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Selecting Your Horse
A good many volumes have been written on the method of selecting a horse and it would seem that there could be little left to say.
Conformation Of Horses
One evening, not too long ago, a group of the more experienced horsemen and horsewomen of the vicinity were assembled at my home. Not unnaturally we drifted to the subject of conformation and an attempt to assign a relative degree of excellence to all the local horses.
Disposition Of Horses
A lifetime with horses has taught me that there are no invariable conclusions. Of one thing, however, I have become thoroughly convinced: that temperament is present at birth.
Saddlery And Equipment For Horses
There should be one good saddle for each horse in your stable and, since each animal will differ from another in the conformation of the back.
Care Of Saddlery And Leather
Keeping the leather in shape is one of the most time consuming and least pleasant of the many chores that confront the horse owner.
Feeds And Bedding For Horses
There is an old adage which says that all the good in a horse goes in through the mouth.
Horse Stables
If you are one of the fortunate few who is going to have a groom I would strongly advise that the groom's quarters be at a distance from the stable rather than adjoining or upstairs.
Horse And Farm Pastures
Those who were not raised on a farm have paid very little, attention to, grass or have ans idea of its significance.
The Veterinarian
With the disappearance of the horse-drawn vehicle from both the city and the country the old time vet has also become a thing of the past.
Care Of Horse Feet And Shoeing
The fact that nearly all horses in use today wear shoes makes us forget that the application -of a rigid iron ring on the 'sole of the foot is an artificial device and at best a necessary evil.
In Or Out Of The Stable
Since we have gone to the trouble to construct a nice barn with warm and comfortable stalls, we think the horses should be happy to stay in them.
Transporting Horses
If a horse is purchased at a considerable distance from your home, one of various methods may be used to bring him to his destination.
Physiology Of Horses
Suddenly our horse seems to falter, his tail goes up, and he bears to the outside. The jockey goes to the bat but it only makes matters worse.
Genetic Considerations Of Horses
The science of genetics was given its foundation by Gregor Mendel, an Austrian monk who lived in the middle of the last century.
Divorce - Taking The Blow
There is no use starting this chapter with a cheery statement that even the most sorrowful widow or heartbroken divorcee will find everything all right if she keeps her chin up and has enough courage.
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