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Baking Powder
Baking powder is the leavening agent produced by the mixing of an acid reacting material and sodium bicarbonate with or without starch or flour.
Canned Fish
The Chinook salmon is generally considered the best eating salmon; fine texture, deep pink color, rich oil, excellent flavor. Meat breaks into layers upon slight pressure.
Canned Fruits
There are three grades generally used by canners for table fruit: Fancy, Choice, and Standard.
Canned Milk
The evaporated milk is produced from whole milk by evaporating about 60 per cent of its water, while the condensed milk is produced by evaporating a combination of whole milk and sugar.
Canned Soups
How does Tomato canned soup differ from Cream of Tomato soup and Tomato Bouillon?
Canned Vegetables
What are the various vegetables that are put up in cans?
Canned Food - General
The food is sealed in air-tight cans, which prevents contamination from the outside. It is then heated to such a temperature and for such a time as will destroy the bacteria in it that would otherwise cause spoilage.
Cereals And Beans
The polishing of rice is effected by friction against the rice of pieces of moose hide or sheepskin.
The many varieties of cheese are due to the variations with respect to the kind of milk used, the proportion of butter fat or cream retained in or added to the milk.
Cocoa And Chocolate
By grinding the roasted cocoa beans to a pasty mass and mould ing this into tablets. The cocoa beans are the seeds of the pod-like fruit of the cacao tree, which grows in the tropics.
The coffee plant is an evergreen shrub, averaging from ten to fourteen feet in height. It bears fruit twice a year.
Mayonnaise is salad dressing prepared from the whites of eggs, olive oil, vinegar, and spices.
Cooking Oils
Broadly speaking, edible olive oil can be classified into three distinct grades: First pressing oil, known as Virgin olive oil.
Dried Fruits
What is the difference between the California and the Oregon prunes?
Flavoring Extracts
Vanilla extract is made from the dried pods of the vanilla plant. These pods are known in commerce as vanilla beans.
Graham flour is coarse all-wheat flour. The term "Graham" originated some years ago with Dr. Sylvester Graham, a practicing physician.
Fresh Fruits And Vegetables
Yes. The banana that ripens on the plant is insipid, almost tasteless, and only a trifle sweet.
Gelatine is of animal origin, being prepared from the sinews, connective tissues, and fresh bones of the steer.
What Is Honey?
Extracted honey is obtained through the centrifugal method, by which the honey is drawn out without crushing the combs.
Macaroni Products
High-grade macaroni is made from the gluten part of durum wheat or of spring wheat. This gluten, also known as semolina and as farina.
Nuts And Nut Product
They are larger than the ordinary walnuts, and their meat is of a much better quality and superior flavor.
Pickles And Olives
Chow-chow is the trade name for chopped pickles mixed with prepared mustard.
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