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Stews And Stewing
STEWING is the process of cooking by gentle heat in a very small quantity of water.
Frying Food And Meats
FRYING is the process of cooking by immersing the food in hot fat—not using merely enough to keep the food from sticking to the vessel, but sufficient to wholly cover the articles of food.
Braising Meats
This is a combination of baking and boiling. It is especially recommended as a successful method of cooking the inferior parts of meat; hence is economical.
Broiling Meat
BROILING is the process of cooking by placing the food over hot coals. The first essential is to see that the meat is frequently turned.
All About Baking
The essential difference between baking and roasting is that in the former process the air in the oven is unchanged through-out the entire time of cooking.
Roasting Meat
ROASTING is the process of cooking food before a hot fire or in an oven well ventilated so that a current of air passes over and around the article which is being roasted.
Steaming Food
In ordinary kitchens, and for every-day dishes, a kitchen steamer will be all that is required. The article of food which is to be steamed should be prepared as for boiling.
Mixing Batters And Fritters
It is of the greatest importance to see, before the batter is mixed, that the fire is in a sufficiently good condition to bake the batter quickly, else it will be heavy and unfit for food.
Larding, Blanching, Boning
LARDING is performed by introducing fat strips of meat, ham, and bacon into poultry and meats which are naturally dry and devoid of flavor.
Coffee, Tea, And Cocoa
BEVERAGES are made and used for the purpose of quenching the thirst; and whether it be tea, coffee, chocolate, or any other beverage, it is really the water contained in them which quenches the thirst.
Cooking Vegetables
The chief point to be observed in cooking potatoes, and indeed all vegetables, in water, is to see that as little as possible of the nutritious elements are lost in the process.
Cooking Cereals
In cooking oatmeal for gruel we use a great quantity of water. Some of the water goes to moisten and swell up the dry meal.
All About Bread
Bread may be made from any sort of flour, but wheat flour is the best, as it contains the proper proportion of gluten to make the bread of a sufficiently sticky mass.
All About Salads
A salad well prepared is a charming compound, and, when taken with plenty of oil, very wholesome, attractive, and agreeable.
Making A Pastry
In making pastry, the first thing to be remembered is that every article used in its preparation should be scrupulously clean.
Making A Cake
The average girl, when learning to cook, wants to start right in with cake. This probably comes more from her fondness for the article itself than from a desire to begin with something easy.
Making Preserves
Home made preserves are both a convenience and a luxury. When well and carefully made it is not only superior to that which is usually offered for sale, but very much more economical also.
All About Nuts
Nuts are the fruits of trees and shrubs which have the seed inclosed in a bony or woody covering, not opening when ripe. Some kinds are dupraceous, something between a stone fruit and a nut.
Cooking And Making Desserts
UNLIKE the Englishman, who confines the word dessert to fruits and nuts, and would call what we talk about here sweets pure and simple.
Cookery For Invalids
Food for invalids should be in such a form that it can be easily digested. All food is changed into a liquid, before it can be carried about by the blood, to build up the worn-out tissues.
The Head Of The House - Who Is It?
HUSBAND or wife—which is head of the house; supreme authority in affairs domestic?
Kitchen And Laundry - Duties Of The Mistress
Experience has shown that kitchen floors can have no covering so desirable as simple linoleum of plain pattern, not dark in hue.
The Simple Home Living
If one only knew how often opportunities are missed by those whose means, though insufficient for luxury, are ample for that simple elegance which consists rather in-form than in display.
Wayside Hints For The Maid
CONSIDER the importance of mistress and servant being on good terms, with one another.
Never To Late To Learn
The more civilized mankind becomes, the more will it venerate honorable old age, and the more will it gain by its treatment of the stem which sheltered it when only a branch.
Chemistry For The Cook
There is one branch of chemistry with which all cooks are well acquainted, whether they know science or not.
Glossary Of Terms Of Oriental China
A vase with spheroidal body, long neck and narrow mouth. The gourd-shaped Oriental bottle may be double, having three bodies diminishing from the bottom upwards.
Introduction To Oriental China
The collection of Oriental porcelain is not easy, especially with regard to the finer productions.
Oriental China - Hard Paste China
NEARLY the whole of Oriental porcelain is hard paste. By this we mean it cannot be cut with a file.
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