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Boston - Taking Stock Of The City
Boston is a mature city, a mellow city, a city of experience and experiences, a city of amenities, a city of age.
Boston Common
Boston Common has given to Boston individuality. Standing practically untouched and unbroken, in the very heart of the city.
Boston Preferred
Naturally enough, next to Boston Common comes Boston Prefered! For the term can very well be used in referring to Beacon Hill.
Boston - On The Prim, Decorous Hill
The streets of Boston are peopled with shadows of the past; shadows of those connected with the historical or literary Boston that has gone.
Boston - The City Of Holmes
The authors of Boston seem to have been, in an altogether pleasant sense, nomads, even though they kept their nomadic activities within a very limited district.
Boston - A House Set On A Hill
It was Oliver Wendell Holmes who remarked that the Boston State House is the hub of the solar system.
Boston - A Picturesque Bostonian
He was most prominent Bostonian of Revolutionary days, the Boston man who loomed the largest and still looms most important, was the splendidly dressed John Hancock.
Boston - A Woman's City
The difficulty of even now getting food on Sunday in Boston is really amusing: of course, the hotels are open, but many restaurants, even such as cater to three-meals-a-day custom, close tight during all of Sunday!
Boston - The Distinctive Part Street Corner
The unusual prominence of monuments to ministers in Boston might, at first thought, be ascribed by some to the fact of this being a woman's city.
Boston - Two Famous Old Buildings
On a February night in 1688, a striking funeral pageant passed through the streets of Boston; the funeral procession of Lady Andros, the wife of Governor Andros.
Boston - To The Old State House
Other streets of old Boston have had their names changed, for reasons not so excellent as those which gave the city Washington Street.
Boston - Faneuil Hall And The Waterside
The building was the gift, in 1742, of a public-spirited citizen named Peter Faneuil, who gave the money for it because he knew that Boston needed not only a good hall but a marketplace.
The Streets Of Boston
The street called Straight was certainly not a Boston street. In its whimsical complexity, the city is still as notable as when the Marquis de Chastellux wrote that he thought this feature exemplified la liberte.
Boston - In The Old North End
And so it is interesting to see preserved, here in this ancient quarter of Boston, the little ancient house that was for many years the home of that remarkable man.
Boston - Down Wapping Street And Up Bunker Hill
Over in that old part of Boston still known as Charlestown, there is a little quaint and wavering street, shabby and irregular.
Boston - The Back Bay And Students' Quarter
The main artery of the Back Bay is Commonwealth Avenue, and it is so proudly boulevarded, in noble sweep and breadth.
Boston - Heights Reached And Kept
In a forgotten and faded part of Boston, somewhat away from the center of the city, rises a hill whose top is green with grass and thick with elms and lindens.
Boston - Colleges Red And Common Green
To people in general, away from Boston, Harvard means Cambridge and Cambridge Harvard the names are used as if practically interchangeable.
Boston - An Adventure In Pure Romance
NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE, master of the imaginatively romantic, tried to make his very life one of actual romance, and never more so than when, with the fire as if of romantic youth.
Boston - A Town That Washington Wanted To See
It stands on one of the main roads leading from the west to Boston, and Washington went past here, and probably halted for a little.
Boston - Famous Old Seaport Of Salem
In the minds of many, Salem is chiefly notable on account of Hawthorne; in the minds of others the city is equally notable on account of the witches.
Boston - The Most Important Road In America
The road between Boston and Concord is the most important in America, for it was on this road that America was made.
Plymouth And Provincetown
Close behind Plymouth, close beside this home of the Pilgrims, close to this spot where three hundred years ago began the campaign against the wilderness.
Boston - The Night Shall Be Filled With Music
It seems odd that a journey to Boston, whether by an American or an Englishman, should ever have aroused such tragic forebodings.
Across The Atlantic
The journey had as its principal destination Greece. Previous holidays in Europe had never included the Mediterranean, although there is no part of the world so rich in history.
Lisbon - Portugal
Soon it took on form and substance and stood out boldly—a grayish-yellow head-land. It was our first view of the shores of Portugal.
Gibraltar And Algiers
Gibraltar is a sort of world emblem of security, but the waters thereabouts were far from safe on the morning of our arrival.
A Day In Monaco
Across the Mediterranean from Algiers to Monaco requires about a day. We made the passage on Easter Sunday.
Naples And Pompeii
The beauty and historic charm of Italy are concentrated largely on its west coast, and a voyage down these shores is never lacking in interest.
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