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Divorce - There's A Time Limit On Sympathy
The gloomy title of this chapter is not only true: it ought to be. A widow or divorcee may be entitled to be a weeping willow for a time, but there comes a day when feeding on memories is an indulgence.
Divorce - Tomorrow Shouldn't Be Yesterday
There are two schools of thought as to whether a newly made widow or divorcee should stay right where she is, carrying on as much as usual as she can, or whether she should move to other surroundings.
Divorce - Be Busy Or Be Sorry
The happiest people in the world are almost invariably the ones with a lot of friends. There are some exceptions, but not all who seem to be are really happy.
Divorce - The Odd Man And The Extra Woman
A question that will inevitably arise sooner or later in your new life is whether it is to be a purely feminine one or whether a dash of masculine companionship is to be added.
Divorce - So You Were Left Destitute
There are few things that happen in this more-or-less civilized hemisphere that are worse than the experience of a woman who has been well taken care of for years and who suddenly finds herself with-out enough money to live on.
Divorce - You And Mrs. Grundy
Mrs. Grundy, that prim lady who personifies our code of polite manners and customs, is treated with considerable flippancy in these informal days.
Divorce - Are Two Husbands Better Than None?
For we are about to start off with the statement that most widows and a good many divorcees don't want to remarry. Far more men are ready to try again and there are those among them who keep on trying right up to the end.
Divorce - Even Solitary Middle Age Has Its Points
We are not going to claim that the advantages of a solitary life, after you have reached what we will politely call middle age, can compare with the close companionship of a husband.
Divorce - Keep Up With You Grandchild
If you keep your mind up to date, even your grandchildren will like to be with you, to say nothing of other people (which is what really counts in the end, as your grandchildren get busier and busier with lives of their own).
Collector's Luck
Even now, as a layman, I present my panacea. If you are dull, if you are unhappy, if you are bored collect!
Stenciled Furniture
Were you ever lucky like me, do you think? Did you ever find a set of stenciled chairs, softly brown and glowing with gold pomegranates and formalized flowers, and all six for six dollars?
Pressed Glassware
Perhaps if I hadn't bought my five-cent sugar-bowls at that Vermont auction I never would have begun to collect pressed glass.
Old Woven Coverlets
Today I have been very happy, and what do you think I have been doing? Mending an old coverlet; a coverlet woven, it is said, before this country of ours was a nation.
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