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The Dancing Of Ancient Egypt And Greece
So on through the gamut of simple emotionsólove and hate, fealty and jealousy, desire and achievementóprimitive man expresses his mood in terms of the dance.
Greek Comedy Dancing In Rome
And the mere direction of attention to Rome's relation to the arts anticipates the story of her treatment of the dance, leaving only details to be told.
Dance - The Middle Ages And The Renaissance
CHRISTIANITY, like the religions of the Hebrews of old and the Greeks, employed dancing as an important part of the ritual of worship.
A Glance At The Ballet's Technique
Pantomime, to be sure, is carried to a high development in both French and Italian academies; they present mimo-dramas calling for practically unlimited scope of expression.
The Golden Age Of Dancing
LOUIS XIV brought public interest in the ballet to a point of eager excitement.
Spanish Dancing
Since earliest Occidental history, the dances of Spain have been famous. Today their richness, variety and fundamental nobility give them a position in advance of any other group of national dances.
Italian Dances
Past are the splendid pageants of the Medici, nor do the floors of Castel San Angelo remember the caress of the winged feet of choral dancers.
European Folk-Dancing In General
In response to this demand of nature there exists one class of folk-dancingóthe genre of the careless, energetic romp of people bedecked in bright colours.
Oriental Dancing
In light mood it narrates the passing occurrence or the amusing anecdote. And not the least of the wonders of the Arab dancing is the emphasis it places upon the beauty of womankind.
The Ballet In Its Dark Age
The years that followed produced a certain amount of dancing that was good, notably some of the operatic ballets of Europe, and a few ballet spectacles of the seventies and eighties.
Dance - The Romantic Revolution
Miss Duncan is not in attunement with the ballet, and never was. She is a worshipper of nature; not as translated into abstract terms, but as nature is, as revealed in the waves and clouds and running water.
Dance - The Russian Academy And Its Working
Naturally, a member of the Imperial ballet must have government consent to leave his country; departing with-out such consent, he automatically forfeits his pension.
Dance - A Layman's Estimate Of Conditions
That great dancing is a useful and desirable addition to human happiness needs no argument. Its power to delight the vision and expand the imagination.
Water-Plantain Family
Wading into shallow water or standing on some muddy shore, this striking plant is quite as decorative in a picture, and, happily, far more approachable in life.
Arum Family
A jolly-looking preacher is Jack, standing erect in his parti-colored pulpit with a sounding-board over his head; but he is a gay deceiver.
Spiderwort Family
FlowersóBlue, 1 in. broad or less, irregular, grouped at end of stem, and upheld by long leaf-like bracts.
Pickerel-Weed Family
FlowersóBright purplish blue, including filaments, anthers, and style; crowded in a dense spike; quickly fading.
Lily Family
FlowersóDingy, pale yellowish or whitish green, growing greener with age, 1 in. or less across, very numerous.
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