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Old London
At the end of Cloth Fair an old inn, the Richard Whittington, claims to be the oldest licensed house in London.
Old London - Part II
All our knowledge of the ancient City of London before the fire is practically got from Stow's Survey. Stow was born about 1520.
London - Christopher Wren
CHRISTOPHER WREN the maker of modern London, was born at East Knowle, Wiltshire, October 20th, 1632, and was educated at Westminster School under the celebrated Dr. Busby.
London - Christopher Wren
AT the north-east corner of the old street, by the side of the Mansion House, called Walbrook, is the masterpiece among Wren's smaller works, St. Stephens.
London - Grinling Gibbons And His Works
Many of the houses of the nobility and aristocracy dating from this time are enriched with the work of Grinling Gibbons.
London - Some Ancient Doorways
The Queen Anne revival has not yet given us any counterpart of the delightful canopied doorways of which there are a few yet surviving in London.
Hidden Statuary And Carvings Of London
It is sincerely to be hoped that the few historical stones yet remaining may be spared and allowed to speak to us from their original positions the message which London is too prone to forget.
London - Some Nooks And Corners
In the days of old the City Fathers planted gardens behind their houses, and were actually able to sit under their own vines and fig trees in the City of London.
What Is Vital Power?
But vital power is more than the capacity to pursue your work with comfort! It is more than the power of endurance!
Vital Power Depends On Functional Vigor
To those who are not familiar with the subject, it will come as a surprise to be told that muscular exercise does not comprise all that there is to physical culture.
Blood And Vitality
Just as life is impossible without vitalized blood, so is health impossible without blood that possesses a–fair degree of health.
Organs Of Digestion, Circulation, And Respiration
The change that the food undergoes begins right in the mouth, in which are a number of glands that supply saliva whenever food is chewed.
Building Vital Power With Long Walks
In my various writings I have frequently referred, to walking as a valuable means of exercise and an aid to the acquirement of vital vigor.
Vast Importance Of Water
All the fluids of the body have their part in its important functional processes, and in order that they may properly do so it is absolutely essential that they assume a proper consistency.
Increasing Digestive Power
The question of diet is of primary importance to every student desirous of acquiring a strong and beautiful body.
How A Powerful Stomach May Be Acquired
No advantage to your vital power is to be gained-by any method of exercise that does not provide abundant work for strengthening the muscles of the stomach and the small intestine.
The Heart Made Powerful
This is one of the most harrowing of all complaints. The average victim of heart disease goes through life with a sentence hanging over his head.
Developing Great Lung Power
Strong and capacious lungs are needed in order that we may acquire the regular and almost unconscious habit of taking in great quantities of air at the moment of inspiration.
Pure Air Of The Utmost Importance
Air is essential to all life. It is also necessary to the manifestation of force of all kinds. Nearly all machinery for example, is actuated by steam.
Perfect Ventilation
You go into the average homes of today and I venture to say that there is not five percent, and in some cities not one percent, of such that are supplied with a sufficient quantity of pure air.
Erroneous Methods Of Breathing
Of course, the greatest error in breathing consists in taking into the lungs and thus sending throughout the body, air that is not nearly as pure as Nature can make it.
Deep Breathing Excercises
Think, for a moment, of the diseases that are caused by air starvation-by absolute starving for the want of pure air.
The Use Of Lung Testers
There is a joy, an exhilaration in breathing unlike any other of the joys of life. To learn how to breathe, is to get the best that there is in life.
Breathing And Muscular Excercises Combined
Do not for a moment suppose that deep breathing is to be practiced only as a brief spell of exercise each day.
Sun And Air Baths Vitalize Body
An air bath is a tonic beyond the conception of those who have not indulged in one. By an air bath I don't mean an accidental one of a few moments' duration.
The Depurating And Blood Purifying Blood Organs
It is a curious but necessary provision of Nature, that the blood, besides carrying the digested nourishment and the life-giving oxygen to all portions of the body.
On few subjects do more fallacious ideas exist than on that of clothing. The tendency during the past fifty years was toward the wearing of wool garments next to the skin.
Restful Sleep Powerful Means Of Building Vital Vigor
One of the most certain means of restoring vitality that has been exhausted by excessive fatigue or by unusual drains on the system is restful sleep.
Mental Attitude An Important Factor
Your mental attitude is of vast importance. Happiness is as contagious as disease.
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