficient laboratory when it is not impaired by disease.
Nutrition - Lecithin And Cholesterol
Lecithin is often mentioned as an important food constituent. It is a phosphorus-containing protein-fat compound, occurring both as a plant product and animal product.
Nutrition - The Ordinary Cold
A cold—known medically as coryza—is one of the simplest of the acute diseases. This disease is characterized by congestion of the nose, eyes and other structures of the head.
Nutrition - Asthma
In bronchial asthma—there is not ordinarily any impairment of the heart. In this type of asthma there is a congestion of the blood vessels within the bronchial branches, and the victim find it difficult to breathe.
Nutrition - Heart Disease
The normal heart is a very efficient mechanism. Throughout life it performs its function of pumping the blood at an average rate of seventy times a minute.
Nutrition - High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure, as a disease, develops in the human body over a period of months, causing wear and tear on the organism.
Nutrition - Pernicious Anemia
Mr. M.P. was brought to my Health Rest, in a desperate condition of ill health. The diagnosis of his case was pernicious anemia.
Diabetes And Its Nutritional Treatment
Diabetes is a disease that has been known to medical science for a long time. It is now understood much better than it was a half a century ago.
Diabetes - A Few Case Histories
Medical literature on diabetes is rich in facts and theories. This is one disease in which the physician makes an effort to teach the patient how to treat himself or herself to a certain necessary extent.
Nutrition - Constipation
Constipation is a malady that is generally taken more lightly than most other functional or organic forms of ill health.
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