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Common Skin Diseases Of Adolescence And Adult Life
A brief description of all the skin diseases which may occur during youth and manhood would exceed the limits of this volume.
Red Nose and Cheeks (Acne rosacea, Rosacea)
Red nose and cheeks is another skin disease that appears on the face. However, the eruptions are not scattered in any fashion but usually center about the middle vertical third of the face.
Poison Ivy
There are many plants which may injure the skin of those highly susceptible, but the most common of the eastern border is the poison ivy plant.
Herpes Simplex
Fever blisters are a common ailment, never serious, but often annoying and distressing, since these eruptions usually appear about the face.
Affection Of The Skin Common To Old Age
The evening of life is a silent witness to the many evidences of decay of the human structure and in this tragedy, the skin also plays its role.
Diseases Of The Skin Caused By Parasites
The universe, the abode of man, harbors all forms of animal and vegetable life. Some exist for his benefit, others await an opportunity to invade and live within the human structure.
Ringworm - Tinea Circinata
Ringworm of the smooth skin is not a serious condition, not difficult to cure, but is a menace because it may spread to other parts of the body and be transmitted to others.
Ringworm Of The Scalp
There are a number of reasons which contribute to the great importance of this form of ringworm.
This disease is also caused by a vegetable parasite and is contagious. It usually begins in childhood and is most often seen among the poor.
Liver Spot Disease (Tines Versicolor)
Liver-spot disease is a parasitic disease and is but slightly contagious.
Lousiness Pediculosis
The lice which may attack the skin surface are of three different varieties: those found on the scalp, those invading the body, and those occupying the region of the genitals.
Skin Diseases Caused By Pus Germs
Before describing the common skin conditions caused by pus germs, it would not be amiss to discuss, in brief, the characteristics and the mode of action of these germs.
Barber's Itch (Sycosis vulgaris)
Barber's itch well illustrates that in the wonderful defensive mechanism with which nature has clothed the human body, certain loopholes have been left through which germs may enter into the interior.
Boils (Furuncles)
A boil results from the entrance of pus germs into such natural openings in the skin as hair sacs, sweat glands, or oil sacs.
Diseases Of The Scalp And Hair
Baldness among youthful and middle-aged persons is nowadays rather common, and the most usual cause for this condition is dandruff.
Superflous Hair
The question of superfluous hairs and their removal is one of growing importance and will here be given lengthy consideration.
Diseases Of The Nails
Diseases of the nails occupy an unusual position. Once nails are fully grown, there are but few ways in which they may be adversely influenced.
Relation of The Chorale And The Passion To Oratorio
Luther and the Chorale—First-fruits of the Lutheran Chorale—Early German Passion Music—Bach—The Matthew Passion—The John Passion—Protestantism and the Oratorio.
The Oratorios Of Handel
For details of the life and general works of George Frederick Handel (1685-1759), as well as for those relating to several other great oratorio composers to be spoken of here.
For a moment I woke up and began peering about in the moonlight for the ghosts of the royal huntsmen who once disported themselves in this Forest of Saint-Germain.
Marly-Le-Roi as a royal chateau has ceased to exist. It is not even a museum like Saint-Germain or Versailles.
The Castle of Saint-Cloud was practically destroyed during the siege of Paris by the Germans.
Two miles off is Malmaison, the house she bought and beautified, and in which she consoled herself in her usual extravagant fashion, while her husband was in Eygpt.
What a city it is, this Versailles, palace of Le Grand Monarque. With its huge courtyards, vast ranges of buildings, miles of corridors and galleries.
LYING to the west of the route from Versailles to Fontainebleau, whither we are bound, is the Castle of Rambouillet, once the ancestral home of the d'Angennes family.
Of all the royal residences of France, and truly their name is legion, not one can rival in charm Fontainebleau.
A wonderful old place is Auxerre. From the farther side of the river the town can be seen, stretching up on the high bank fanwise, to where above rise the Cathedral and the remains of the great Abbey of Saint-Germain.
The picturesque town of Thiers is set on the side of the steep ravine which the swift river Durole has carved in the Alps of Auvergne, as Fortunatus the poet calls the wild rugged district which lies to the east and south.
La Chaise Dieu
And indeed who shall say what this part of France owes to the influence of the great Benedictine Monastery of La Chaise Dieu?
Upon a height above the road, south of the town, stands the ruined castle, once the home of the Princes of Orange.
If you want to understand the origin of this city of Avignon you must begin by visiting the Rocher des Doms. The very name is suggestive, is it not?
Les Baux
Before crossing to the western bank of the Rhone, I think we must visit Les Baux, the great castle on the ridge of the Alpines.
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