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All About Food
Of all the subjects capable of tempting the pen of the scholar, the professional man, and even the amateur, none has been more prolific or more exploited than that of food.
The Compound Foods
We have considered the four types of simple foods--albumens, fats, starches and sugars, and mineral matter—separately.
Digestibility Of Meats And Fats
Every one admits that roast meat is more digestible than raw meat or boiled meat. Poultry or roast veal, the so-called white meats, are said to be very easily digested.
All About Meat
Meat proper includes the flesh (1) of cattle, which we call beef, and of calves, which we call veal; (2) of swine, called pork; and (3) of sheep and of lambs, called mutton and lamb respectively.
Boiling Meat
To boil meat, have a kettle large enough to permit the meat to be entirely covered by the water, and let the water come to a boil before the meat is placed in it.
All About Beef
When good beef is first cut, the lean is firm so that no mark of the finger remains when one presses it; it is of purplish red, changing to bright red, and becoming moist, after being ex-posed to the air.
Mutton And Lamb
A large, heavy animal, two or three years old, makes the finest mutton; the flesh should be bright red, with firm, white fat: Good South-down mutton has always been considered the best.
Poultry And Game
The domestic fowls which we designate as poultry include chickens and tame turkeys, ducks, geese, and pigeons.
All About Fish
ALTHOUGH the fish is an inhabitant of water and cannot live out of it, the amount of water in the flesh itself is only slightly higher than that of meat.
Methods Of Cooking Fish
From the cold boiled fish, left-over fish cut-lets, devilled fish, creamed fish, salad, or croquettes can be made.
All About Oysters
Take up each oyster separately in the fingers, and remove all bits of shell or seaweed. Strain the liquid through a fine strainer, so that it may be used if desired.
All About Milk
PRACTICALLY, in speaking of milk, we have in mind cow's milk. But it must be remembered that in some countries the milk of other animals is used as food.
All About Butter
Butter is frequently adulterated with other fats, and especially by oleomargarine. The detection of these adulterations is often very difficult.
All About Cheese
Human ingenuity has addressed itself with rare success to the preparation of the different varieties of cheese known to the modern gourmet.
Recipes For Cheese
No. 1. Prepare toast, dip in hot, salted water, grate enough dry cheese to cover the slices of toast, set in oven to melt, and put the slices together as sandwiches.
All About Eggs
IN speaking of eggs, reference is made, of course, to those of the hen; those of the turkey, goose, and duck are more rarely used.
Recipes For Eggs
Put 1 pint boiling water in a small sauce-pan, let it boil a moment, put an egg into it, and remove the pan from the fire.
Foods Of Vegetable Origin
There is another essential difference between the two classes of foods, viz.: those of animal origin are directly accessible by the digestive juices, while those not of animal origin have nutritive parts enclosed in cellulose envelopes.
Cereals, Flours, And Bread
The cereals upon which we are most dependent are wheat and rice. To those may be added rye, barley, and corn.
Roots And Tubercles
These foods, which comprise potatoes, car-rots, and turnips, are less rich in nourishing matter than are the other vegetables, since they contain from 75 to 90 per cent of water.
Condiments And Hors d'Oeuvres
Condiments are ingredients which are added to foods to impart a flavor, to stimulate the appetite, and to aid digestion.
Food Estimates
In order to facilitate comparison of the values as food of the several articles of diet of both animal and vegetable origin.
Among the arguments in favor, of this form of diet, we meet first the sentimental argument against the killing of animals, and that against eating dead things.
Meat And Mixed Diet
Whether or not the diet is the cause, it is remarkable that those who live upon a meat diet are strong in physical and moral energy.
Diet - The Daily Ration
The general idea has been given of the kinds of food which should go to make up a meal. That forms the diet. The quantity of those which should go to make up a daily supply forms the ration.
The Art Of Cookery
COOKERY embraces a large variety of matters which call for the exercise of intelligent direction and control.
Menu Making
Menu making is frequently a point of great difficulty to the average housewife. One of the best means of securing a properly made menu is to write down a list of whatever is intended to be provided.
Shopping And Going To The Market
This is usually one of the terrors of the young housekeeper. There is no department of domestic science to which attention may be more profitably devoted than to the proper selection of food.
Building Fires
ONE must be familiar with a range before one can control it. The dampers and drafts must be known, not only as to location, but their several effects upon the fire must be thoroughly understood.
Soup Stock
The making of stock, frequently looked upon by the young housekeeper as too intricate and troublesome to undertake, becomes as simple as many other matters of cooking.
Gravies And Sauces
These may be considered together because they are closely related. Gravies are really a kind of sauce. They are the cooked juice of meat, sometimes mixed with water and thickened with flour.
Boiling Food And Meats
BOILING food is the process of cooking it in a boiling liquid, usually water. Boiling water has a temperature of 212°.
Making A Casserole
A Casserole is a covered dish of pottery de-signed to withstand the intense heat of the oven. This is the term as applied to the form of baking.
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