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But the terms offered were so impossible that they were refused without an instant's hesitation, and Carcassonne held out a few days longer.
So we followed him, past the more modern church, into the ancient graveyard, where we found ourselves face to face with all that is left of the Cathedral of Alet.
La Pierre-Lys
I asked her about the road of Pierre-Lys, but she only remembered that, whether you were going up, or whether you were going down, there was a dreadful draught.
FROM Quillan to Foix the way is quite wonderful, but as different as can be from that of La Pierre-Lys.
For Toulouse, (Tolosa Tecto Sagum as the Romans called it), or the country of the people in the long cloaks, claims to be the most ancient town in France, perhaps in Europe.
THE latter part of the journey to Cahors leads across a strange, wild country—the Quercy.
We had been lunching at Brives, and in the afternoon set out for Pompadour. I do not know whether many people ever visit the old castle.
For this is Chalus, and these are the twin Castles of Ademar, Iiscount of Limoges, the rebellious vassal who refused to give up a treasure which Richard protested had been found on his land.
Never had I seen Loches looking so beautiful. It is always one of the lovely places of France.
WE have reached Chinon. How charming, even in its decay, is this old royal castle of the Plantagenets.
It is but a few miles from Chinon to Azay-le-Rideau, with its ancient church, and beautiful Renaissance chateau.
AN old castle is Langeais, with dark memories of that same Foulques Nerra who rendered himself so notorious at Loches by the murder of his wife.
A little later, at the opening of a side valley to the north, we came upon the Castle of Luynes standing on its rock.
The road is growing more frequented. We must be nearing Tours.
CHENONCEAUX is one of the few French chateaux around which, as far as I know, there clings no tragedy.
If Chenonceaux is a recent castle, Amboise is one of the most ancient.
And then there is Chaumont! What of Chaumont? The story there is mostly tragedy.
To write the story of Blois would mean to write a great part of the history of the Kings and Queens of France.
Twelve years Chambord took to build, though 1800 workmen were employed.
We raced along at such a pace that it was still light enough to find our way when we entered Chateaudun.
Originals And Copies Of Draperies
WHEREVER hangs a drapery, there hangs a tale.
Familiar Weaves, Weavers And Ornament
THE technique of weaving is so varied and complicated a matter that it can only be described with the loom before the demonstrator.
The Weavers
Through all the romance of weaving and design runs the tale of the weavers.
Ornament In Old Textiles
In the search for the origin of textile design or ornament, a delightful element of adventure appears when the line carries back to the Year One.
Copts And Moslems
EVER and ever the art of the East thrusts itself upon our notice in textiles.
Spain, Peru, Cloth of Gold
WERE I a Spaniard with a name denoting Arab blood, my pride would be insufferable because of the cultivation brought to Spain by the Saracen.
Cloth of Gold
Cloth of gold spread its glittering surface over all countries of Europe in the time of the Renaissance, and even prior to that.
Silk And Its Succession
WITHOUT silk as the weaver's thread, the story of textiles would lose its glamour.
Effects of Early Renaissance
LET us look a bit at the textile industry of the early Renaissance in Italy.
Renaissance Textiles
It was probably Italy's lack of brisk trade among small merchants at home that brought us the Renaissance in furniture and decoration.
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