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Flordia - The Everglades National Park
Returning to Miami, as the traveler must who desires to cross to the West Coast of Florida, one takes a bus or a motor car for the 200-mile expedition through the heart of the Everglades, over the Tamiami Trail.
Florida - In The Inland Citrus Region
We are in unmistakable citrus country as we climb the Ridge northward through Frostproof and Babson Park, to Lake Wales.
Florida - Scholarship And Tung Oil
We have taken a long detour from our northwestard trek along Florida's Gulf Coast, but here at Palatka let us swing westward again and motor through a succession of little agricultural centers to Gainesville.
The Florida West Coast - Part 1
At last we reach the Florida West Coast, a few miles along the Tamiami Trail northwesterly from Everglades.
The Florida West Coast - Part 2
Sarasota has miles of white sand and Gulf beaches. The city's water frontage is protected from Gulf storms by broad outlying keys, extending twenty miles or more north and south, almost entirely enclosing Sarasota Bay.
Florida - Tampa And Its Neighbors - Part 1
Tampa, third city of Florida in population but second only to Jacksonville in commercial and industrial importance, presents many varied and colorful aspects to the visitor.
Florida - Tampa And Its Neighbors - Part 2
Until the opening of the six-mile Gandy Bridge across Old Tampa Bay in 1924 travelers to St. Petersburg from Tampa had to make a forty-mile circuit to get from the main land to the peninsula of Pinellas County.
Florida - Tampa And Its Neighbors - Part 3
The Tarpon Springs sponge fleet comprises nearly 150 boats, and about 500 sponge divers. Most of the boats are built on the Greek model, ranging from 25 to 45 feet in length.
The Florida Ship Canal - Part 1
Around the southern shores of the picturesquely-named Lake Tsala Apopka we return to the northbound trail and reach Dunellon and the Withlacoochie River.
The Florida Ship Canal - Part 2
The route upon which the Army engineers agreed as being the most practical and feasible from every point of view was quite different from the one which many of the Florida advocates of the canal had desired.
The Florida Ship Canal - Part 3
To the President personally the Florida Ship Canal Authority applied for an allotment from the W. P. A. fund, pointing out that there was no requirement that W. P. A. projects must be self-liquidating.
Florida - Springs, Lakes And Forests - Part 1
It is one of the oldest and most prolific citrus regions of inland Florida; indeed, Marion County is regarded as the cradle of the commercial citrus industry.
Florida - Springs, Lakes And Forests - Part 2
Swimming in the four large fresh-water spring-lakes and the slightly saline salt springs within the Forest is increasingly popular as interest in this form of outdoor sport grows.
When Florida Strikes Oil - Part 1
Nobody in Florida expects to find the gold which the Spaniards failed to find, but there are many people in Florida who hope to find oil, and who are backing their hopes with cash.
When Florida Strikes Oil - Part 2
Florida is still interested, very much so, in selling real estate to newcomers. It is not interested in selling lots to people who have no interest in Florida other than the speculative chance of a quick turn-over at a profit.
When Florida Stikes Oil - Part 3
Returning from Kissimmee through Orlando again, it is a short drive northward to Sanford, at the head of navigation on the St. Johns River.
West Florida And Its Gulf Coast - Part 1
We are heading for West Florida, but to reach it we have first to travel northward and inland to Tallahassee.
West Florida And Its Gulf Coast - Part 2
Besides its oyster beds, Apalachicola is an important shipping point for fresh and cured fish. The fishing fleets provide a livelihood for a high percentage of the little city's population.
West Florida And Its Gulf Coast - Part 3
Visitors to Panama City are practically unanimous in agreeing that its land-locked harbor, St. Andrews Bay, is the most beautiful expanse of salt water in Florida.
Florida - Pensacola, Ancient But Gay - Part 1
Pensacola is as authentically Spanish in its pedigree and tradition as is St. Augustine, but with a much stronger infusion of the French influence, emanating from nearby Louisiana.
Florida - Pensacola, Ancient But Gay - Part 2
The strategic position of Pensacola harbor as a naval base and its nearness to large supplies of important ship building timber led the United States Army and Navy to take early steps to fortify the approaches to the harbor.
Florida - Pensacola, Ancient But Gay - Part 3
Pensacola boasts the purest water supply of any city of importance in the world. Its purity is equalled only by the water of a few of the world's famous mineral springs.
Florida - A Glimpse Of The Old South - Part 1
We return from Pensacola by the Old Spanish Trail, which leads the motorist through the rolling agricultural and forest country of West Florida.
Florida - A Glimpse Of The Old South - Part 2
Eastward from Quincy the Old Spanish Trail takes us through Tallahassee again into a region of rich agricultural country in which the farming traditions and habits of the Old South are still pursued.
Florida - A Glimpse Of The Old South - Part 3
We are getting into the valley of the Suwannee River, made famous by Stephen Foster's song, Old Folks at Home, wherever the English language is spoken.
Games For Adults - Part 1
It will be necessary for two of the players to know how to play the game. One is sent out of the room, and the other remains inside to take a picture of one of the guests.
Games For Adults - Part 2
All sit in a circle for this game. The first one begins by whispering some question to hiz left hand neighbor, such as Do you like apples? The second player must remember the question asked him.
Games For Adults - Part 3
One of the players is sent out of the room. The rest decide upon the name of some animal which he is to guess.
Childrens Games - Part 1
An amusing game for children is one in which each child is to make some sort of animal out of vegetables or fruit, and toothpicks.
Childrens Games - Part 2
Children may derive a lot of fun from a large supply of empty spools of all shapes and sizes. Pieces of cotton batting stuck in the opening at the top may serve as heads.
Childrens Games - Part 3
All children love to roll hoops. For a little folks party, plan to have as many hoops as children, so each can have one.
Games For Special Days - Part 1
Around Christmas and New Year's the children will enjoy playing this. All form a circle; one, Jack Frost, stands in the middle.
Games For Special Days - Part 2
Color an even number of eggs, half the number one color, the other half, another. Place all the eggs of one color on the floor in a line at intervals of one foot.
Games For Special Days - Part 3
By each place at the table place a mug of sweet cider, a small bunch of matches, two candles, and a slip of paper with a pencil.
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