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Textiles - The French National Style
Louis XIV founded the Manufacture des Gobelins, and in this factory we come upon the revival of tapestry weaving.
Textile Development Under Louis XV
WHEN the mind dwells on the styles that are truly French, it is always in Versailles that they have their locale.
Textiles - Until the Revolution
IF the styles of Louis XV expressed exquisitely the voluptuousness of the court, to the period is also attributable a return to the purity of the classic.
Textiles - The Directory and the Empire
IT is bound to come again, a deserved appreciation of the classic styles of the Directory and the Empire.
Tapestries Gothic
THE story of tapestries follows the story of art, for artists have ever furnished the designs for the weavers.
Tapestries in the Renaissance
THE charm of the very old tapestries depends on their sincerity and simplicity.
Tapestries Pre-Gobelins
THE third great era of tapestry production. To Louis XIV is credited the flowering of the art.
Tapestries in France
It was Le Brun who instituted a style distinctly of France by breaking away from diluted styles of the Renaissance and discovering a more natural mode of expression.
Textiles - Printed Cotton and Linen
The first printed cottons in Europe came from the fertile East.
Draping of Windows and Beds
EVEN as recently as the times of the great Renaissance the window was shamelessly free of draperies.
Textiles - The Reverenced Bed
The tendency of our day is to suppress the bed, to make of it a couch with the footboard abolished, or to obliterate its true character under innumerable silken cushions.
American Bed Covers
In spite of England's prohibiting the manufacture of even a nail the art of weaving began at an early date.
Modern Textiles
JUST before the Great War certain enthusiasts were bringing us textiles from the school of art that had its most productive center in Vienna.
Eating For Health And Strength
Granted that you believe the health of the body, the efficiency of the mind and length of life to be worth striving for, no argument should be needed to convince you of the importance of the subjects of food and the nutrition of the body.
Food Chemistry
The human body and the foods eaten by man are of necessity composed of the same chemical elements, since the one is made from the other.
The Physiology Of Nutrition
Broadly considered, all physiological or life processes relate to nutrition, and are affected, directly or remotely, by food.
What To Eat
In this chapter we will consider the dietetic values of various foods. Our estimate of the worth of various foods, or groups of foods, will take into consideration all scientific facts.
Balancing The Diet
The most common fault in the American bill of fare is the over-use of meats, denatured grain foods (including breads, pastries and "cereal" dishes), potatoes, and refined sugars and fats.
How Much To Eat
I discussed briefly the subject of calories. There is no occasion for figuring the number of calories in one's food from a practical standpoint of eating for health and strength.
When And How To Eat
As a practical means of controlling the quantity of food, the number of meals per day is very important.
Food Production - Manufacturing And Marketing
In a book devoted to practical advice on eating, we can not attempt to give any encyclopedic information regarding the production, manufacture, and marketing of food.
Home Preparation Of Food
Entirely too much time and entirely too little intelligence is ordinarily expended on the home preparation of food, or to use the more ordinary word cooking.
Practical Food Economy
The general plan of diet advocated through-out this book is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive.
Eating For Strength
The earliest food chemists believed that protein foods, and especially lean meats were the best foods for giving one strength and energy.
Food And Mental Efficiency
The Physiology of the brain and the function of thinking are much more complex matters and less comprehended by science than are the physiology of the muscles and the function of muscular exercise.
Eating To Gain Weight
In this and the following chapter we will consider the question of eating from the stand-point of changing the weight of the body.
Eating To Reduce Weight
THROUGHOUT this book I have given numerous arguments against over-eating and the condition of obesity which usually follows.
Food And The Sexual Life
EITHER considered as a social problem, or as an individual and personal problem, the sexual life is vitally important in its relation to health, happiness, morality, and racial welfare.
Feeding The Baby
The best food for the baby is mother's milk. There may be a few exceptions. There are occasionally instances where the mother does not furnish sufficient milk.
The Feeding of Children
The principles of the correct feeding of children are in some ways quite different from the laws of feeding the adult.
Eating To Prevent Or Cure Disease
DR. WILEY wrote some years ago that the medicine of the future would be foods, not drugs.
The Diet In Old Age
The average man does not concern himself with the question of how long he is to live until he begins to grow old.
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