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Food Substances That Give Energy
Proteins are made up of amino acids, which become available in the digestive tract of man as protein-containing foods are digested.
Food Substances That Give Energy
Proteins are made up of amino acids, which become available in the digestive tract of man as protein-containing foods are digested.
The most widely distributed group of food substances and those which are our chief supply of energy are the carbohydrates.
In the past, animals have been the principal source of fat, but in recent years large amounts are also prepared from the seeds of fruits and plants.
Food Substances That Do Not Give Energy
We come now to the discussion of several essential food substances which differ from those already discussed in that they have no energy producing value.
Recently the positive need for vitamins is being stressed. Men engaged in vitamin research work are urging people to use vitamin-rich diets if they wish to enjoy optimum health.
The digestive organs as a whole form a tube, with a few outpocketings where special glands are located.
The term digestion includes all the chemical changes that occur while food is being prepared for use by the body. Another process called absorption embraces the transfer of digested food to the blood stream.
How The Body Uses Food
The process of utilizing food in the building of living tissues, and maintaining them in a fully nourished state with the breaking down of tissues incident to living, is spoken of as metabolism.
Why The Body Needs Water
The human body may continue to function more or less normally without food for several weeks, but when it is deprived of water or when the intake is scant, definite disturbances in some functions appear early.
Diet - A Vehicle For Wastes
If three or four pints of urine are produced daily, the body is being provided with adequate water, for only after the tissues are properly supplied is such a volume of urine excreted.
Diet - The Elimination Of Wastes
After food has been acted upon by the digestive juices a certain amount of indigestible residue remains which is useless for any further purpose in the body.
Diet - Constipation
Delayed or incomplete function of the colon may arise from several causes, and in the study of any single instance a careful investigation should be made of the general health of the patient.
Diet - Indigestion
A failure of any portion of the digestive tract to function in a normal manner in changing food, may be referred to as indigestion.
Indigestion Due To A Lack Of Digestive Juices
By a method quite simple in itself it is possible to measure the strength of acid and pepsin present in the gastric juice of the stomach.
Diet - Allergy
The word allergy has come into use in relatively recent years and is used to name the state where one reacts to substances in a way differing from the average normal person.
The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Allergies
A careful study must be made of each individual patient in every way possible to ascertain to what substance or substances he is allergic.
Diet - When The Scales Register Low
To state with exactness what a person must weigh is hardly possible, but average weights have been computed from large age groups of persons who have experienced ordinary good health.
Diet - When The Scales Register High
Overweight, often looked upon humorously, is in reality a serious disease. With its complications it shortens the prospects of life.
Dangers Of Overweight
People would be more concerned in maintaining a normal body weight if they understood the dangers of over-weight.
The Causes Of Overweight
In our own series of cases the chief cause of overweight has been an over-consumption of food.
Treatment Of Overweight
Regardless of the type of obesity, diet and exercise are the two most important factors in its treatment.
Development And Care Of Teeth
Any discussion of the teeth should explain in some detail the physiology behind the development of these organs.
Dental Nutrition
We have discussed briefly the development of the teeth so as to point out the importance of planning early for their nutrition.
Dental Hygiene And Care
It is important that even the first teeth be carefully watched, kept clean, and decay and cavities be attended to.
Some Results Of Bacterial Infection
In March, 1882, Robert Koch announced that a tiny germ, the tubercle bacillus, was the cause of the prevalent and serious human disease known as consumption.
A Suvey Of Methods Of Treatment
A careful history must always be taken. The patient must be questioned, keeping in mind each group of organs in the body to elicit symptoms or signs which the patient has over-looked.
Menu Planning
The application of our present knowledge of nutrition rests largely with the one in the home who plans the three meals for the day.
The Scientific Aspect Of Menu Planning
The chief foods which supply protein are milk, cheese, eggs, meat, fish, fowl, and nuts. We believe that a quart of milk should be included daily for every child, and at least a pint for every adult.
The Art Of Menu Planning
Many a well balanced meal has been uneaten because little attention had been given to the aesthetic side of menu planning.
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