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Foliage Plants Other Than Palms
Some bold-growing kinds that are the most tolerant of uncongenial conditions Plants for dark corners, and some charming coloured effects for the window Fruiting oranges and lemons.
Reliable Ferns For The Dwelling Rooms
The ferns vie with the rubber plant for first place in the esteem of the window gardener. Their finely cut and sometimes oddly shaped fronds have a graceful airy effect possessed by few other plants.
Gardening Tools For House Plants
With these accessories and such others as may have been mentioned in the preceding pages, one can successfully care for plants.
House Plants Without A Greenhouse
An easy way for the amateur who has no greenhouse to bloom azaleas, lilacs, and other plants Great opportunity for the window gardener to discount the seasons.
A Window Gardener's Calendar
The seasons' operations are set forth in the following paragraphs beginning with September, because that is the time when one's interest is naturally transferred from the outdoors garden.
Plants In The Aquarium
Although the popular acceptance of the aquarium is a contrivance for the purpose of keeping fish, yet the fact is that plant growth is essential for the proper balancing of the life in the tank.
From San Francisco To Japan - At The Exposition
This was the boys' introduction to San Francisco. The reporters interviewed them promptly, and by the next morning they were among the celebrities visiting the Panama Fair.
From San Francisco To Japan - The Electrical Wonders
That evening they had the first opportunity to see the wonders of the great exposition at close range.
The Show And The Camel
Winfield had his lecture perfect, and Mr. Dion was delighted at the brisk way in which he went through the talk. Some of the words had to be polished up, somewhat, and others considerably modified in pronunciation.
Some Interesting Sights From San Francisco To Japan
They finally selected Monday as the most fitting time for the rambles around the grounds to see the sights.
The Accident In San Francisco
To the north could be seen the Golden Gate, at close quarters. This point also was observable from the Exposition grounds.
Bound For Japan
The ship had six decks, and over 5000 feet of promenade area, and was fitted up with every luxury that human ingenuity could suggest.
Hostile Ships From San Francisco To Japan
The third day a streak of dark cloud, low down, and almost directly ahead of the ship, attracted the attention of the officers on the bridge.
Japan - The Opium Fiends
The fields on both sides were lined with cultivated vegetation, attended to by gardeners, most of whom were Chinese and Portuguese.
The First Day In Japan
Late in the afternoon of the next day, the boys had their first view of Japan, which stretched out far to the right.
Japan - Trip To The Sacred Mountain
I believe it would be a good idea to take a tramp through Japan. Let us see the map. See here; the steamers stop at Kobe, and also at Nagasaki.
Amusing Experiences In Japan
When the boys were ushered into the dining room they found themselves in the presence of two guests, evidently not Japanese.
Theft Of The Purse In Japan
They were glad to know that the newly-made friend was an American traveling through Japan for the third time.
Exciting Capture Of The Thief In Japan
One of the pleasant features experienced in traveling in the interior of Japan is the custom of offering tea to the passing stranger.
Seeing The Silk Worms At Work In Japan
Peering into these little beds of leaves within the structures, the boys saw hundreds of worms, some of them a green.
The Japanese Ball Game
The air was exhilarating when they strode out the narrow streets of the city, and they were on their way to Kobe,.
The Trip On The Inland Sea Of Japan
Early in the morning they were ready for the start to the city of Okoyama twenty miles distant. It is remarkable how the interests of the boys grew with the things they saw.
The Fight With The Mad Dog
In this country they have two varieties of dogs, one very large, and generally of the fox order, while the other species is like our poodle, or the hairy little specimens with blinking eyes and tiny heads.
Exciting Experience In A Washout In Japan
SHIMONOSEK is a very quaint town and peculiarly built. It seems to be the most un-Japanese of all cities.
Architecture Of The Skin
In this modern age, when so much attention is devoted to the care of the skin, exact knowledge of the proper measures for the preservation of its youth, vigor and health.
Purposes Of The Skin
The skin performs many useful and necessary functions. Among these, that of protection stands out conspicuously.
Symptoms Of Diseases Of The Skin
For the recognition of the various skin diseases, two groups of symptoms are to be considered.
General Health And Its Relation To The Skin
The cleansing of the skin with warm water and soap and its invigoration by cold water are not the only requirements for maintaining the health of the skin.
Importance Of Cosmetics
In this generation, cosmetics are used by women of practically all walks of life. Most of these preparations are harmless, provided their ingredients are wholesome and pure.
Common Skin Diseases Of Childhood
The normal changes in the skin of the infant will first be discussed, followed by a brief recital of commonly met diseased conditions.
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