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Opera - Lucia Di Lammermoor
Tragic Opera in three acts by Gaetano Donizetti. Text from Scott's romance by Cammerano.
Opera - Lucrezia Borgia
Tragic Opera in three acts by Gaetano Donizetti. Text by Romani after Victor Hugo's drama.
Opera - Die Lustigen Weiber Von Windsor (Merry Wives Of Windsor)
Comic Opera in three acts by Otto Nicolai. Text by Mosenthal.
The Five Principles Of Body Building
It is also an established fact that sound body building is impossible unless there is a clean, alkaline foundation, and by this is meant a body free from excess acidity and toxins.
The First Week Of Body Building
It will be a test of intelligence, if, in spite of circumstances, you can keep your body vital and clean within.
Healthy Food For The Glands
The natural way to renew the glands is to first assist them in removing any poison or waste that is paralyzing their activities.
The Secret Of Body Building
We are learning how to eat for life, health and youth. Old age is a disease which this scientific body building helps to combat.
Body Building According To Type
When you realize that the whole body is entirely rebuilt within a year, the possibilities of body building to suit our tastes become more interesting.
Body Building Foods For The Body
So far, we have discussed body building subjectively. Now we are going to gather up all facts and line them up into a daily regime.
Food Chemistry And Health
We give this course of practical food chemistry as a reference guide. It is like a dictionary. You know now how to follow the Master Body Building System.
Origin And Development Of Opera
The term opera, derived, or rather abbreviated, from the words opera in musica (works in music —i.e., a musical work), is only a convenient title that has found favor by its brevity and through lack of a better.
The Southern Atlantic Route
We are among those who detest travel in Europe in summer, when it is crowded with tourists, and hot, and one has to secure reservations of all kinds in advance.
The Atlantic Islands
Out some four hundred miles from the coasts of Europe and North Africa lie four groups of islands that are the broken remains of a more or less fabulous continent—Atlantis.
About two days' sail due east from the Azores brings our steamer to the mouth of the Tagus, and twenty miles up the river lies Lisbon.
Algiers - Travel
Two days later we arrived at the Fairy City, the City of Perfumed Nights, the Fairyland of Flowers, the Paris of North Africa—Algiers!
The Spanish Ports
Spain is expensive; the peseta changes at about seven to the dollar, and it hardly goes as far as the franc in France.
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