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The New Musical Education
Music has been the latest of the arts to reach maturity. So wonderful are its achievements that, judging from analogy, it is hardly to be expected that the triumphs of Mozart and Wagner in the opera can be indefinitely repeated.
The Music Lover's Need Of Education
The necessity of instruction in the art of hearing music can hardly be denied by one who thinks about the matter.
Music - The Problem Of Form
I am thinking of genuine music lovers, the people who compose the serious part of opera and concert audiences, who encourage music in the home and in society.
Music - The Beauty Of Melody And Rhythm
Among the components of musical effect melody seems to claim the first consideration.
Music - The Beauty Of Harmony
The pleasure in melodic flow and rhythmic accent is universal except in the case of those unfortunates who are unable to recognize differences of pitch or regularity in recurring beats.
Music - The Art Of The Pianist
The enjoyment of music involves an appreciation of the art of the performer, and the music lover who is undergoing education in the practice of listening must acquire knowledge of the principles and methods of playing and singing.
The Art Of Song: Music And Poetry
The conscientious lover of music, who wants a prop for his judgments more stable than caprice, encounters certain peculiar difficulties when the art of song is in question.
The Art Of Song - The Technique Of The Singer
An appreciation of skill in singing is certainly a necessary part of a music lover's education. The principles involved are so few and so easily stated that no one need mistake them.
The Problem Of Expression: Representative Music
Every thoughtful lover of music finds that both before and after the enjoyment of masterpieces a multitude of questions spring up in his mind, all pointing toward the one supreme, inclusive problem of art.
The Music Lover And The Higher Law
In the foregoing pages I have endeavored to show the amateur, who begins with no knowledge of musical theory, some of the principles of musical design and expression.
Origins And Definitions - Primitive Dances
The english word dance is close to the French danse, which in turn is supposed to derive from the ancient high German danson, to stretch or drag.
Ritual Myth And Drama - Dance In Egypt
Among primitive people, magical dances were the first methods for dealing with the unknown.
The Origins Of Greek Tragedy - Dance And Theatre
The myths of Egyptian Osiris and Grecian Dionysos are strikingly alike, though definitely independent.
The Roman Theater - Pantomime And Imperial Spectacle
The gamut of Roman dancing offers us a complete contrast to everything Greek, although a basic part of Roman theatre was seriously influenced by ideas from Attica herself.
The Roman Christian Church - It Spectacular Elements
Thus, not more than fifteen years after Alaric had sacked Rome, Saint Augustine tried to reason with the City and Empire of Rome proposing a new empire, The City of God.
The Mediaeval Dance
It may seem that the development of stage-dancing is more accurately a record of the survival of an instinct towards the dance.
Feudal Pageantry And Danced Disguisings
Though the Church bore little love for the theater, and none for dancing, nevertheless a lovable theater had grown from under cathedral shadows, and dances were a part of it.
Introduction For Nutritional Diagnosis
Nutritional diagnosis is an integral part of every medical evaluation even when attention is directed primarily to some other phase of a patient's problem.
General Observations Of Nutritional Diagnosis
NUTRITIONAL diagnosis is not easy in spite of the mass of information accumulated in recent decades.
Caloric Nutrition
DIAGNOSIS of caloric undernutrition or over-nutrition is relatively easy if deviation from the normal is great but minor deviations cannot be determined with precision.
Caloric Nutrition
Caloric undernutrition occurs primarily as a result of a limited food supply, exemplified by semi-starvation and starvation.
Protein Nutrition
MALNUTRITION due to an inadequate supply of protein of good quality is probably the most important deficiency syndrome in the world today other than caloric undernutrition.
Protein Deficiency
In the diagnosis of protein malnutrition, the first steps are determination of the approximate dietary supply of protein from a quantitative and qualitative standpoint.
Protein Nutrition And Cirrhosis Of The Liver
While the role of nutrition in the pathogenesis of cirrhosis of the liver in man has not been elucidated in its entirety, evidence from many sources suggests a relationship between a deficient intake of protein and the development of fatty infiltration.
The Kwashiorkor Syndrome
In many areas of the world, infants and young children develop a syndrome of protein malnutrition that is of serious import.
Protein Needs For Repletion
In planning nutritional rehabilitation of a patient with protein deficiency, certain findings in studies of protein repletion in animals appear pertinent.
Carbohydrate Nutrition
There is no true dietary requirement for carbohydrate since it can be synthesized in the body from either protein or fat.
Lipid Nutrition
UNTIL recently, few attempts have been made to evaluate lipid nutrition aside from estimation of the extent of body fat stores in relation to obesity.
Absorption Of Lipids
Abnormalities in fat absorption present another problem frequently encountered in clinical nutrition.
Ketosis should be mentioned briefly since it is occasionally a nutritional problem.
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