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Lustre Pitchers And Teacups
Now I might make this little article a didactic treatise on lustre wares; inform you that they were made by the early Persians; that wonderful lustrous pottery was known to Spain in the Middle Ages.
Old Lights And Lamps
But before I, like a fortunate showman, display her treasures, let me tell you something about the old lights and lamps that our forefathers worked and courted and studied by.
Old Valentines And Silhouettes
As for valentines, perhaps they have been sent ever since the early Church Fathers turned the Lupercalia into a Christian festival.
Old Glassware
You see, I was ambitious; I wanted to know everything that could be known about the charming old glassware that you pick tip now and again at sales and shops and auctions and little out-of-the-way places.
Old White Counterpanes
There is infinite variety in these old white counterpanes. L has three delightful old-fashioned beds,-and an entirely different type of spread rests on each one.
Collector's Luck In The City
Any city, particularly one along the, eastern coast, is full of small, inexpensive old-furniture shops, and places where second-hand goods are sold, and little auction rooms.
The Friendly Fireplace
I have always loved Snowbound, but I think it actually came alive to me first when I had the happiness of restoring an old fireplace, and ministering to its many needs.
Old Dolls And Their Furniture
Let's begin with the dolls, the humanest, the most sentimentaily enduring of all playthings. There they sit, a sedate group, waiting at the old Witch House in Salem for their little mothers to come back and get them.
When Memory Begins To Fail
There comes a time in the life of every one, when he realizes with something of a shock that his memory is slipping.
Memory - A Universal Need
The need of a good memory is almost universal. No matter where you may work or what your business or profession may be, every day of your life you need a keen, trained memory and can use it to good advantage.
Factors In Keeping Young
Unquestionably, mental training with the resultant buoyancy and alertness helps to keep one young, while mental indifference or laziness.
Working Out Your Own Salvation
It is not sufficient, in this volume merely to call attention to the condition; we must discover the cause for this alarming condition and point out the remedy.
Facts And Fallacies Of Memory Training
We have seen in the preceding chapter, that poor memory is common, and that there is an almost universal need for practical memory training.
A Common Sense Analysis Of Methods
Now let us turn our attention to methods. Many inquiries come to me about good or bad memory courses.
Available Knowledge
In determining how much a man really knows, his memory is the supreme test. It is the utility test, because no knowledge is useful, no learning has any practical applied value unless it can be remembered.
Memory As A Factor In Efficiency
In the development of personal efficiency we find that practical memory-training is the most direct way to develop accuracy.
Visual And Aural Memory
He who would develop a good memory must clearly understand what memory is, and the channels through which impressions are received. Memory can be classified under several different heads.
Tone Blindness
In fact, after years of experience with many, students both in voice and memory courses, I am willing to hazard the assertion that far more people are tone-blind than are color-blind.
Diagnose Your Own Memory
Every student of memory should be able to diagnose his own case, and determine which is the stronger, his visual or aural memory.
Motor Memory And Minor Sense Impressions
Some authorities hold the opinion that the two main memory channels, discussed in the preceding chapter, are the only ones worthy of consideration or cultivation.
Test Of Motor Memory
A few simple tests and drills will serve to show your motor memory efficiency and at the same time help to develop it.
Mental Photography
Can you visualize your memory as a wonderful mental camera? The most wonderful moving-pictures in the world are those which move in the brain of man.
It is not enough to notice, we must notice and remember. This implies attention, and attention leads directly to the second great principle in mental photography—which is Concentration.
Visualization And Memory
Visualization is another working principle in the ope ration of our mental camera. True, it may almost be taken for granted if the student has acquired attention and concentration.
Three Laws Of Memory
There are three great laws of memory which are as a rock under the feet of the earnest student in his quest for a trustworthy memory.
How To Concentrate
Not one person in ten thousand can really concentrate. Some realize that they do not know how—others drift along the line of least resistance and let their minds vegetate.
Concentration - Intelligent Practice And Drill
The last and most important point which I wish to offer as an aid to concentration is purposeful practice. All else is useless if this be left out.
Memory And The Problem Of Retentiveness
One-half of all the new matter presented to the average mind is forgotten after the first half-hour.
Rememberance And Recollection
It is a pitiful thing that the average mind cannot grasp subject matter and retain it more than a half-hour.
The Power Of Suggestion
For the man of imagination, this is the best law to rely upon for recall and recognition. The power of suggestion is a close ally to Association.
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