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Remembering Names And Faces
The most subtle compliment you can possibly pay any one you have recently met, is to call him by name, when you meet again.
Why Names Are Hard To Remember
All are agreed that names are harder to remember than faces. Now, why is this? The answer will help us to strengthen our power over names.
Apply The Law Of Association To Names
Prominent among the factors which answer the question, 'How to remember names' is the law of Association. It enables you to remember the name by relating it to something associated with it.
Visual And Aural Repetition
And now we come to another working principle, which we have already considered, the principle of repetition.
Logical Vs. Rote Memory
Glory-training in ill repute with some educators is the fact that many so-called systems deal with Rote memory only.
Remembering Dates And Figures
The question is often asked, how can I remember dates and *figures 7 Most students learn them by Rote, using frequent repetition.
The Three Secrets Of Memory
We will travel a little farther on the way, and find these three, secrets of successful memory training.
How To Study
And now I wish to tell you how to study. And under this heading we can apply all three of the secrets of memory which I have just outlined.
Memory In Public Speaking
In this age of the world, almost every one is liable to be called upon to make a public speech occasionally, or at least to give a short talk or to make a few remarks.
Public Speaking Requires Concentration
Especially would I urge upon the speaker the importance of concentration. If there is any-thing under the sun that requires the full concentration of every faculty a man possesses, of every ounce a man has in him that thing is Public Speaking.
Remembering Stories
The art of story-telling is a valuable asset to any speaker. Good ear perception is necessary to get a new story when you hear it, and a keen, retentive power to hold it.
How To Use Mental Imagery
In memorizing your talk, always employ your strongest form of mental imagery. In his work on the Psychology of Public Speaking, Professor Scott gives a very lucid exposition of this point.
Memory Cycles
Like any other big subject, there is much that is unknown about memory, and the last word has not yet been written in regard to it.
Relation Of The Subconscious To The Conscious Mind
This relationship holds the center of the stage for modern psychologists, affording them the most absorbing theme in recent studies of the science of the mind.
Dreams are another form of the unknown about this phase of the subconscious. Volumes have been written, but they all end with a question mark.
Mental Discipline
Most people are lazy mentally. They need mental discipline more than anything else in the world. Some admit it.
Mental Fitness
The discipline which leads to mental fitness should be applied unceasingly to the conscious mind, nor should the subconscious be overlooked.
Utilizing The Subconscious
Yes, there is no lack of choice material for the conscious mind to work upon, nor is there lack of capacity in the subconscious storehouse to receive it.
How Others Have Succeeded With House Plants
A group of healthy looking, vigorous-growing house plants always fills me with delight.
Soil Foundation For House Plants
Good soil is an absolute necessity to success with plants and there is only one way to get it — by mixing. A workable soil may be made from loam, sand, and manure.
Potting And Repotting House Plants
The best time of the year to repot house plants is in the spring (April or May), or when new growths start.
Raising Plants From Seeds
Many of the best house plants can be raised from seed in the ordinary living rooms, or where potted plants are grown in a window during winter.
Propagation By Cuttings For House Plants
The sand bed — Temperature —A home-made propagating box — Making a cutting — Propagating from leaves, roots, and offsets — Geraniums — Dracaenas — Umbrella plant — Making new rubber plants.
House Plants - In Sickness And Health
The ideal conditions for house plants are practically the same as for human beings; that is, a temperature of about 65 to 70 degrees during the day time, and 50 degrees to 55 degrees at night.
Bulbs From Thanksgiving To Easter With House Plants
The Dutch and Cape groups—How they differ — Tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils — Potting and rooting — Bringing into the light — Time required — Oxalis, fuchsias, sparaxis, and ranunculus.
Winter Window Garden For House Plants
If you want a winter garden of high-class flowering plants other than bulbs, at the least expense, make your selection of plants from those mentioned below in this chapter.
Flowering Plants For House Conditions
A window garden without some flowering plants would be monotonous, but in the majority of cases palms and other plants grown for their foliage will be the more easily managed.
Roses, Carnations, And Chrysanthemums
There is no necessity for the existence of the small, sickly, rose bushes that it has been my lot to see in so many homes that I have visited; bushes that are struggling to merely exist.
Cactuses And Other Succulent House Plants
For the man or woman who has only a few odd minutes to spare at irregular intervals for plant cultivation the cactuses and some of the succulents will give the greatest amount of satisfaction.
Nine Iron-Clad Palms
The best graceful foliage plants that will successfully withstand for long periods the variable temperature, dust, and gas of the ordinary living room.
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