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Fruit Preserves
All articles labeled preserves must contain at least 45 per cent of fruit; the remaining 55 per cent must be sugar.
Salt Fish
The anchovy is a very small fish of the herring family, growing to about six inches in length.
Starch And Starch Products
Both the edible and laundry starches are made from a number of materials, such as corn, rice, potatoes, wheat, etc.
From the sweet juice obtained by crushing the stalks of the sugar cane plant, which plant resembles somewhat the bamboo and the ordinary corn stalk.
Syrups And Molasses
Maple syrup is obtained by concentration of the maple sap through boiling and purifying.
The tea plant is an evergreen bush, growing about four feet high, its growth being limited by frequent prunings.
Food Products
From what are bouillon cubes made and how do they compare with extract of beef regarding ingredients?
A Science Of Happiness - Is Such A Thing A Possibility?
During the time that man has laughed or wept upon this earth, he has felt the stirring of the same longing - the ultimate goal, ever remains the ideal of happiness.
Happiness Is Within Us
When we begin to reflect upon the importance of some of the storms of life that we have weathered we are amazed to discover their insignificance.
Optimism And Pessimism
What was termed, toward 1830, the disease of the age is, in truth, the disease of all the ages.
Among The Unfortunate - In The Kingdom Of Envy
The ingenuity of man is chiefly manifest when he confronts his distress.
The Benefits Of Sorrow
On the pretext of pitying man, pessimism destroys his sources of joy.
Prejudice Of Wealth
The belief in happiness through the possession of riches resembles the tradition so widely diffused in the Middle Ages, of the icy caresses of the devil.
Happiness For All
When goodness takes possession of a heart, it makes it a queen of queens, but its sovereignty is discreet.
The Affections As Sources Of Happiness
And precisely because humanity grasps more and more the beneficent virtues of family life, it is striving to perfect the family.
Friendship, Native Country, Humanity
The feeling of friendship makes us grow morally. Love, under all its forms, renders us better.
Active Life And Happiness
There is something essentially divine in labour. It ennobles and elevates the soul and strengthens the body.
Happiness Accessible To All
Wherever we turn our eyes, we find inexhaustible elements of happiness. We have only to will, and they are ours.
Religion And Religiousness (Happiness Through Faith)
Faith is a supreme benefit to souls. Without it, life becomes colourless, if not sad, and its interest vanishes.
A Few Catechisms Of Happiness
The most insignificant fruits of experience on the tree of our knowledge are piously culled.
The Morality Of Happiness
Life dominates the universe. It existed before us, and will exist after we have passed away.
What Is Happiness?
Definitions of happiness abound. They are not only numerous, they are especially contradictory.
Conclusion On How To Be Happy
Life imposes upon us duties, but it also gives us rights.
Some Old Time Rugs
Few articles of home furnishing are more useful or decorative than a well-made and attractive rug, and among the interesting techniques which have been revived from the old-time crafts are numerous hand-made rugs.
Rugs And A Word About Dyes
Throughout these chapters on domestic rug-making, I have given the old and familiar recipes for the colors used in dyeing the materials for the rugs.
The Braided Rug
The braided rug is one of the most serviceable and effective of the needle rugs. It is so simple in technique that any careful needlewoman can make it.
The Scalloped Doormat Or Tongue Rug
The scalloped doormat or tongue rug gets its name from the shape of the piece of cloth from which it is built up.
The Knitted Rug
The knitted rug is another rug which has reached the satisfactory standard of modern craftsmanship and is also a striking example of how successfully a rug based on a humble craft can be made.
The Crocheted Rug
However humble may be the kindred crafts of knitting and crocheting, much interest may be developed in them through a thoughtful consideration of their technical possibilities.
The Hooked Rug In Cotton And Wool
We may safely say that the hooked rug or the pulled rug, as it is sometimes called, is the most important of the handmade rugs.
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