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Food - The World's Greatest Need
Food is the first demand of physical life. There are climates in which it is possible to live without clothing or shelter, but the necessity for nourishment is the same the world over.
The Journeys Of Foods
From producer to consumer. There is scarcely any chapter in the history of foods more fascinating than an account of their travels.
Food - Wheat
The world's harvest time. This is harvest time for wheat! Not a day passes in which wheat is not being harvested somewhere.
Food - Other Grains
A prehistoric food. The history of grain is as old as the history of man. Even our corn, although still unknown to most Europeans, has an origin reaching back into prehistoric times.
Breakfast Foods
The breakfast of today bears little resemblance to that of twenty or thirty years ago. In fact, a great industry has grown out of the changes that have come over our morning meal within that period.
Food - Fruits
Aside from its people, there is perhaps nothing that gives to a country or a locality so personal and distinctive a touch as its fruits.
Vegetables And Their Seeds
If you were to make a careful search through the drawers and shelves of your home kitchen, pantry, and cellar, you would probably find a surprising variety of fresh, canned, and dried vegetables.
Milk And Butter
Every human being has at one time lived wholly on milk! This proves beyond question that milk contains all the food elements required to sustain life and promote growth.
Cheese making is one of the world's oldest industries, and cheese has been used as food from a very early date. It is frequently mentioned in the Old Testament.
Food - Honey
The story of honey, one of our most popular sweets, is older than the Bible, older even than history. It was a favorite food of the ancients to whom sugar was unknown.
The importance of poultry as a part of our national meat supply is appreciated by very few of us. Outside of the poultry trade there is probably not one person in ten thousand who has a true idea of the immense volume of poultry produced and consumed in our country every year.
Food - Meats
The world's meat industry is so immense that one needs a keen imagination indeed in order to grasp its size and importance.
The World's Commerce In Meats
Many students of national traits tell us that the tendencies of a people may be read in the figures of their meat consumption.
Food - Vegetable Oils
Oils and fats form one of the most important parts of our food. Many of these, such as butter and fat meats, are obtained from animals, but many others come from vegetable products.
Free Food From Many Waters
Romance, mystery, and adventure hang thick over the whole fishing industry. It is not too much to say that probably more perils attend the work of taking the fish from the seas and the great inland lakes than surround any other food harvest.
Fish From Home And Foreign Waters
The people of the United States consume many thousand pounds of imported fish each year, in addition to great quantities of domestic fish from both salt and fresh waters.
The Handling Of Fresh Fish
Fish caught in our rivers, lakes, and seas that are to be sold fresh, or uncured or canned, are divided into two classes - summer caught and winter caught.
Food - The Story Of The Salmon
No doubt canned salmon seems to the average American boy or girl one of the most common and uninteresting articles of food that could be mentioned. Its use is almost universal.
One of the oldest foods known to the human race is the oyster. History has it that primitive man to a great extent depended upon the oyster and other shellfish for his food.
Canned Foods
There are very few fruits or vegetables that cannot be raised in the United States, and since by canning these foods it is possible to ship them all over the world and to keep them almost indefinitely.
Dried Fruits
One of the best means of adding to our food supply is the drying of fruit. The principal reason why this is true is that the drying process is simple and comparatively cheap.
Condensed Foods
Suppose you were invited to a dehydrated dinner. Would you not be half afraid to accept? No doubt many would hesitate because they would not know what sort of a dinner to expect.
Coffee was originally shipped from the port of Mocha, to which it owes the name Mocha. But for many years none has been shipped from that port, which has been closed by drifting sand except to native boats.
Tea - The World's Social Drink
Tea is undoubtedly the most interesting of all our table drinks. Certainly it is more closely connected with social life than any other beverage we use.
Table Drinks
One of the most delicious of all table drinks, cocoa, a favorite with children in every part of the world, has a history that reaches back to the Spanish conquest of Mexico and contains many dark and forbidding chapters.
Food - Nuts
There is hardly an American boy or girl living in the country today, or a man or woman whose childhood was spent there who does not think of going nutting as one of the pleasantest of all country pastimes.
Food - Sugar
There are many reasons why sugar is one of the most interesting of the world's great staple crops. It is produced in commercial quantities in almost every country of the torrid and the temperate zones.
Food - Spices
Spices are especially interesting from the fact that each is a quite different part of its respective plant. The clove is a bud, the nutmeg a fruit, and cinnamon a bark.
Food - Salt
There is one food the taste of which in itself we do not like, but without which almost every other food that we eat would be flat, stale, and unpalatable, and we use it at every meal. Of course we refer to salt.
Food - Tempting Table Delicacies
There is probably no other place, outside of a great wholesale grocery, where you may get so sweeping a view of the geography of foods as in a thoroughly modern delicatessen store.
Food - What The Wholesales Does
The big wholesale grocery is really the very center of one of the most vital activities in the study of world geography the gathering of foods from all the countries of the globe and the distributing of them to the people of a state or a group of states.
Food - What The Retailer Does
The notion is quite common that about all a retail grocer does is to deliver goods over his counter and take money in return for them.
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