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New York City - The Approach From The Sea
As the ship moves up into the Narrows, passing in the distance the white towers of Coney Island and close at hand the green and gray of Fort Tompkins and Fort Hamilton, the interest spreads.
New York City - Seasonal Impressions
What is so gay as a day in New York, especially if it be in October! The city is perhaps seen at its best during that month.
New York City - The Streets In The Morning
If those who originally planned the streets of New York had possessed enough imagination to foresee the down-town habit of the present day, no doubt they would have arranged matters differently.
New York City - Downtown
It is difficult to convince the average person from without that everyone who transacts business in lower New York is not a banker, a money broker, or in some way directly connected with the Stock Exchange.
New York City Sky Scrapers
It must not be forgotten that necessity was the mother that invented and brought forth the sky-scraper. It was a device at first to utilize small plots of valuable, heavily taxed ground, to make these plots not only more valuable.
New York City - The New City
Many New Yorkers entirely agree with them, and can find nothing good to say of the new city.
New York City Landmarks
There is still a further objection urged to the sky-scraper upbuilding of the new city. It requires a tearing down of the old city; and against that there are always voices enough to cry out in protest.
New York City - The Ebb Tide
Three o'clock is the hour when the heaped-up people in the lower city begin to move outward again. That is the time when the exchanges close.
New York City - Fifth Avenue At Four
It is toward Fifth Avenue that those who walk up town usually turn. The reason is obvious enough. It is the most interesting of all the New York streets.
New York City Shops And Shopping
The wonderment at the enormous sums of money made downtown in New York is paralleled by a still greater wonderment over the ease with which those sums are disbursed uptown.
New York City By Night
All over the city the lights are burning. The Brooklyn Bridge seen from Governor's Island is a tracery of filigree work set with silver stars.
New York City Homes And Houses
There are plenty of stopping-places in New York, plenty of hotels, apartments, rooms en suite, boarding-houses, dwelling-houses; but not a great many homes.
New York City - The Bowery
Everyone knows that New York is now a collection of cities, and not merely an aggregation of sky-scrapers on the island of Manhattan.
New York City - The Tenement Dwellers
As one goes down the side streets leading from the Bowery to the East River almost any one of them will furnish illustration he notices many and increasing changes.
New York City Guardians
When one becomes involved in the tenement problem, and sees for himself how the other-half lives, the East Side is no longer amusing or attractive.
New York City - The Bridges
The number of people that daily pass between Manhattan and Long Island by the bridges is something extraordinary.
New York City Waterways
It is matter of common geographic knowledge that the borough of Manhattan is surrounded by water; that the water is furnished by the Hudson, the Harlem, and the East rivers.
New York City Docks And Ships
Lest the unimaginative stranger gain the idea that the island of Manhattan is only a few acres of land in a large bay the ordinary island that one sees in almost every harbor.
New York City Parks And Green Spaces
The demand for parks, with their groves, meadows, lakes, and rambles, dates back to the hanging gardens of Babylon, if not to the Garden of Eden.
New York City Art
It is hard to imagine a worse conjunction of nature and art than this. A park is a place where people sometimes go to get rid of art, to get away from society and civilization, to get back to Mother Earth for a brief spell.
New York City Culture
New York has outgrown, or is outgrowing, its smaller art, but it must not be thought that this has been boxed up and sent to the junk shop or the warehouse.
New York City - The Islands
As for islands near a city, they have never been popular resorts, except for picnic parties.
New York City - The Larger City
Almost everyone in New York who goes to business in the morning and returns somewhere to dine and sleep in the evening, has his separate tale of woe to tell about the annoyances of urban travel.
New York City Traffic And Trade
The ancient cities of the world were never seriously troubled by matters of rapid transit. They were built originally as places of refuge, and the inhabitants, secure behind walls of stone, finally adopted them as permanent living places.
Opera - Il Trovatore (The Trobadour)
Opera in four acts by Giuseppe Verdi. Text by Cammerano.
Opera - The Vampire
Romantic Opera in two acts by Heinrich Marschner. Text by Wohlbruck.
Opera - Oberon
Romantic Opera in three acts by Karl Maria von Weber. English text by Planche.
Opera - Orfeo Ed Euridice
Opera in three acts by Christoph Willibald Gluck. Text by Calzabigi.
Opera - Otello
Opera in four acts by Giuseppe Verdi. Text by Boito.
Opera - I Pagliacci (The Players)
Musical Drama in two acts, with a prologue, by Ruggiero Leoncavallo.
New York - The Greatest American City
There is no lack of organized sight-seeing in New York. The Gray Line, for instance, which operates practically all over America, even in Alaska, has daily tours of several sorts.
New York - The Greatest American City
When you feel like seeing Downtown New York, you can take a Subway to the Battery for five cents, and wander about, following such directions as I give you.
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