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Buying Natural Brown Rice
In doing your marketing don't mistake the uncoated rice for natural brown rice.
Reflections On The Situation
Why was it necessary for me to take this round-about course in order to obtain cereals in their natural state?
Whole Wheat Bread - The Staff Of Life
Most important of all the foods which go on your table is your bread. Three times every day it forms a part of your menu.
Preparing The Food
The outer covering, including the bran and the brown layers next to the bran, contain the precious minerals and vitamins which are removed in milling white flour.
Few people understand the very great food value of milk. Most people give little thought to it.
Bran - Its Necessity In The Diet
It is an absolute fact that those who start on whole wheat grain food today will discard all pills or artificial laxatives of any kind within a month.
A dish of any of these soups, especially the thicker ones, with bread and butter, is sufficient for luncheon for children or adults.
Vegetable Sauces
It was a revelation to me when reading The Science of Eating to learn that I had been throwing the best part of my vegetables down the sink.
Too much stress cannot be laid upon the importance of your whole wheat bread. Following is the recipe given to us by Mrs. Wheeler, the story of whose whole wheat family.
Salad Hints
Have salad, salad, salad. Mix and utilize raw green things of all kinds. Use left over vegetablesóbut always with the crisp lettuce leaves and the delicious, nourishing dressings.
Salad Dressings
When lemons are to be had do not use vinegar in salad dressings. There are three reasons. The lemon juice is a food in itself; it will give a better flavor to the dressing; and it brings out the natural flavor of other fruits.
Nuts of all kinds are rich in food value. Because of their protein content they are an excellent substitute for meat.
Dessert Suggestions
Once in a while, anyhow, you will cheat a little on your desserts. There will come the day for a delicious, flaky-crusted, fresh berry pie.
Some Unusual Recipes
Take about three cupfuls of left over chicken, cut into small pieces, place in frying pan with butter or fat, shake or stir over fire until brown.
Vegetable Tonic
Get all kinds of fresh vegetables. If in season get the young ones with the tops on, fresh and juicy.
Sweets For The Kiddies
Besides your stock of homemade jams and jellies (or when they run low) following are some quick marmalades which can be made in winter and which are excellent for bread spreads and sandwich fillers.
Sweet Sandwich Fillers
Put 1 pound of stoned dates through a meat chopper. Add the juice of 1 orange and rub to a paste. Spread between thin slices of buttered bread.
Put the sugar, water and honey into saucepan. Stir over fire until the sugar is melted, then boil slowly until it hairs or forms a hard ball in water.
Are You Overweight?
There comes the voice of the overweight person who says: What about me? I can't eat those kind of meals.
A Word About Appetites
Hunger is the natural desire for food. It is present when the body needs nourishment. It is not a gnawing in the stomach.
Don'ts For The Children
Don't give children fried potatoes.
Underfed Children
In Detroit at the present time there is much talk about the malnutrition among school children. In New York the same condition was found several years ago.
The Girl Who Works
Are you a girl who works, and worse still who rooms and eats in restaurants?
Margaret's Thyroid
She is twenty years old, was raised in the country; has molasses candy hair, pink cheeks, a creamy skin and eyes that dance when she looks at you.
The Genuine Milk Cure
To take the genuine Milk Diet as it should be taken and to persist in it through a period of six to ten weeks requires courage, will power and perseverance.
Semi-Milk Diet
There are those to whom the taking of the genuine milk cure is an impossibility. There are others to whom it is not a necessity, but for whom a partial milk diet would do much.
The Personal Application
I had learned that he was ill and the nature of his illness and had sent him a copy of The Science of Eating.
The Story Of The Kronprinz Wilhelm
Previous to the war the Kronprinz Wilhelm was a palatial transatlantic passenger steamship belonging to the North German Lloyd.
The Art Of Work
The most important of all arts is the art of work; for if one could thoroughly understand this art, all other knowledge - and conduct would be infinitely simplified.
How To Fight The Battles Of Life
The world we see about us is one where only a few can succeed and where many must fail. There are not good things enough for all.
Good Habits
What, then, are the most important of good habits? I propose to name a few, not in any systematic fashion.
The Children Of This World Are Wise
Do not question the truth of this text, but I cannot fail to observe in it the most familiar defence of worldly wisdom against the spirit of idealism.
The Art Of Having Time
I HAVE no time, that is not only the most familiar and convenient excuse for not doing one's duty; it is also, one must confess, the excuse which has in it the greatest appearance of truth.
Whatever the philosophers may say, it remains true that, from the first hour of man's waking consciousness until that consciousness ceases, his most ardent desire is to be happy.
The Meaning Of Life
This is the question of questions. A man must be wholly superficial or wholly animal who does not at some time in his life ask what is the meaning of his life.
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